team excluded

okay so my obsession with TMNT 2012 has officially reached a critical point and so I had a very vivid dream last night and here’s what it was:

I was Donnie but I was also watching Donnie from the outside, and the whole team excluding him were captured.

They were all in this huge, huge dark warehouse, filled with rows and rows of expressionless people who weren’t reacting to anything even while the mutants from the Foot Clan were right in front of them. It was completely dark, but I could still see well enough to know that there were tons of people in chairs, just sitting there, staring.

Then, because Donnie is amazing and the only one who could, he snuck through the creepy dark warehouse towards his family, and when the Foot Clan guys would look at him, he’d go completely still and idk just Stop Existing somehow and be unseen even when they were looking him in the eye.

And then he gets to this computer but also I get to this computer bc I am Donnie sort of, and Bebop is the one patrolling it because its super important for some reason, and even when he looks us dead in the eye, he doesn’t see us at all. (This was actually a really freaky part, since he was right in front of our face, and everything in my dream was hyper detailed.)

Then a bunch of screens along the walls turned on and played a looping video of footage of Donnie, lots of really awful embarrassing scenes, and what seemed like a partial confession attempt to April. Over and over for everyone to see. I felt Donnie’s pain over that, and I just bleed for this kid. Really.

But then the video zeroed in on this one scene, where Donnie and April had been walking towards and past Casey, who was shouting angrily into his phone about his family, BUT, it turns out that the phone hadn’t even been facing the right way for Casey to do that, and idk how but me and Donnie both knew this was because he’d lied about being in contact with his family, and that it wasn’t something Casey wanted anyone to know.

At that point something even Weirder happens- which is Casey somehow suddenly being free of his ropes, and shouting angrily at the Foot Clan guys and all the blank, expressionless people. And, as he’s winding up, his whole body flickers bright cosmic blue, and his eyes go white, and then he’s the ‘dopest being in reality’ again for a split second.

And at that point I separated from Donnie’s consciousness, and only caught a bit of what he was thinking as he jumped out of his hiding place, but it was a lot of protective anger for Casey. I lost the dream around then, when Donnie swung out his bo and got in front of Casey to shield him from the Foot Clan.


point being I had a weirdass vivid dream, and I’m quietly hoping that because some of my dreams have been mildly prophetic (example, one time I dreamed I was having surgery the day before I had an appendicitis) that maybe at least the parts where Donnie gets to save the day and the positive interaction between him and Casey get to happen come the new season.

I’m praying, even though this was like the weirdest fanficky dream ever.

Haikyuu!! Sleepovers (Nekoma)

-All sleepovers held at Kenmas’ place (due to him having the best game consoles)

-Lev’s too tall to comfortably sit on one of the beanbags, so he just lays on the floor.

-Kuroo, Inuoka and Yaku all fighting over player 1, then eventually just giving it to Kenma.

-So many snacks that most of the team goes home with more than they brought.

-Clothes are EVERYWHERE so the whole team (Excluding Kenma and Yaku, they aren’t having any of this) throws all clothes in a pile and go “Neko hunting” as Lev calls it, where they grab the first item of clothing they see and shove it on, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit, you gotta wear it until it’s time to leave.


-Scary movies for all. Lev get’s scared halfway through “Yaku-san.. Yaku-san! I’m scared!” “Then come here you idiot”

-Yuki, being the shortest player, is the fucking champ at hide and seek. only just tying with Kenma who tends to literally climb fucking ANYTHING. One time the team found him on top of the fridge.

-Yamamoto rambles on about who pretty all the female managers are, which then leads to the topic of crushes

-”Kuroo, you gotta’ like someone! We all know you like long hair!” *insert wiggle of eyebrows “Well, I need someone shorter than me, maybe dyed hair? like idk l0l pft.. and maybe into video games? Like this is just me rambling, you know? hahah..” “…”

-Kenma winning every Mario Kart match, which sends the whole team into a rage.

-Fukunaga somehow sets the toaster on fire.

-Every sleep over, SOMETHING is set on fire, weather it be a small little bonfire out in the backyard, or people just setting each others clothes ablaze

-”Please don t kill each other, I really can’t afford any lawsuits” -Kenma

/ probably will do the other teams?? Tried to include all of the members but I might have missed some, whoOOpS /

okay so this screenshot right here from ep 425′s preview i’m assuming is part of yamato’s infinite tsukiyomi dream because there was no canonical period before the war where SASUKE was chilling with these guys (and not stabbing anyone)

so does this mean that yamato is dreaming of a full team 7?? like big happy family team 7 which excludes no one ???????? ?

The biggest betrayal that wasn't

Inside the show and in fandom Oliver has been harshly judged for excluding Team Arrow from his big plan to get rid of Ra’s al Ghul. Nobody seems to realize that there didn’t actually exist a big plan.

When Oliver joined the League after the attack on Thea- No, when Oliver was forced to join the League or risk more deaths, the only plan he had was to try to dismantle the League from within during the months he expected to have until his final ascension. (I personally thought he’d planned to ascend and hand the reins to Nyssa once the old Ra’s died. But that didn’t turn out to be the case, so. *shrugs*)

Oliver surely expected the brainwashing, but to believe that he would get through that unchanged by just playing the role of Al Sah-him is unrealistic and would be foolishly arrogant. The brainwashing is likely SOP for reluctant recruits and as such Ra’s should be familiar with all the ways those recruits would try to resist and deceive him. Especially after 200+ years of experience. Which means that Oliver couldn’t know what state he would be in, once his initial ‘training’ was finished.

Oliver also couldn’t know how long his original plan would take. He could be gone for a few months or half a year or a year or longer. He could die before he ever reached his goal. (Now imagine his family would spend those long months or years waiting for him to return, maybe in vain, because he’d told them. That’s a cruel burden I wouldn’t wish on anyone.) Also, Team Arrow wouldn’t really be of any help in this plan. The most helpful thing they could do was live their lives.

Considering this original plan - which possibly consisted mostly of vague ideas of what to do if, because who but Ra’s really knows how the transfer of leadership proceeds and you can’t really plan without all the information - I can understand why he wouldn’t tell anyone but Merlyn. Oliver doesn’t care about Merlyn or his state of mind. He also doesn’t much care if Merlyn survives. He also knows that Merlyn is very good at exactly this kind of operation. And he needs someone who is intimately familiar with the League. Nyssa, at this point, sees Oliver as an usurper, and is unlikely to help him tear down her own legacy. Maseo is loyal to Ra’s and just as unlikely to help. Sara is dead. There is nobody else with the necessary inside information.

Additionally, Oliver didn’t have much time to plan anything, which further reduced his options.

This is the state of things when Oliver’s initiation begins: join the League, try to dismantle it somehow in the time before he becomes Ra’s al Ghul, try to survive and retain enough of himself to actually care about any of this.

Then, after weeks of training, torture and brainwashing, Oliver is ordered to return to Starling for a mission. He is not a trusted member and he is under constant supervision. (Remember how Maseo mentioned the other assassins expected Oliver not to return?) He is walking a tight rope while his balance is already shot to hell. And the people he wants to protect are closing rank around the person he is tasked to retrieve.

Again, Oliver does not have much time to plan. Or the privacy to contact anyone to explain the plan. His options are limited.

If Oliver were the loyal and obedient heir Ra’s wanted him to be, he wouldn’t care about who he would need to go through to get Nyssa. I would have to check to be sure, but I think Oliver had at least around a dozen men with him. He could have just gone with a frontal assault. Considering their reputation and Oliver’s knowledge of the team they likely would have dropped half the team before the team had the chance to react. A prisoner exchange, on the other hand, had the chance to be much less bloody.

And, honestly? Lyla was kind of the perfect hostage. She’s only really at the periphery of Team Arrow and thus not really involved with the situation. Oliver’s emotional connection to her is less fraught than to the others, making this safer for him. Because of baby Sara Lyla was at home alone and thus in reach and once she realized she was outnumbered and with Sara present she would have surrendered, reducing the risk to everybody involved (we don’t see any obvious signs of injury). Oliver can be sure that Lyla can handle herself as a hostage, what with serving under Waller, and that she can handle the emotional fallout. Which we see in season 4 when Lyla was much less bothered about that whole thing that John.

(Also, on a related note, I’m very sure that Sara wasn’t unsupervised for more than a couple minutes. Oliver called John the moment he realized what had happened. That kind of timing is only possible with some kind of visual surveillance. I’d bet that someone was with Sara until John unlocked the door.)

Well, after that cluster fuck Oliver returns to Nanda Parbat, finds out what the real mission was (retrieving the virus), something nobody trusted him with. (Oh, right, retrieving Nyssa was a test. Trust was not involved.) He is told he will marry the girlfriend of his dead ex, against both their wills. And he finds out that he is supposed to destroy his home with the weapon that already was the cause of a year of his past trauma. In a few days.

Wait, wasn’t he supposed to destroy the League in the time frame of whole months? Oops. Bye bye, Plan A.

What follows is a scramble for Plan B. Because a long term undercover job suddenly became the plot for a season of 24. And one of the undercover job’s requirements was alienating the team Oliver would need for that season of 24.

Plan B failed. Guess what. Oliver didn’t have all the information. Ra’s was on a mole hunt. And Oliver doesn’t enjoy Ra’s trust.

Remember the tight rope I mentioned? Oliver is still on it and someone just set fire to the ground below.

Team Arrow is brought before Ra’s and on the way they see fit to confront Oliver about what is happening. Neither quietly nor subtly. That could have meant death for everyone, because I will bet my non-existent fortune that the walls in Nanda Parbat have ears. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ra’s did hear about that.

(Side Note: Team Arrow didn’t behave like people I’d trust with the details of my undercover job. On the way to Ra’s and in the cell they openly talk about plans and trust. I mean, okay, that’s understandable. It’s also dangerous. To them and Oliver. He can’t get them out when he’s dead. Causing doubt about Oliver’s loyalty is a possible death sentence for everyone. Either they trust him to do his job or they don’t, but trusting him includes trusting him even when it doesn’t look like they can. What do they expect him to do? Helping them then, he could just as well kill them himself instead. Would have had the same effect.)

So, his team is captured, the virus is still a danger. He needs a Plan C. And a Plan D. Because with the way things are going…

Well, there’s already a contingency plan for Team Arrow’s capture. Oliver obviously had Barry on retainer to get them out, we saw him ask for a favor in the Flash episode. Hopefully even in case Team Arrow wouldn’t be executed via the virus, because depending on Ra’s using the virus to kill them seems a bit risky. That takes care of Plan D, which is apparently Team Arrow stopping Ra’s in case Oliver fails. Even in the case that Plan C never starts.

Plan C is the virus, Ra’s al Ghul and Oliver dying via plane crash. This plan was likely thought of somewhere between Ra’s telling him the new plan for destroying Starling and Oliver getting married, seeing as he had to sabotage the plane at some point.

Plan C isn’t even that bad. Ra’s is going to watch over the virus with eagle eyes. And Oliver wants the virus to never reach his home. The plane ride is the logical time to destroy it, considering the limitations. Oliver’s death is a not-so-unfortunate side effect, considering Oliver’s state of mind during the whole of season 3.

Still, Plan C, just like Plan B, had to be improvised in a matter of hours. Which brings us back to my point:

There was never some big, complicated plan to defeat Ra’s al Ghul that Oliver only trusted Merlyn with.

There was only going undercover indefinitely, with Merlyn as his outside contact, to hopefully dismantle the League before Oliver ended up dead, literally or figuratively. Something that may or may not work and take anywhere from weeks to months to years. Something that would likely kill him. Something Team Arrow couldn’t help with.

Anything after that? Was a scramble to keep things from getting completely out of control. Coming up with plans on the fly. With no real time or opportunity to inform everyone about it. Because Oliver can only react to events as they happen.

What looked like some complicated plan within plans within plans to the outside was anything but. There was nothing Oliver could have told the Team, because after joining the League any plans he’d made became obsolete.

What was he supposed to tell them? “Oh, hey, I’m joining the League to take them down. I may or may not return in one piece. Don’t wait up.”

So everyone can stop acting like ‘not involving the team’ has ever been about trust. It wasn’t. There was nothing to trust them with. Not telling and/or including them wasn’t a betrayal, but a direct result of the circumstances.

(If what happened in the show had been the actual plan from the beginning? It would have been such a very bad plan with far too many points of failure. And not because Oliver didn’t involve the team. Because it would depend on information Oliver couldn’t have or on guess work and would have had to be so much more elaborate with possibly hundreds of contingencies.

The original plan, on the other hand, wasn’t a bad plan. Oliver was playing the long game based on the information he had. It had to be adapted and discarded only because the situation changed.

What we saw in the show works only if Oliver improvised based on circumstances after his original plan became obsolete. And considering that Oliver is actually very good with battle plans and improvisation I’m going to go with that.)


Reid: Guys, this is Y/N, my sister.

Morgan: Your sister?

Y/N: Yeah. It’s nice to meet you.

Rossi: Wow. You seem so…

JJ: Normal.

Y/N: Well, I am. At least as normal as you can be with Spencer as your brother.

*The Team (excluding Spencer) giggles*

Reid: What do you mean?

If you want to request an Imagine, feel free to do that! :]

You know, everyone talks about how close team BBA is, and it’s true, they are very close but. I think the closest team ( excluding F Dynasty since they’re actual siblings ) would be Neoborg.

Those four have pretty much only ever had each other. The inclusion of Kai shook things up a bit, as Ian was forced to stay in the shadows, but he was still there. I headcanon him as the tech guy of the crew, brilliant with computers and hacker genius extrodinare whom was probably working with Tala the entire time digging up info on Barthez and Boris.

It’s interesting to see them interact with Kai in G Rev. Kai’s trying to play the lone wolf role, but the pack’s circling around him and looking after him like he’s one of their own, because in a way, he is. He was likely part of Balkov’s original Neoborg team of the best and strongest.

And Kai, despite his “we’re not friends”, goes and visits Tala in the hospital. Tala, despite his icy reputation, worries about Kai and even CRIES when Dranzer shatters and Kai passes out ( or dies, it’s really unclear. beyblade wtf )

Neoborg cares about each other in sometimes odd ways, but they still care. They rarely let the outside world see it because I think they still have a bit of the us vs the world mentality. They play their cards close to their chests and only reveal them to others if they have no other choice. They’re the one team I can’t imagine going off and parting ways and doing separate things. For them it’s pretty much ‘together or not at all’. I’m not sure if even they could imagine doing things without the rest of the team. None of them live separate. They all live in a giant house paid for by either Mr. Dickenson, or one of the Hiwatari family mansions that was rarely used.

Dating must be especially difficult, since I doubt they allow people into their little circle easily, and they all seem to be fiercely protective of each other. Not to mention you probably have to be a level 5 friend to unlock the tragic backstory and no one in the community is anywhere near that. I do think they’re likely, if they do date, to do so within the community. it’s much easier and much less exhausting than trying to date a normal and explain how they’re not normal. the beyblading community already knows that part. And with dating, their partners must realize that if things get serious, they are a packaged deal. they come with heavy baggage. Buy one get three free.

Team Neoborg is the closest and most tight knit group in the show. They’ve got one of the most interesting and complex relationship on the show. I think that’s why exploring them
and headcanoning them and worldbuilding them ( and the Majestics ) is my favorite.

Team Otori leisurely walk in a park
  • Hoshitani : *looks around him only to see couples everywhere* Why does no one love me??
  • Team Otori : *everyone else excluding Nayuki looks over at Nayuki*
  • Nayuki : *sulking beside a tree surrounded by a depressing aura*
  • Team Otori (Excluding Hoshitani & Nayuki): *looks over at Otori next*
  • Otori : *quietly joins Nayuki in sulking*

Two new (well, maybe not completely new) faces in this World Cup - Jan Ziobro’s comeback and second (in a whole life!) appereance of Jakub Wolny. Jakub will compete for the very first time in his life in the team competition (excluding the Junior World Championship where he was in the golden team).

So Maciej Kot interrupted Janek’s interview when Jasiek was asked about supporting our team today (he won’t take part in it). :D Are they cute or what?! :D They both also posted a photo where they were driving 260 km/h (!) and it looks like another ski jumpers will be rally drivers after they’ll end their careers. :D (Adam Małysz is now a Dakar Rally driver and Maciek posts a lot of pictures of him doing some car tricks and competing in some kind of races). Well, they’ll always have this hunger of adrenaline, so - who knows? :)

You can also check out interviews with Stefan Hula and Andrzej Stękała.

And - if you haven’t done it yet - you can take part in my little skijumping survey. :) Which place do you think the Polish team will take? I’m hoping for the 4th… Podium would be perfect but… You know, with this shape… Of course, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the podium ‘till the very end because this sport is very unpredictable. :) And I believe in our guys!

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small former team rwby outfit things

excluding yang bc i couldnt find anything except a really bitter looking face

rwbys cape / cloak / hood thing is ripped. its the obvious one though so yeah. also here’s my comparison pic. it wasnt supposed to look cute whoops

weiss’s ponytail thing that still makes me upset?? yeah, i wrote a mini rant on it


her small apple necklace thing?? changed to :

man she really did go from snow white to ice queen i bet

last one 

either im havin troubles finding it or my computers zoom in touch screen feature doesnt work but?? i  cant find blakes emblem? 


Dear All,

We are sorry to announce that Sol,Norman and Kay of Classic Series at Ringdoll will be discontinued on May 18th.
In addition,the following dolls&body type will also be discontinued then:

Ring Grown:Carlos,Lulu

Ring Teenager:Don,Spencer,Ashford,Dian,Chai,Akito,Wagashi

Ring Kid:En,Kyo

Ring Sweet:Bobo,Nana

Body type:RTbody-2(in teenager size)

After they are discontinued,basic dolls&body type will no longer be available for order(accessories excluded).

Ringdoll Team