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magificent 7 // fierce 5 // final 5

     atlanta 1996 // london 2012 // rio 2016 

         olympic team gold

is it just me or was the fierce five team final more #iconic than the final five??? like both were so dominant and we all knew they were gonna win before the final even started but idk, looking back, something about the 2012 TF just felt more electric

Aaaand an Atem to go with Yugi, as always. 

The other species often wonder how an anemone so short can be so handsome. He’s Yugi’s #1 fan and support in battle. 

McKayla Maroney

Gender: Female

DOB: 9 December 1995

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Irish-English

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McKayla Rose Maroney is an American former artistic gymnast. She was a member of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team dubbed the Fierce Five at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she won a gold medal in the team and an individual silver medal in the vault event. Maroney was also a member of the gold-winning American team at the 2011 World Championships where she won gold medals in the team and vault competitions. She defended her World title and won the gold medal on vault at the 2013 World Championships, becoming the first U.S. female gymnast to defend a World Championships vault title. A photograph of her with a “not impressed” expression, taken after winning silver in the 2012 Olympics, became an Internet meme. She decided in 2016 to no longer compete in gymnastics due to health issues.

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Re: Match-ups-- I am stubborn, bubbly, intelligent, and determined. My favorite Pokemon are Lucario, Flareon, and Tyrunt. If I had a gym I'd be a Steel Type leader. I prefer to end battles swiftly through use of strategy so the least damage is done to my team. I seem fierce but I have been called "the actual cinnamon roll". My adventures tend to be challenging, uplifting, yet very silly. I have talked back to Guzma and lived.

Ya grunt matches ya up with… LOOKER! He knows very quickly how sweet you are, and dotes on you whenever he can with kisses and sweetness. He’s quick to grin at your spirit, and you’re a breath of fresh air in his crazy world-hopping life!

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okay, but now I want a Saphael Soccer!AU… because reasons:

  •  Raphael is the varsity soccer team’s captain  (whether it’s HS or university I don’t care).
  • The soccer team is fierce and kickass and Raphael is pretty much going to lead the team to nationals.
  • Simon is a total bookworm nerd that is also part of the school’s drama club.
  • The drama club is putting on a play and it’s a musical this year and oh shit they need people that can actually sing. Simon auditions for a singing part because Clary totes talked him into it, and what do you know, he can actually sing well.
  • Anyway, for like the last two years Simon’s been crushing hard on Raphael. Like making googly eyes, drawing hearts on the back of notebooks, learning all about soccer because damn are there a lot of hot fit guys in sexy jerseys, sort of crushing.
  • Simon lowkey goes to as many home soccer games and tournaments as he can make time for - around school, drama club, his job, and hanging with Clary and co.
  • Alec often goes to the games with Simon because of course AU Alec is completely down for that sort of thing. Until a certain someone catches his eye. And then Magnus ends up eventually joining them occasionally too. After all, he’s there as much for flirting with Alec as he is to support Raphael.
  • Raphael’s been smitten with Simon for about equally as long, if not longer. And during some free time he spends with his bff Magnus, Magnus lets slip that his feelings might not be unrequited after all. Thank god, because Magnus was a little worried his friend would spend all of eternity mooning after the drama club nerd without any resolution.
  • Basically they end up asking each other out at the same time and become adoring fluffy boyfriends, and Simon definitely wears Raph’s jerseys on game day for luck.