team fortress 2


Insomnia58 TF2 Outro

This video marked the conclusion of’s coverage of Insomnia58’s TF2 tournament.

Alex “Dashner” Pylyshyn

Source Filmmaker Art:
Ness “Uberchain” Delacroix

Audio Mixing:
Anthony “Airon” Oetzmann



Sigur Ros - Festival


All right, I was really iffy about doing this for several reasons, but I just kind of need to at this point.

I am selling my BLU/RED Sniper cosplay. 

Many of you might remember my AskCosplaySniper blog that went dead a year or so ago. Since then, I’ve not donned the cosplay, not that I dislike it now! I’m just not into the fandom as much as I was then and while I greatly adore the community, I’ve drifted away from it. 

As a result, I would like to sell the cosplay rather than let it die in my closet. 

I am selling almost EVERYTHING associated with the costume. You would get:

  • Both RED and BLU Sniper logo shirts (Size 15/16.5 in Arrow brand shirts), plus bonus CBS shirt. EDIT: I’ve lost the patches for CBS… I’ll toss in a print I got a while back as compensation for that!
  • Brown hand-sewn vest suitable for both colors.
  • Brown wool felt hat (Actually Australian, size L, was always wobbly on my head).
  • Brown gloves (both, as I don’t need a single glove)
  • Brown belt, suitable for both teams.
  • Watch, broken.
  • Vinyl pouch, sewn to hang low like his.
  • Vinyl Huntsman’s Essentials (close to Ye Olde Rustic color), with a florists foam block, 3 pseudo-arrows and one “tipped” arrow. The arrow fletching has seen better days, as it is just paper, and the tipped arrow has a foam tip, which has also seen better days.
  • Solid wood Huntsman bow. It is not flexible, the string is just elastic.
  • Solid wood standard Kukri

So what you would be missing is the sunglasses (I bent all mine), pants (my standard pants) and boots (I’m keeping those). 

I’ll also toss in a couple of ammo shells that I had planned on using for his chest bullets.

I’m selling ALL OF THIS for $175.

Basic shipping in the continental US will be taken out of the total. I’ll throw on a tracking number too. If you are outside the US, you will be responsible for the shipping fees. 

I will not drop the price or bargain, in advanced. I am trying to sell it and make a tiny profit considering how much time, money and effort I put into back in the day.

I can be contact through here either via ask or IM, you must be willing to exchange address and contact information. 

anonymous asked:

Explain TF2 in the worst way possible but as well in a way that makes me interested in joining the fandom.

Alright Motherfucker, sit down and let me tell you about the best hat && bread war simulator you can get for free on Steam.

Okay so, basically, you got two fucking teams who are called RED and BLU and they all have really big hands and got some pretty cool weapons.

You also got their Bosses, who is the Administrator who is an ugly as fuck dominatrix who is legit 100 something years old;
Mr. Bara Saxton Hale who is a half naked Australian who has a desk that’s also a grill and likes to jump from very high places;
And Miss Pauling, the only sane one in this chaos (bless God for Pauling).

So, Bara Hale commands the company RED and BLU works for, while Helen (The Administrator) takes care about the mercs (and steals gold) and sends Miss Pauling to take care of basically everything the Administrator doesnt want to do (like talking to other human beings and taking the trash out)

And this whole war about gravel and hats started because Redmond and Blutarch, the owners of mann co, are salty because Zepheniah (their dad) didnt like either of them (because they are idiots), so they went like “Bitch I’m the better twin” and then they started a war because that is what rich people do.

They also have a third brother (who is not an idiot) and he was raised by eagles and he has ROBOTS so he murdered his brothers like “Lol you idiots im the better twin” and then he attacked mann co with robots and also died, but only later on.

What else is there to say? In Australia, everyone has a moustache, New Zealand is underwater, Shakespeare invented the rocket launcher and the queen of Australia is a Kangaroo .