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Isn't the whole issue with Yuuri's weight while he's actively competing/performing about safety rather than "athletes can't be fat"? Because jumps involve landing on your entire weight, you want to be as trim as possible as a competitive figure skater or you could seriously mess up your knees even more.

That’s the reason he has to lose the weight, you’re correct.

But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily his natural weight, or that him gaining weight is an inherently unhealthy thing.

Yuuri’s natural weight–the weight his body gravitates towards when he isn’t training intensively and dieting–is probably somewhere in the area of twenty pounds heavier than how he appears in the show.

Viktor slacks the fuck off and eats whatever he wants for an entire summer and we don’t see a visible weight change. Nobody tells him to change his diet or that he’s ruining his competing potential, even though he’s doing the same things Yuuri was–i.e., eating junk and not exercising as much–and it is literally only because he doesn’t visibly gain weight.

Yuuri has to actually work to keep his weight off. Which might be okay if he’s dieting properly and healthily for the season, but it’s impractical in the long run. Maintaining his competing weight is a literal ordeal for Yuuri. It’s something he has to do for his sport, which he loves, which makes it okay.

It becomes not okay if there are people telling him he has to do it just to “remain attractive.” 

And it’s not something that I’ve seen very often, but honestly the idea that Viktor wouldn’t like Yuuri twenty pounds heavier is so genuinely disgusting to me that it even bothers me to read a sentence like “Viktor appreciated the flat plane of Yuuri’s stomach” because like? what was the reasoning behind that sentence? Why are you highlighting how flat his stomach is?

The Viktor I write understands that Yuuri keeps off his weight for the sport and that it’s difficult for him. He also understands that a Yuuri who is happy and not competing is going to be a heavier Yuuri. And not in a “I love him anyway” type way. The Viktor I write thinks Yuuri is beautiful in any shape or form.

I guess what I’m saying is i’m Team Chubby Yuuri and also probably Team Viktor Loves Yuuri At All His Sizes. 

Also, Team Fat Does Not Equal Unhealthy.

Just for the record.


Hi ho, hi ho. It’s back to work I go. 😭
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