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I think the girls have just become more guarded now probably cz of all these yrs even some of camilas solo interviews have been hard to watch cz she was a little tired and sad but the all the girls are the same honestly wen u see their behind the scenes like Mani's snapchat of them rehearsing fr down wer they were dancing to church music they were solo cute and fun and wen they adopted puppy's but I think now that 5h team want to aim fr mature image they are restricted in their interviews.

Yep, but they could never really restrict Camila, which is what’s missing now - the little bit of spontaneity they had is now gone. But I agree that Camila is also a lot more serious than she used to be, maybe because she’s talking about a pretty heavy subject for her, but we still get a taste of her dorkiness in interviews 😂

*casually replays the whole Dragon Age: Origins just to get some Zevran action*
For some reason I never realized how dramatic this guy really is. I love him.

Installed a mod that gives me Zevran soon after the beginning of the game, to get all the sassy comments. My poor confused mage Warden basically chose the dwarven king based on Zev’s opinion, because hell, he’s better at politics than anyone in this “merry band of misfits, Ferelden edition”


❛ Fuckers in school tellin’ me, always in the barber shop. Chief Keep ain’t bout this, Chief Kerf ain’t bout that. My boy a BD on fuckin’ Lamron and them. He, he they say that hitta’ don’t be puttin’ in no work. SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Y’all hitta’s ain’t know shit, all ya’ motherfuckers talk ‘bout Chief Keef ain’t no hitta’, Chief Kerf ain’t this, Chief Kerf a fake. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Y’all don’t live with that hitta’, y’all know that hitta’ got caught with a rachet, shootin’ at the police and shit. Hitta’ been on probation since fuckin’, I don’t know when!  Motherfuckers stop fuckin’ playin’ him like that. These hitta’s savages out there. If I catch another motherfucker talkin’ sweet about Chief Keef, I’m fucking beating they ass! I’m not fucking playing no more. You know those hitta’s roll with Lil’ Reese and them. ❜


Someone trade or collaborate with me!!!
I dunno what to draw and I feel like owing someone something will help???

I’m cool with pets/OCs/animals in general/ I dunno fan art if it’s something we both like, like you want me to draw D.C. Ladies? I’m all in! AtLA, TOTALLY! Pokémon? HELL YEAH (especially if you like wanna draw each other’s teams or something.) also, FR dragons… probably other things, just ask.

Anyway, send an ask or PM me if you’re interested.