team fortress 2



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Vibri (Vib Ribbon) // Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

Hornet (Daytona USA) // Blue Falcon (F-Zero)

Parappa the Rapper // Xoda Rap (Noitu Love)

Gunstar Green and Seven Force (Gunstar Heroes)

Part 6! No Heavy for Team Fortress 2 because he gets plenty love already. I tried emulating the flatness and folding distortions that Parappa suffers in the game but that’s -very- hard to do being 2D and having these color limitations, you have to distort a -lot- to make that effect come across, and when you do, it looks too weird and not easily recognizable. Hopefully some of it still comes across to you?


★ Rules:

Only cute and fluffy TeamFortress C: No porn.

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♫ I can do any ships you like from TeamFortress2.

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“ From the creators of such wonders as, “Uber the Sniper”, “Uber the Spy” and “Uber the Medic” I bring you new concepts of Uber possiblity! UBER MISS PAULING! UBER THE ADMINISTRATOR! UBER SAXTON! UBER THE PAYLOAD CARTCAPTURE POINT! And while we’re on a roll here, why not “UBER ZHANNA!” !!!!!! Gonna go Oprah Winfrey up in here! “YOU GET AN UBER! YOU GET AN UBER! EVERYONE GETS AN UBER!” “


Spy’s be like