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Get To Know Important People At Bayern Munich: Team Manager Kathleen Krüger

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kathleen Krüger! She is the team manager of Bayern Munich and I’ve met her in February - she’s awesome. 

She played football herself at Bayern Munichs Womens Team from 2003 to 2009. 

She’s 31 years old, was former assistant of Christian Nerlinger (former sporting director) and since a couple of years, she is our team manager.

She’s responsible for everything around the team: planning and booking the away trips, organizing events with sponsors of the players, checking that the bus is leaving on time and she’s even responsible for the teams free-time activities during the trainings camp. 

She also once said, that she prefers to do her work in the background and doesn’t want to be noticed. When I met her, she told us, that actually her whole life rotates around her work - she nearly has to be available for 24/7. To get things off her mind, she enjoys going jogging near the Isar. 

The team absolutely adores her - and she’s the only woman, who works that close with the team. They all have a lot of respect for her and love her a lot - when I was talking with her, she was always referring to the players as ‘her boys’. 

Here, have Franck Ribery singing ‘Kathleen Krüger, you are the best woman in the world” 

I’ve met her as a really self-confident, independent and strong woman who’s not taking shit from anybody and knows exactly, what she can do. We are lucky to have her, because without her, probably half of our team would’ve gotten lost somewhere and I hope, she will stay for a very long time with us xx 

ways arsenal and lfc are simular
  • both teams are forever losing 
  • both teams despise chelsea and man utd
  • they are always in constant pain
  • both managers give everything to their teams and are always left disappointed
  • countless injuries all the damn time
  • always suffering
  • just suffering
  • suffering 
  • S U F F E R I N G 
  • both teams forever feel each others pain
  • we’re like siblings separated at birth that continue to remember each other by constantly l o s i n g 
  • neither of them believe in winning
  • neither believe in winning the league
  • both enjoy S U F F E R I N G 
  • suffering all day long
  • making their fans want to kill themselves 
  • and giving them that nice feeling of Death
  • arsenal and liverpool; brothers in losing and suffering and making sure their fans had the worst time watching their games 

add more if u want 


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