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I'm quite upset about something...

I was planning to upload the Heartache remix this weekend, but I just received an email regarding others who have uploaded extended versions of my songs on YouTube. I am aware of this, and I gave them permission to do so. However, I did not give them permission to monetize the extended versions. I checked on Social Blade and found that some were making quite a bit of cash on these extended versions, and I’m annoyed that they are profiting off of my hard work. These remixes can take 20-30 hours to write, and I don’t know if I want to upload Heartache because I know that a few hours later, I’ll see a monetized extended version. I filed out a form for Content ID for the music on my channel this morning and hopefully it will be accepted by YouTube. There are some things you should be aware of if you are currently using my music for videos:

1. Please credit me in the description. I never report video owners for forgetting to do this as I am lenient, but please check to make sure you have credited properly. You can leave a link to the video or simply put the video title. For example: [Undertale Remix] SharaX - Death Report

2. If you are using my music for a speed-paint, background music, vlog background music etc, you’re probably okay, but I’ll have to go through these videos when Content ID notifies me.

3. If you have re-uploaded my music or videos directly (same title as my videos or my videos entirely, etc), these will be caught by Content ID. You shouldn’t get in trouble, but you will get a “matched third-party content” warning on the video, and if you have monetized it, the future revenue will be sent to my channel. If you have not monetized it, it may be monetized and again, the revenue will be sent to my channel. This applies to extended versions.

4. If I find my music stolen or claimed on YouTube by someone, the video will be taken down and I won’t give a warning beforehand.

I’ve tried to be a kind remixer, and I will try to continue being a kind remixer, but during these next few days I will be in quite the hellish mood until I get this resolved and under control.

It’s a shame though, Heartache is such a good remix too ಠ_ಠ If you have any questions, I will be active here on tumblr for the next few hours. I won’t bite you, I promise, and I may update this post throughout the day/s.

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Considering the country’s somewhat shaky history with militarized violence, it’s understandable that Germany would be stricter than other nations about regulating the amount of bloody, torturous brutality depicted in its media. … However, the German solution to the violence in Valve’s legendary shooters Half-Life and Team Fortress 2 makes about as much sense as making a techno remix of “Jingle Bells” to remove any potentially offensive religious overtones.

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“Gang Of Nine”, a new song!

The Team Fortress 2 Theme mixed with Akira The Don’s Remix of “Clones”. After how popular “Boston Boom Bringer” was, I decided to do another rap song!


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