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All right y'all here we are reaching again. We were given this beautiful screenshot from this one video with basically no context. All you can hear from this clip is Lance saying “Yeah!” And he jsut slides in on screen.

From the image above, u can see that hes blushing, and that the other paladins are in the background. I don’t have all of the screenshots for it, but before he slid into frame, the rest of team voltron was frowning, excluding Keith, who was not in frame.

What I get from this is that Keith was stragitzlizing on the opposite side of the team, considering that he’s bp and all, leading is his responsibility. Hes getting a lot of looks of disapproval/sceptical looks from the plan he suggested. And then lance comes in and says “Yeah!” As in “I support your plan and I think that it could actually work.”

And when you look at Lance’s face,,,, he’s blushing, which we have only seen him do when he flirts with someone/is attracted to someone, and the look on his face jsut,,,,, screams adoration????

Like, here’s Lance supporting keith with a smile on his face and a blush on his cheeks, trying to give Keith support, like a right hand man would do. Like,,,, this is a lot of relationship development, because even in s3 we saw Lance telling Keith when he fucked up, but never really giving any,,,, praise, much less a blush.

Like I said this is a Reach but a,,,, pretty good reach.

Knowing that Louis debuted at #13 is amazing considering we basically did all the work, but it annoys me to no end knowing that if he had a proper support team he could be at the top!

High on Love

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader

Prompt: Based on this video. I tried to make it as fluff as possible! Hope you enjoy it!

“I love you sooo much!” Y/N giggled with a huge smile. “You should love me too”

“Y/N I am your boss.”

“I know but we are getting married! You’ll be my husband!”

“We are? Okay where are we going to get married?”

“We are going to get married at the chapel!”

“At the chapel I see.”


“I don’t think Hotch will like the chapel that much,” Morgan interrupted, pressing his lips together so that he doesn’t burst out laughing. The team had caught their unsub but unfortunately Y/N broke her arm. Hotch had gone in the ambulance with her while the rest of the team stayed behind and cleaned up. Y/N was clearly out of it, giggling and smiling so much while Hotch was blushing slightly.

Y/N turns to Morgan with wide eyes and open mouth. “Why not?”

“Morgan,” Hotch immediately said, glaring at Derek. He turns back to her and lets out a smile when she happily giggles.

“I think we should get marrriiiiieeeddd!” Y/N sings, and everyone bursts out in laughter as Hotch blushed with a smile. “We’ll be the cutest couple ever,” she continues, giggling with the team.

“I see.”

“Aaron I love you. I love your smile. I love your eyes. I love your ass.” She blows him a kiss with a giddy smile, and JJ has to wipe the tears from her face.

“She is so gonna regret this,” JJ whispered to Prentiss, who was recording the entire thing.

“Thank you Y/N,” Hotch said, trying to regain some composure but Y/N was too adorable.

“You are so adorable. Aaaarooooon I looooovvee yooouuuu soooooo muuuuchh.” She reaches out and grabs his face, her fingers stroking his chin and hair. Suddenly there are tears in her eyes and her lips pouted adorable.

“Aaron I am scared.”

“It’s okay Y/N.”

“Where are my clothes?”

“There is nothing to be afraid of. You are in the hospital.”


“You broke your arm. Remember?”


“Don’t worry,” Hotch calmly said, holding her hand. “It’s the medication, just keep on squeezing my hand okay?”

“Okay Aaron. I love you,” she said with a dreamy smile.

“Why don’t you say it back?” Rossi teased the unit chief, who blushed at everyone’s glee.

“Everything will fine okay?” Hotch said to Y/N, ignoring the cracking from his team.

“Coz we are going to get married tomorrow! At a chapel!” Y/N exclaimed, a dreamy smile still on her face. “In Las Vegas!”

“Oh really?” Everyone could tell that Rossi was really enjoying this. Who wasn’t? It was sad that Garcia wasn’t here to tease Y/N mercilessly.

“Yes!” Y/N turned to him with a wide smile. “We will be the cutest couple ever!”

“Are you still feeling dizzy?” Hotch tried to distract her, but now it seemed like nothing could stop her now.

“I’ll be the most beautiful bride you’ll ever see,” Y/N said. There was a sudden noise and Reid walked in to see Hotch’s blushing and embarrassed face the rest of the team biting their lips to hold in something. He saw JJ physically turned away, hanging on to Prentiss who was recording everything along with Morgan. The three of them had their shoulders shaking and wide smiles on their faces, while Rossi had a smirk directed to his boss.

‘What’s going on?” he was super confused.

“Me and Aaron are going get married!” Y/N giggled at him, her eyes slightly glazed and wide smile stretched to her ears. “In Las Vegas! You will give me away coz you’re my brother!”

Spencer openly gaped at that while the rest except for Hotch and Y/N laughed out loud. “I am serious,” Y/N pouted. “JJ and Emily and Penelope will be my bridesmaids. Rossi will be the best man and Morgan will be the priest.”

“Why am I the priest mama?” Morgan could barely talk through his laughter.

“Coz you’re an annnnngeeeel!”

JJ snorted loudly, and even Hotch couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore. “And Jack will be the ring bearer and Henry will be the flower boy! Aaarooon you’ll wear a red suit coz it’ll bring out your ass!!”

“And what will you wear my dear?” Rossi sweetly asked her.

“A blue gown! With sparkles!”

A knock interrupts their light moment and a nurse walks in with a smile. “How’s everything going on here?”

“Aaron and I are going to get maaaaaarreeiiiidd!” Y/N sings wit a bright smile to the nurse. The people bursted into laughter again, and the nurse smile’s got bigger. “I see that the anesthesia is still doing its work,” she tells them. “It’ll be not too long before she falls asleep,” and with that she left the team again.

Y/N turns to Hotch with a soft look in her eyes. “We are going to get marrieeed. And you have give me a blue ring okay?”

“Okay,” Hotch relents with smile that is usually unseen.

“It will be awesome. You’ll love it. I’ll loooove it,” She is now whispering, and it is clear that she is falling asleep.

“I will.”

“Aaron I love y….” And with that Y/N goes to her dreamland, and the team excluding Hotch has to leave the room to not let their laughter wake her up.

But Hotch stays with a smile and continues to hold her hand. “And I love you too Y/N,” He whispers to her.

Andi Mack Episode Synopses!

Season 2 Episode 2 - Chinese New Year

Andi invites Jonah to her Chinese New Year celebration, which gets awkward when Celia’s sister Aunt Mei visits. Buffy signs up for the boys’ basketball team tryouts.

Season 2 Episode 3 - Friends Like These

Andi tries to convince her friends to find a new hangout spot to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Buffy tries out for the boys’ basketball team.

Season 2 Episode 4 - Mama

Andi learns more about her past on the anniversary of the day Bex left home. Jonah attempts to teach Cyrus how to skateboard.

Season 2 Episode 5 - The Snorpion

Andi invites Amber over for a sleepover. Buffy is frustrated when the basketball team captain TJ excludes her from gameplay.

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/post/159946508851/on-a-scale-of-1-to-10-how-likely-do-you-think-is after s3, what are your thoughts re: sheith (and maybe kallura as well)?

Short answer? I think sheith makes the most sense now more than ever. Season 3 was the time where I feel like we should have an idea of where major characters’ main arcs and interrelationships are going. If they were going to follow through with ka/llura, they should’ve rolled with it right off season 2 while they still had the momentum. But for Keith, his relationships with everyone else are very clearly pushed into the background while his feelings for Shiro take center stage. He’s the one who really grieves him, who has this single-minded devotion to find him, who adamantly refuses to abandon him. 

The way Keith finally revisits Black and speaks as if Shiro can hear him, tells him things like “I know this is what you wanted for me, Shiro. But I’m not you. I can’t lead them like you did,” and “This one’s for you, Shiro”–it’s a level of vulnerability he’d never reveal to anyone but Shiro, and so still reaches out to him in his absence. Like, this is after everyone at the time tried to tell him they were there for him. If he wanted to talk, he had people willing to listen. But he still only wants Shiro

And we see this intimacy mirrored in Kuron. Again, if you wanted to pair Shiro with a love interest, shouldn’t they be the only one trusted enough to care for Kuron at his bedside? Didn’t the tone of that scene feel completely different from what you’d expect from a brotherly or platonic relationship, and much more in line with something romantic? The air was way more charged compared to say, Keith’s talk with Lance. The scene was heart wrenching, dramatic, and showed the easy intimacy between these two. 

Keith has this pre-established backstory with Shiro that’s still being kept a secret from us–which in itself is suspicious–and whatever happened between them, it was enough for Keith to be so enamored with him, to still spend all this time chasing after him. It’s the kind of intimate love you’d only really expect from a character’s love interest. The fact that Kuron and Keith’s reunion is also a private affair (and the way it’s framed with both drifting into each other’s orbit nice and slow, complete with longing gazes)–that’s very different from a loud, happy reunion with the whole team. And excluding the other paladins from the scene was a very deliberate decision that adds to the intimacy of it. It feels incredibly romantic. Not to mention all the sheith and zaggar parallels that make no sense unless it was to show that, like zaggar, sheith is also romantic. 

But most of all, I think what really clinched it was the way Kuron teases, “How many times are you gonna have to save me before this is over?” and Keith’s tender, heartfelt, “As many times as it takes.” This idea that Keith will always be there to save Shiro, and that both are so unabashed in their admission of it–that Keith will always be there for Shiro no matter what–that’s love. 

And you know, I honestly thought ka/llura was much more likely before season 3. But now? I really don’t see it. Because if they were going to expand on Keith and Allura’s dynamic in a deeper, more intimate way, I feel like now would have been an opportune time to do so–what with all the pain and grief Keith’s going through and Allura’s first time flying a lion. If they were set up as love interests, I would expect them to anchor each other in this time of great upheaval. But that’s simply not the case. 

To be honest, I think the only episode that really felt like ka/llura to me was Hole in the Sky. But the interesting thing about that is–with the intro of Sven, it really feels like a homage to 80′s Voltron. And to me, it honestly seemed like they put ka/llura moments in this episode specifically because of that throwback. Their interactions feel in line with something you’d expect from Keith and Allura in previous incarnations of Voltron I think. And the character development we see for them here really feels like part of that nostalgia factor to me–Keith comforting Allura in quiet moments and giving her advice and things like that. 

But now, let’s talk about the only other time when I think Keith and Allura have a significant moment, because I do think it hints at love–but in a different direction. When everyone tries to comfort Keith at the end of the first episode, I think the other paladins really missed the mark. 

Lance, Pidge, Hunk–the rest of them talk about what Shiro means to them, and they do so in a way that’s very impersonal–he’s my hero, he’s a legend, he was a mentor. They all talk about Shirogane the paladin and star pilot, not Takashi the person. And none of them ever mention or stop to think about how Keith feels. If they were really trying to console him, they should’ve focused on that.

As someone who’s also suffered great loss, Allura understands this more than anyone. She’s the only one who actually says why Shiro’s so important to Keith, the only one who really reaches out and gets through to him. Shiro’s loss was deeply personal, an ache that will never heal. She knows this, knows that to Keith, Shiro is simply “irreplaceable.” 

And really, I think this moment was a heart-to-heart between the two of them, something that Keith really needed to hear. But it’s not about how Keith and Allura feel about each other, it’s Allura reaffirming that Shiro means the world to him. The conversation also isn’t private, it’s with friends, found family–which makes Allura seem more so part of that family rather than this just being about her and Keith. Compared to say–things like Kuron’s bedroom scene where the two are entirely alone and it feels much more intimate. 

There are other factors that contribute to this of course, like the dark lighting, extreme closeups, framing, Kuron’s haggard appearance and the fact that they’re both dressed down to emphasize that they’re allowing themselves to be vulnerable, the setting, context, Keith being the only one allowed at his bedside, ect–all of which make it feel more romantic

And in that sheith scene, again, Keith and Shiro reiterate how much they mean to each other. Allura and Keith never do this. And you know what? A character mourning the loss of someone they hold dear, someone they can’t move on from, and their friends coming together to talk them through it–it really gives you the sense Keith is mourning a lover. It’s a kind of intimate grief you usually see reserved for a love interest. 

I think the way Keith was so indifferent to Allura’s inexperience flying Blue also came across as extremely cold and callous if they’re supposed to be love interests. Like, if you want there to be romantic chemistry and yet you have all these scenes where Keith is outright ignoring Allura when she’s in trouble, that just doesn’t sit right with me. Even when they first lose Allura, Hunk says he’s going to get her, and Keith is mad about it. He literally groans and just tells the others to keep up. Allura’s struggling on her first day as a paladin, and Keith’s just annoyed with her. Compare this with any time Shiro’s in trouble, and you’ll notice an immediate difference. Shiro’s safety always comes before the mission for Keith, but he doesn’t really afford Allura or anyone else that luxury. And it’s just one of the many reasons why Keith and Shiro’s dynamic strikes me as romantic 

So again, Keith’s not the one who’s there for Allura when she needs them, but the other paladins are. To see Keith actually lose sight of the safety of his team over chasing Lotor–and to be entirely dismissive of Allura’s safety especially–again, it doesn’t read as a potential couple to me 

I think Allura and Lance however do have a lot of chemistry in season 3, and I feel like a lot of their scenes read as something along the lines of buildup to a future relationship. Lance is the one who Allura has a heart-to-heart with about her very personal connection to the Red lion and what it means to her–that easily could have been a conversation she had with Keith, but it wasn’t. And it’s Lance, not Keith, who vows to carry on Alfor’s legacy and not let him down–another Altean King in the making maybe? (And I mean by marriage of course, not the popular Altean Lance fanon). And “If I had to lose Blue to someone, I’m glad it was you,” sure seemed pretty romantic. Not to mention how he’s the one that really welcomes Allura to the team, not Keith

Allura also tells Lance what the significance of her pink armor is, which again, shows just how much she trusts him. She’s also the one who really encourages Lance to be the Red paladin and tell him just how important he is to the team. Then you have other little things here and there, like Allura stoping to ask herself What would Lance do? when What would Keith do? could’ve also been possible, given that he’s there leader and it makes sense to look to him for guidance. She acknowledges that Lance is a natural and clearly cares about him throughout season 3. And Lance was the one who really noticed how amazing Allura is when she’s fighting and he never bothers her with annoying flirting. If anyone was setup to be with Allura honestly, I think it’s Lance. 

Going back to sheith, I’ve already talked about it so much already which is why this was a bit more on ka/llura, but basically my point is–sheith was built up like a romantic relationship from season 1 until season 3, ka/llura was not. 

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12, 43, and 51 with spencer.

12. I’m pregnant.

Before getting pregnant, you thought that the stories you heard of getting random cravings in the middle of the night were total exaggerations.

But as you found yourself waking up at four o’clock in the morning with a strong desire for Froot Loops, you sighed in realization of how actual those stories had been.

Carefully climbing out of bed in hopes of not waking Spencer, you tiptoed your way into the kitchen and began to make your bowl of cereal as quietly as possible.

Once you were sat down at your dining table, enjoying the small bowl of cereal and mindlessly scrolling through your phone, you jumped in surprise at the groggy voice that came from behind you.

“Are you really awake and eating right now?”

I’m pregnant,” you mumbled around the spoon you had placed in your mouth, “Cut me some slack.”

Chuckling softly, Spencer came to sit opposite from you. His eyes still heavy with sleep and his hair messily sticking up in all different directions, you couldn’t help but smile in adoration.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” you felt bad knowing that Spencer was to be at work in a little over two hours.

“It’s okay,” Spencer shrugged, “I mean, I guess I should get used to it.”

Swirling your spoon around the milk that had become dyed with colors, you smiled thinking about the four o’clock mornings to come, full of feedings and diaper changes.

“Will you still want to sit up and eat Froot Loops with me at the crack of dawn when you’re sleep deprived and covered in baby puke?”

Reaching over to take a hand full of cereal from the box, Spencer popped a piece into his mouth, “As long as it’s with you, I would do it at any hour.”

43. Frost the damn cupcakes.

From the moment that he woke up, Spencer had been in an overly affectionate mood. On most days, you would have reveled in his love, but with it being the same day as Garcia’s surprise party, you found yourself too busy to properly enjoy his mood.

Standing in front of the two dozen cupcakes that had just finished cooling, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“Spencer,” you groaned, reaching for the piping bag you had previously laid out, “I need to get these decorated.”

“The party doesn’t start for another two hours,” his lips ghosted over your neck, “You still have time.”

“But I have to finish the cupcakes, and then get ready, and then we have to head over to Morgan’s place” your voice got softer and softer as Spencer’s lips trailed higher and higher up your neck.

Your resolve was beginning to weaken as Spencer hummed against your pulse point and spun you around to face him, however, you refused to give in.

“You know what I would love for you to do?” your lips grazed against his.

“What?” Spencer practically begged, bumping his nose against yours.

“I would love for you to…” your voice trailed off, knowing full well you were teasing him, “Frost the damn cupcakes.”

Taking the piping bag that you still held in your hand, you pressed it against Spencer’s chest and released yourself from his grip, quickly heading for the bathroom to get ready for the night, but not before you heard Spencer let out a frustrated groan.

51. I’m your husband. It’s my job.

“You were so over the line! That strike doesn’t count!”

The accusing tone that Penelope had pointed at Morgan was so serious that it had the whole team dissolved in laughter.

“I was not over the line, baby girl” Morgan smirked, sauntering back to his seat and crossing his arms behind his head, “In fact, I do believe that strike has put me in the lead.”

Prior to the start of this game, Penelope thought that wagering a bet on the last game of the night would make it a bit more interesting. The wager being that whoever was to get the highest score would get a round of drinks bought for them by whoever had the lowest score.  

Glancing up at the leaderboard that hung overhead, you giggled upon seeing that in the final frame of the game, Morgan had in fact taken the lead while poor Penelope was losing by a landslide in comparison to everyone else.

“Don’t get too cocky, Morgan,” Spencer teased from his seat next to you, “Y/N isn’t trailing too far behind you.”

Spencer was right, all you had to do was get a strike yourself and you would have beaten Morgan by two points.

“Well, it’s a good thing that it’s your girls turn” confidence dripped from Morgan’s voice as you came to pick up the bright orange bowling ball you had chosen for the night.

“You’re going down, Derek” you winked, earning a chorus of cheers from the rest of the team who wished to see Morgan lose a sports game for once.

Making your way up the alley, you chucked your ball down the lane and crossed your fingers as it rolled towards the pins. In a flurry, the pins toppled into each other one by one until none were left standing.

The entire team, excluding Morgan, leaped from their seats and cheered louder than they had before. Spencer darted towards you as you came to rejoice with them, wrapping his arm around your waist and lifting you off the ground.

A joyous laugh left your lips as he spun you around, “I didn’t think that you’d be this excited for me to win.”

“I’ll always be excited to watch you succeed,” Spencer beamed, “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

Cooing at the pride that Spencer showed to you, Penelope reached for her purse and a begrudging Morgan, “Alright, you lovebirds, let’s go get some drinks for our newest MVP!”

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Hey if you need a prompt to write I really like the idea of Lance with synesthesia. I find synesthesia reeeeeaaallly cool and it could make for some interesting stories. Also I live for langst and I've been going though your blog looking at your past stories and amazing cosplays like all day and you are like my new favorite person on tumblr. Hope that's not too creepy. ❤️


I had to do a lot of research on this so I hope I brought it justice. 

Slight Reference to Bullies 

Lance was around 6 when he realized that he didn’t see the world the same as everyone else. He saw things differently. He tasted things differently. He smelled things differently. 

Lance never talked about what he experienced until one day he told his mom that he didn’t like the word ‘Blue’ because it tasted weird. 

Lance didn’t quite understand why she laughed at him when he said that. Everyone can taste words right? 

Lance had never been more wrong in his life. 

After a few months of being picked on by his siblings and the laughing stock of his parents he was finally diagnosed. Synesthesia.

It wasn’t anything bad, just made him very different from other people. 

Lance didn’t mind, he simply started to learn what made him uncomfortable. 

The words Blue and Pineapple were a no go for him. It made his mouth feel weird and he was always had an awful taste in his mouth when he said them. 

The number 17 was always yellow. 14 was purple and 349 was vibrant pink. Lance didn’t mind the colors and numbers that much, only when the colors were with there right number. It would always make him slightly uncomfortable when he saw 17 in pink or 14 in green. It just wasn’t normal to him. 

The sensations that moved over his skin likes waves, were the worst. Everytime Lance smelled broccoli or raw meat his skin crawled. He couldn’t get it to stop until he was away from the smell. 


Lance grew used to bullies throughout his years in school. It didn’t take long for people to notice what made Lance uncomfortable. Once they did, they would use it against him. 

They would write numbers in the wrong color, they would trick Lance into saying blue, they would eat broccoli right next to him. 

Lance couldn’t escape it. Not even at the Garrison. 

Lance thanked every God under the sun that he got a understanding roommate, a boy named Hunk. Hunk was very supportive of him and tried to make Lance’s days as easy as possible. No broccoli or raw meat, no horrible words, no wrong color numbers. 


When Lance joined Voltron, he was faced with 5 new people that knew nothing of his situation. 

Lucky Lance never had to look at numbers but sometimes the food goo would smell a little too close to broccoli. Those meals were always the hardest for Lance, he couldn’t exactly get up and leave the table. 

Even when Lance was on Earth his mother would serve broccoli and tell Lance to suck it up when he started to shift in his seat and rub his arms. 

Of course Lance had to pilot the Blue lion, and he had to say the word ‘Blue’ more than he ever wanted. 


Lance eventually started to use his  synesthesia to his and the entire team’s advantage. He was able to remember certain passcodes due to the colors that he familiarized with certain numbers. He never knew the code perfectly but he would see pink in his head and know the number. 

Lance was also more creativity than his team so he found himself helping Pidge and Hunk come up with new machines. 


He still hadn’t opened up to his team (excluding Hunk) because of his fear of how they would treat him. However after living with the team for a few months he didn’t care what they thought or how they reacted. 

Lance entered the bridge where everyone was standing, Lance filled his lungs with oxygen and spoke loud and clear. “I have something to tell you all.” 

Sorry it took so long! 

I can see why you’re interested in this topic! Once I started to research I couldn’t stop <3 

I hope you like it!

Thank you <333

Also I’m happy that you like my blog! 

This Is Love: Part Five

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 3185

Warnings: swearing, mentions of alcohol

A/N: probably my favourite part so far and actually of the whole series

Part One   Part Two    Part Three    Part Four

’(Y/N) come on’ you hear Wanda whine from outside your bedroom door. ‘You have to come, it’s tradition. It’s not even like you have to go anywhere it’s inside the compound’. You roll your eyes and setting the book down you answer her irritating pleas. Swinging the door open you stand with your hands on your hips waiting for her to say something. Taking in your appearance, snuggled up in your fleecy pyjamas and beloved fluffy socks you see her wince slightly. 'You can even come in your pyjamas, no one will mind!’ She was trying to get you to come to the weekly session in which the whole team, obviously excluding Bucky and Steve, got drunk out of their minds and played a series of party games that almost always ended with someone dry humping another person’s leg. You’d decided to give it a miss this week, opting for a quiet night in with your favourite book due to your bad experience last time. Playing spin the bottle you had ended up kissing over half the team and Tony, probably not liking seeing his niece play tonsil tennis with most of his colleagues, started screaming at you all like you were kids and had even tried to send you to your room.

'I’m not going Wan leave me alone’ you’re about to swing to door shut again when she pushes it open and pins you against your wall.

'Now!’ she yells and Steve and Nat run in with handcuffs and a blindfold.

'What is this kinky shit?’ you scream to which they just roll their eyes and everything goes black. You let out a high pitched squeal which you don’t let up until they remove the blindfold and cuffs to see the team sat in a circle on the floor around a bunch of shot glasses and various bottles of high concentration alcohol. You hear the door lock behind you and glare at Wanda’s smug face. 'Urgh’ you moan as you sink down in the only available space. Right next to Bucky. Since your reconciliation you had been civil with each other. Hardly best friends but better than it was before by far and you smiled at each other when you sat down. 'Please don’t let me drink to much’ you whisper to Bucky who is smiling warmly at you. 'I just really don’t wanna do something I’ll regret. Ok?’ you ask and Bucky nods his head. 'Promise?’ you say in the same hushed tone holding out your pinky. He stares at it for while before realising what you want and wraps his own little finger around yours.

'I promise’ he says, echoing your whisper. He’s about to pull his finger away but you tighten your grip around it.

'No, no, no wait! We’ve gotta seal it’ you say and lean in to kiss your intertwined fingers. He seems stunned for a while before he himself presses his lips against your finger. You move away from each other and look around the circle to see everyone staring at you expectantly as if they’re waiting for you to suddenly be all over each other. 'Oh come on guys grow up!’ you sigh and Clint yells, probably to draw the attention away from you and Bucky to which you are silently thankful to him for,

'Alright let’s get this show on the road!’ before tipping his head back and downing the first shot of the night.

Bucky knows you’re way too drunk. He knows he broke his promise to you. But he also knows that when you get drunk you get giggly and ten times more hilarious than you are sober and he knows that it’s absolutely the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. You have an arm slung around his shoulders, laughing at Nat as she is dared to run around the common area completely naked and he can’t help but lean into your warmth and just pretend. Pretend that you’re his and he’s yours and that you love him back. He can’t help it but this is all his has after you unknowingly put him so far into the friend zone that he has the most minuscule chance of clawing himself back out. Now you’re too far gone with the drinks he feels that it’s a bit late to tell you to slow down so he acts as a support, propping you up when you press up against him to stay vertical, acting as your crutch when a dare requires you to stand up and laughing with you as you giggle hysterically at something that wasn’t even that funny.

Steve, the only other sober mind in the room looks at you and Bucky and can’t help but sigh. Both of you have been through so much and deserve happiness which he believes you’ll find with the other but the two of you are almost equally stubborn and neither would even consider confessing how you feel to each other. Hell, when he’d first tried to get anything out of Bucky about your relationship he had snapped, 'she’s too good for me ok? Way too good for me’, before storming out and slamming the door. So he waited and watched as the two of you grew ever closer and when he felt Bucky was ready, he initiated the conversation again. This time Bucky, in yet another fit of jealousy broke down. 'How can the universe hate me this much?’ he had sobbed. 'To give me love and to let me use it on a woman who’ll never love me back’. As much as it had broken his heart he knew he couldn’t tell you. For one you’d never believe him and two it would be a massive betrayal of his best friend’s trust.

'Ok, ok, ok, ok’ you mumble, your eyebrows furrowed and clearly deep in though over whether you’re going to pick truth or dare. 'Ummmmm’ Bucky can’t help the grin on his face as he watches you concentrate so hard it’s like you’re trying to solve a difficult math problem. 'Ok’ you say decisively. 'I’m gonna go with’ you drum roll on the floor before clapping loudly. 'Dare!’ Everyone whoops and looks at Sam who is the one to give you your dare.

'I dare you’ he slurs, pointing at you and frowning. 'To kiss’ he giggles and you feel yourself blushing, 'Bucky!’ Even in your drunken state you feel Bucky tense up next to you and you giggle again and look up at him. He’s blushing heavily, his heart hammering against his rib cage. He’s afraid that if he kisses you he’ll never be able to let you go. He’s afraid that on the off chance you remember what’s about to happen, you’ll never speak to him again out of embarrassment. His heart stops as he sees you begin nodding heavily.

'Mmkay’ you slur, knowing the forfeit would be something like giving him a lap dance or something. When the rest of the team cheer you turn to Bucky.

'Wait!’ you hear Nat shout. You look at her and she is grinning wickedly. 'You have to use tongues and it has to be five seconds long at least!’. You nod, too drunk to question it and position yourself on Bucky’s lap with your legs around his waist for ease of access. His hands move to your hips then your back to support you and you lean into his touch. You cup his face gingerly in both your hands, stroking his cheeks with your fingertips and then lean in, the second your lips meet sticking your tongue into Bucky’s mouth. The sound of the team counting and whooping is almost drowned out by the blood rushing in your ears as his tongue massages yours and you bite his lip, illiciting a low moan from him as his hands move to the back of your head, holding you in place. Your hands do the same and you begin gently pulling his hair, making the kiss deeper still. Your lips move in perfect sync and you hum contentedly then release a desperate moan making you blush in embarrassment but you don’t pull away. It feels like you’ve been lip locked for hours and your lungs start to burn, begging for air. You find it in yourself to pull away, gasping as you do and looking deeply into Bucky’s eyes, now darker with lust, his hands moving to grip your bum. Your face almost splits in two with a toothy grin and he copies this, pressing his forehead to yours and enjoying the feeling of holding you in your arms even if it is only temporary. This thought pulls him back to reality and he looks past you at the team, all staring wide eyed with their jaws hitting the floor. You slide off of his lap and land with a thud on the floor next to him looking around innocently.  

'Ok who’s going next?’ You ask, ignoring the stunned looks on the team’s faces and Bucky, now shifting uncomfortably to better position himself to hide the bulge slowly growing in his jeans, and pretending like nothing had happened.

'And then’ you whisper to Bucky, giggling at nothing, 'and then. Oh no!’ You exclaim and Bucky reacts immediately, tilting your face upwards so you’re looking at him and searching for the reason for your shout.

'What? (Y/N) what’s wrong?’ he questions, panicking slightly. You shake your head, frowning and then shrug.

’S'okay I just forgot my story’ you huff in disappointment. 'It was really funny I promise’ you insist, shaking his arm agitatedly.

'Ok I believe you’ he says, laughing at your pointless concern. The two of you are in your own little bubble, gripping each other as you heave with laughter or as Bucky stares in wonder at you as you get lost in another story that’s going nowhere. Steve, or Captain as you all called him when you got drunk, had told the others to give you some space and told the team to get on with their game. Of course they listened, you all get this strange idea when intoxicated that Steve has all the authority and you have to do exactly what he says. No one knows why but it seems to be like an unspoken rule that will have dire consequences if you don’t obey.

'Bucky?’ you question, a high pitched tone of curiosity in your voice. Bucky, already smiling from your voice alone, almost can’t wait for the question you’re about to come out with.

'Yes doll?’

'Are we, did you ummm’ you begin several questions before frowning again. 'Oh shoot I’ve forgotten. No! No I haven’t I remember. Did you, like, um, enjoy the kiss? Even though it was a dare and it totally doesn’t matter if you didn’t but I did so I was just wondering you know?’ His heart swells at your question and drunken admission that you did in fact enjoy kissing him. Desperate to make you happy but also to be absolutely truthful to you, he takes your hands in his.

'Doll I’d do it again in a heartbeat’. His words make your cheeks flush furiously and look down at your intertwined hands. You feel the alcohol clouding your mind but you let it.

'Well then, what’s stopping you?’ You question, almost in a whisper, looking up at him through your eyelashes. His eyes widen perceptibly and he almost laughs in disbelief. Leaning forwards his lips again make contact with yours, the kiss softer this time, less sloppy and wet. His hand move up to cup your cheek and you smile against his lips. Pulling away you look into his eyes, a soft smile on your face right before you pass out into his lap.

Your eyes open slowly, squinting as they adjust to the light. You try to sit up but immediately ditch that idea as your head feels like it’s being split in two. All you remember was Bucky promising not to let you drink too much and you silently curse him. 'Some promise’ you mumble to yourself, trying to push your tangled hair out of your eyes.

'What was that?’ you hear a familiar voice and your blood runs cold. You look up the tiniest bit and see a very almost naked Bucky walking towards you with a glass of water and what looks like two aspirin in his hands. Your mouth falls open and you groan.

'Oh my god we did not fuck!’ you say, as loudly as your hangover will let you.

'No we did not 'fuck’, you passed out on me so I carried you to bed. I tried getting you to your room but without your voice to unlock it I wasn’t getting in’.

'And did you sleep in the same bed?’ He smiles amusedly.


'And did we, like, cuddle and shit?’ At this his smile becomes oddly calm, like he’s remembering his fondest memory.

'We did’. At this you retch and Bucky looks hurt. You’d actually just smelt the large amount of vodka consumed last night on your pyjamas and you sit up, ignoring the headache and pelting to his bathroom where you bend over his toilet and heave. When he realises what’s happening he is soon at your side, holding your hair back with his metal hand and rubbing small circles on your back with the other. Finally finished you sit back, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and wincing. 'You can use my toothbrush if you want’ Bucky offers. 'And here’ he says, tossing you one of his shirts, 'wear this so you don’t make yourself sick again’.

'Thanks. Are you sure? I’ll get your toothbrush all sicky’.

'I’ll get a new one’ he shrugs before leaving you in his bathroom, you assumed to get dressed.

Stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but Bucky’s shirt, which reaches to your mid thigh, with his toothbrush in your mouth you pull your hair up and point to it, indicating that you need a hair tie. A smile lights up his face, being overcome with joy as he takes in the sight of you in his shirt having just spent the night in his bed and he feels around for one without taking his eyes off of you, finally finding one and handing it to you. You turn back around to finish brushing your teeth and minutes later step out again, still a mess but needing something to eat. 'Breakfast?’ He asks as if reading your mind and you nod.

'Wait Bucky’ you command.

'What? Are you ok?’

'I’m fine just’ you pause. 'Did I do anything last night that would mean getting laughed at by everyone today?’ Wanting to spare your feelings and hoping no one else remembers he shakes his head. You breathe a sigh of relief and head down, Bucky following close behind.

'Hey you’ Wanda greets you over enthusiastically and you frown a little at her strange behaviour.

'Hey?’ You reply, heading over to the cupboards, Bucky getting your bowl and cereal and then propping himself up against the counter watching your every movement like he’s trying to memorise everything you do.

'Oh my god you don’t remember’ Wanda says giggling. Your heart stops and you look at Bucky. He looks guilty. 'Nat she doesn’t remember!’  She yells making you wince.

'Hey enough with the yelling. Some people get hangovers in this place’ you hiss, rubbing your head. Nat runs in stopping next to Wanda and looking almost greedily at you, it’s kinda terrifying.

'You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?’ She questions. You shake your head.

'I remember Bucky promising me that he wouldn’t let me drink too much’ you throw a playful glare at Bucky who still looks like he’s killed a man. 'Ok what’s going on?’ You turn to face the girls who are about to explode with excitement.

'You don’t remember feeling anything? Even if it’s not something that happened just a feeling’ Nat asks and you frown, forcing yourself to remember something.

'I remember this tingling feeling in my stomach, and being incredibly turned on’ you state honestly. Bucky coughs, no more like chokes, at this and you look at him confused. Nat and Wanda are now giggling messes.

'A tingling feeling means’ Wanda says, pausing for effect, 'you really, really, really like someone! But who could it be?’ She says, obviously already knowing.

'I don’t know Wanda, who?’ You sigh. Nat runs over to you, pulling out her phone and getting a video up. You hear Bucky mumble 'oh no’ under his breath but ignore him as Nat presses play. You watch Sam dare you to kiss Bucky and you almost have a heart attack. Then you watch as you mount Bucky, grinding your hips against his crotch as you groan into a very, very intimate kiss, as he moans too. You feel your face getting hotter by the second as a kiss that was only dared to last five ended up lasting more like thirty seconds. Hold up, Bucky was sober. He knew what was happening. Your mouth falls open as you watch him kiss you again, this time not even for a dare and then you pass out. You look up from the screen, staring at Bucky with wide eyes. He’s blushing heavily too and you feel something, butterflies you think, erupt in your stomach. He’s just as embarrassed as you are, maybe he’d be just as willing to forget. Ignoring the butterflies you pull him into a tight hug and press your lips to his ear. 'I get it’ you whisper. 'It was a dare. Let’s just forget about it, kay?’ He nods when you pull away still blushing and you look at Wanda and Nat. 'It was just a game guys get over it’ you roll you eyes at them, trying to brush this of casually.

'Yeah but the second time-’

'Just a game’ you cut Wanda off, desperate to cover your feelings.

’(Y/N) he was completely sober he knew exactly what was happening and he enjoyed it! Doesn’t that say something?’ Wanda almost pleads to your turned back as you walk away leaving Bucky behind feeling more embarrassed than ever at Wanda’s last comment. As you walk away Nat looks at your outfit and almost screams. She waits until you’re out of earshot before she launches at Bucky with questions.

'Why was she wearing your shirt? I didn’t show her that video of you hiding your boner to spare her do you want me to go show her? Hm? Did you sleep with our best friend?’ She shouts and Bucky winces, wanting to go back to his room and never emerge.

'Hell no’ he huffs, looking at his feet. 'I’ll never be that lucky’. This was a mumble. It was only supposed to be heard by himself. But when he hears the squeal of the girls he knows he’s fucked up. He’d just told your two best friends that he wanted to have sex with you. 

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jenbrait1415  asked:

Do you think you can do #12 with Pietro?

12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”- Pietro Maximoff

Once again you’d been dragged to one of Stark’s parties, something about showing a united front, and your protests had got you nowhere. So here you were, leant against the bar downing drink after drink, not that it could actually get you drunk anyway. You had advanced healing, meaning your metabolism just burnt straight through the alcohol, however it had its perks, such as allowing you to save the life of a certain Speedster. Since the battle against Ultron, and you saving Pietro’s life, the two of you had become incredibly close friends, even Wanda seemed to have opened up to you. However you being the idiot you were had begun falling for the Sokovian at an alarming rate, something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the majority of the team, excluding the Speedster himself who seemed completely oblivious to how you felt. Finishing of your drink you scanned the room, looking for signs of either Maximoff twin, just someone to keep you company. “Hello Y/N.” Wanda’s accented voice rang out from beside you, snapping your gaze over to her. “Hey Wanda.” You smiled half-heartedly. “He will be here in a moment.” She smirked, causing you to blush and avert your gaze back to your hands that were wrapped around the empty glass. “Good evening ladies.” A deep voice purred from beside you, turning your head you were met with bright green eyes and a handsome face. Smiling slightly you nodded your head in recognition. “Clark.” He smiled, holding a hand out for you. “Y/N.” You replied, “And this is my friend Wanda.” You murmured gesturing to the female Maximoff. “Well it’s lovely to meet the both of you, care to join me for a drink?” His smooth voice asked, signalling to the bartender. “I’ve just gotta go see Nat, but Y/N would love to.” Wanda smiled, sending a wink your way. “Just a F/D please.” You smiled. Maybe this would be your chance to get over your feelings for Pietro, you might as well try anyway. “So Y/N, boyfriend? Husband?” Clark asked, scrunching his nose up, making you giggle. “No, no boyfriend, and definitely no husband.” You chuckled, pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Their loss.” He smirked, leaning in closer.

3rd Person POV

As soon as Pietro had entered the room in which Stark’s party was being held, his eyes scanned the room for any sign of you. Noticing you sat at the bar he went to run over to you when he saw a dark haired man leaning in close. His stomach twisted painfully and a small growl came from his throat. “Everything okay brother?” Wanda’s voice rang from his side. “Who is that with Y/N?” He asked, trying to keep his tone calm and failing. “His name is Clark and he’s a delight.” Wanda smiled, knowing how much this would annoy her brother. “Hmmph.” Pietro huffed, crossing his arms tightly across his chest. “I don’t like him, he’s not good enough for her.” Pietro growled, furrowing his brow. “Then who is brother.” Wanda murmured before walking away, hopefully this would give him the push he needed to tell her how he felt, thought Wanda.


Clark was great, but he was no Pietro. That was all you could think as the good looking man in front of you continued spouting off about one story or another. Speak of the devil, Pietro’s telltale trail zoomed past, a gust of wind following him. “So Y/N, my place is only one block away, care to join me?” Clark purred. “Um…” You murmured, but before you could even give an answer, Clark was gone, only a blue trail left behind. Looking to where the trail lead you followed it around a corner and to an empty corridor, where Pietro was holding Clark up by his lapels, dangerously close to his face. “Piet?” You murmured, walking closer to the pair. At the sign of your voice Pietro dropped Clark to the ground and span round to look at you, the anger dispersing from his eyes. Looking over the two men you could see Clark was sporting a black eye, and Pietro’s knuckles were slightly bloody. “Come on.” You murmured, grabbing Pietro by the arm and dragging him to your room.

As you at the blonde Sokovian down on your bed you grabbed your first aid kit and began patching up his knuckles. “What on earth were you thinking?” You asked, wrapping a bandage around his hand. “You don’t deserve to be spoken to that way.” He mumbled, avoiding your eyes. “Wait a minute. Were you jealous?” You asked, standing back slightly. “Pffft, no.” He grumbled, looking at the ground. “You were weren’t you.” You grinned, stepping in between his legs and gently pushing his face up, so he was looking at you. “Okay maybe but…” He began babbling before you crashed your lips against his. “It’s only you Piet. It’s only ever been you.” You murmured against his lips as his arms wrapped around your waist. “I love you.” He sighed as your hands knotted in his hair. “I love you too, you gigantic idiot.” You giggled.

quinifer  asked:

Could I give you or anyone a prompt. No one has to write it it was only an Idea but the Voltron team excluding lance in hiding somewhere and they end up kidnapping lance and he just ends up joining their cause whatever it is.

Ohhhh, I had to changed it slightly (sorry) 

I hope you still like it!

“Alright everyone before this mission I’m going to split you all into groups. You must stay in these groups throughout the entire mission. Do I make myself clear?” Allura’s voice echoed throughout the room and everyone nodded in response. 

Allura smiled and started to say the groups. “Now unfortunately we have an odd number so the groups won’t be even but I’m sure everything will be fine. Pidge you will be with Hunk.” 

Lance watched his two friends high five each other and he felt a small pit form in his stomach. Great I’m going to be put with Keith. 

Allura smiled at the two friends and looked at the remaining three paladins. “Keith you will be with Shiro.” 

Keith looked at Shiro and gave him a small smile and Shiro grinned at the boy. Lance felt crushed, I’m going to be alone during this mission? 

“Now Lance I know you probably feel weird because you’ll be all by yourself but you will be sniping from a distance, away from the fight. Keeping your team safe while they go into the base and take it down from the inside. Fun right? You are our sharpshooter after all.” Allura smiled at Lance and Lance forced a smile onto his face. 

“Ye-yeah sounds helpful.” Lance made his way to his lions, ignoring everyone happy chatter with each other. 


Lance was bored, the fight was in the base not outside the base. Man this sucks. Why was I put on this job? Is it because I have the gun? Hunk also has a gun why couldn’t he had done this? Well Allura did call me the sharpshooter after all, but I’m not much of the sharpshooter if I can’t shoot anyone. Lance sighed and rolled on his back, staring at the leaves on the trees he was sitting under. I really am the 7th wheel. 

By the time Lance heard the twig snap it was already too late and he felt pain explode on the back of his head and darkness consumed him. 


Lance woke up with a blindfold over his eyes and his arms tied behind his back. Lance released groaned as he picked his head up. Jeez they didn’t have to hit me that hard. 

Lance heard voices surrounding him and the blindfold was tugged off his face. Bright lights blinded Lance and he found himself squinted as he attempted to focus on who was talking around him. 

“About time you woke up Blue paladin.” A rough voice cut through Lance’s throbbing headache. 

“Well sorry I didn’t wake up quicker, maybe next time you should talk to me instead of hitting me in the head.” Lance’s eyes finally adjusted to the light and he came face to face with aliens that looked like trees, well trees standing 4 feet tall. He was surrounded by at least a dozen or more of these aliens and Lance couldn’t hold back his laughs. “Oh my goodness, you look like groot.” Lance kept laughing despite the fact that all of the aliens look at him with confusion and a few even looked pissed at him. 

“What is a groot?” The rough voice that spoke to Lance earlier broke through Lance’s laughs. 

Lance kept laughing and managed to explain himself. “It’s from a movie, he’s a tree person, he’s pretty cool.” 

The aliens looked at Lance with more confusion but eventually dropped the topic. “Well I do not know what a movie is but I am Rožun and I apologize for hitting you.” Lance looked at the alien, now know as Rožun and smiled. His leaves were a bright blue and it reminded Lance of the ocean. 

“Well it’s nice to meet you and I accept your apologize but why did you hit me Rožun?” Lance made sure to emphasis his name since making these aliens mad reminded him of his siblings when he walked into their rooms. 

“Well we didn’t know who you were, and you had your gun aimed at one of our sacred trees so we panic. Yet after we tied you up we realized that you were a paladin of Voltron.” Rožun gave Lance a meek smile and Lance laughed. 

“You are just too cute, but can you just untie me?” Lance wiggled his arms and the vines binded him disappeared with a snap from Rožun. 

Lance rubbed his wrist and crossed his legs on the floor, looking at all of the aliens. “So what are you all called? Like your species?” 

“We call ourselves Heovnenee’s and we are the original inhabitants of this planet, not the Galra.”  As soon as that left Rožun mouth, every other Heovnenee in the room stomped their feet in agreement. 

“That’s what we were here for! We, well my team was in the base fighting the Galra and clearing them from your planet.” Lance gave a small smile to the Heovnenee but they all saw how forced to was. 

Everyone gave Lance a confused look, “why weren’t you in the base with your team?” A small Heovnenee spoke up, and Lance admired her bright green leaves. 

“Well I was assigned to snipe out any Galra that escaped the base, yet Galra aren’t the type of species to run during a fight. Plus I can’t help my team a lot, I don’t have a lot of skills. I’m just the sharpshooter but I couldn’t use that skill for this mission.” Lance gave the little girl a small smile but they all gave him sympathetic looks. 

“You don’t feel respected in your team?” Rožun asked, reaching out to touch Lance’s knee. 

“No no no I feel repestceted, I just feel not needed at times.” Lance’s smile fell and he felt a lump in his throat. 

Everyone was quiet and Lance could tell that each Heovnenee was thinking about what Lance said. 

“You should join us, we could really use a sharpshooter like you.” Rožun said and everyone nodded in agreement. 

Lance laughed, “what do you even do?” 

Rožun smiled, “we fix things. We build things, we make peace with other nations. We are finding our own ways to destroy the Galra. We visit other planets and learn from them, we master skills. We sneak into bases and destroy them from the inside out, we may pull assassinations on important members of certain species.” 

Lance raised his eyebrows in fascianation, “well you are all very well rounded.” 

Rožun nodded, “you should join us Blue paladin, we need a sharpshooter. You could join us when we go into bases and attack from the inside.” 

Lance shook his head no “I can’t leave my team, they need me.” 

The Heovnenee’s all gave Lance a confused look. “If they need you, why would they make sure you couldn’t participate in the mission? If you want the job done well you don’t let anyone escape the base.” The same little girl from before spoke up again. 

Lance laughed in agreement but stood up, his height making him tower over the Heovnenee. “Look everyone, I appreciate the offer but I’m not leaving my team. I have to big of a mission just leave. I’m part of Voltron after all! Plus this is the first time I’ve been excluded from a base raid before, it won’t happen again.Now how to I get back to my team?”  Lance looked around the room. 

Rožun sighed and quickly told Lance the direction back to the base and Lance nodded and started to exit the room. “Oh, Blue paladin? If you ever change your mind, please come back. You could help us greatly.” 

Lance looked at Rožun and smiled again, “I’ll keep that in mind!” Lance made his way back to his team, knowing they were concerned about him just leaving.

Sorry for changing it!

After writing this I realized I low key based them off the aliens Pidge meet in season 2 :/

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! <3

Different Feelings

Request: Hey i have a request here! I have been trying to find this one everywhere but i cant seem to find it lol. So reader (close friend of the avengers) is crushing on steve and steve also has mixed feelings for her and then there’s sharon who makes it a love triangle and shit.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: First of all, I’m so sorry for being inactive for the past week. School took a big toll on me and I’m trying to find more time to write. Secondly, to the person who requested this, I’m sorry it took literally forever to write it, but I hope you enjoy. Happy reading!

You were sure Steve liked you the way you liked him. He offered to take the late shift just to keep you company while you filed reports, made you coffee in the morning when he didn’t have to get up early, and sent you flowers from time to time. His gestures made you feel like a kid on Christmas. Tony had started to tease you about your crush on Steve, but you didn’t deny it. 

In fact, you were so sure that you planned to talk to Steve right as you entered the tower. 

It was fairly quiet with the exception of Sam and Bucky playing video games in the common room. You waved at them and made your way over to Steve’s room. 

You knocked and waited. 

“Oh, hey, Y/N,” Steve said as he saw you standing. You grinned at him.

“Hey. So, I’ve meaning to ask you this. Um, we spend a lot of time together -”

“Can this wait until tomorrow?” Steve asked. “I’m sort of running a little behind schedule.” 

“Oh, yeah, of course! If you don’t mind me asking, where are you headed off to?”

“A date,” said Steve. 

You did a double take. “A what?”

“A date.” Steve awkwardly smiled and tried to walk past you. You gave him a weak grin in return and stepped out of his way and watched as he left. 

Steve left and Bucky stood in front of you,

“Y/N, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he said, putting his hands on your shoulders. You chuckled and gently removed his hands. 

“Something like that,” you said, swelling back a painful sob. 

“Do you happen to know where Steve went? He left without saying anything,” Bucky asked.

You sighed. “He’s going out on a date.” 

Bucky raised his eyebrow. He wasn’t surprised that Steve was dating. He was surprised that the person he was going on a date wasn’t you. For the past couple of weeks, Steve couldn’t stop talking about you. It came to the point where Bucky had to physically move away from Steve, otherwise the conversation would end up being out you. 

He figured you were just as confused. Bucky suspected you liked Steve too, but wasn’t sure. He avoided asking you and did so again. 

“Do you happen to know who he went out with?” You gave a defeated shrug and walked past Bucky into your room where you cried yourself to sleep. 

The next two weeks were torturous. You didn’t see Steve all that much because if he wasn’t training or on missions, he was out with his mystery date. 

It wasn’t that much of a mystery: it was Sharon Carter. 

You had woken up one morning feeling refreshed. But as soon as you walked into the common room, your heart dropped. Sharon was by Steve’s side and his arm was circled around her waist. He gave her a peck on the lips and your eyes threatened to spill tears. Abruptly, you turned around and headed back to your room, sending Tony a text to tell him you weren’t feeling very well. 

He put two and two together when you refused to go anywhere involving Steve, Sharon, or the two of them together. Tony obviously knew about your affinity for Steve, but he didn’t know it hurt you this badly to see him with Sharon. Every time you came into the room and they happened to be there, Sharon would put her lips on Steve and he wouldn’t push her off. Tony saw the sad look on your face as you tried to forget the event you had witnessed. 

You worked harder than ever, trained harder, and became harsher when talking to Steve. You didn’t talk to him unless you had to, and you hated whenever you needed to. The team noticed your usual bright self was replaced by someone that could easily be described as the female version of Captain America when he was angry or barking out orders. The only difference was this side of you ever seemed to end. 

You had had enough of seeing the person you were willing to give everything to be with another women constantly. 

“Tony, we need to talk,” you said one Friday night. It was late and everyone was asleep, but you knew Tony would still be up. 

“Sure, what’s up?” he asked, grateful that you had chosen to talk to somebody on the team after days of isolating yourself. 

“I want to move out of the tower.” 

Tony stopped breathing for a moment. “You want to what?”

“I want to move out. I’m not happy here.” 

“Why aren’t you happy?” 

You have him a dumbfounded look. “I was so close to giving Steve everything I had to offer, but he chose Sharon. I can’t stay to look at that every day. Part of moving on includes seeing less of Steve and moving out is the perfect way to do it. I’ve found a nice apartment that I can afford. I’ve already put my name down and it’s mine. All I need to do is pick up the key,” you explained. 

Tony dropped his eyes. You were the person who kept him happy most times after missions and the thought of you being gone made his stomach churn. 

“Y/N, please…,” 

“Tony, this is really hard for me as it is. Please let me go,” you pleaded. He could see the desperation in your eyes and was reluctant to let you leave, but knew it would be better for your health and your performance on missions if you didn’t focus on Steve and Sharon. 

“Okay. I’ll still be seeing you around here, right?” 

You cracked a small smile. “Of course. I’m still on the team, just not living here.” 

Tony nodded and you smiled, returning to your room. 

The next morning, you had a heart-to-heart conversation with the team (excluding Steve who was out with Sharon) about your decision. 

“You can’t and you won’t. Nope,” Clint said. “Who’s gonna help me prank everyone?” 

“Clint, I’m sorry,” you said. 

“Y/N, please don’t go. Steve is an asshole, but you aren’t,” said Natasha. “You’re my best friend.”

“And you’re mine. Me moving out won’t change that, okay?” Natasha wanted to argue, but didn’t. 

“You’re hurt,” Wanda said. She couldn’t help but hear the thoughts of others if the emotion was strong enough. You nodded. “I’m sorry. I wish I could take that away. Please be safe, okay?” 

You nodded and the team had to accept that they were only going to be able to see you for work. You cheery self won’t grace the halls, your music would no longer be heard from your room, and the smell of scones baking in the morning would be gone. 

“We love you a whole bunch,” Wanda said. “Please remember that.”

It had been three weeks since you moved out and an overall month and a half since Steve and Sharon started to date. He hadn’t taken notice of you out of the tower, but he had noticed you no longer talked to him like you used to. Dating Sharon wasn’t really part of his plan, but it happened. Originally, he thought that if he was seen with another woman, you would proclaim your love for him, confirming his thoughts about you liking him. 

But this plan seemed to go south the minute he brought Sharon into the tower in his arms. Not only did you stop talking to him, he didn’t know how to get out of the situation he put himself in. Sharon wasn’t a toy and he knew that. He felt bad for using her the way he did, but he couldn’t back out. 

“Hey, team,” Sharon greeted. The members gave small hellos. “Is there any chance I could spend the night? I’m too tired to drive.” 

“Can’t you have Steve -” Tony started, but Steve cleared his throat. “Okay, fine. You can take Y/N’s old room. You know where it is.” Sharon nodded and left.

Steve quirked an eyebrow. “What do you mean ‘Y/N’s old room’?” 

“You mean, you don’t know?” Bucky asked. “You mean to tell me you haven’t noticed Y/N hasn’t been up early in the morning or that all of her stuff is gone?” 

“No, I hadn’t noticed that.” 

“Unbelievable,” said Bucky. “For someone who loved Y/N so much, you sure treated her like shit.” Steve winced. Bucky didn’t swear often and when he did, it meant he was angry. 

“She’s been out for three weeks,” Natasha said with a sad voice. “Can’t believe you didn’t know.” 

“I-I’ve been with Sharon and -”

“Oh, we know,” Tony snapped. “I want her out tomorrow morning, by the way,” Tony said as he left. 

Steve went to bed feeling like his heart had been trampled on. Had he really lost you? Was his pride too big to see the bigger picture? Steve cursed for putting himself in this mess and not asking you out earlier. Bucky knew how much he loved you and it confused Steve, too, as to why he asked Sharon out. Maybe he had some unresolved feelings towards Sharon because of Peggy. All he could think about when he was with her was Peggy, but all he could think about when he was with you was how much of an incredible woman you were. You didn’t take anything from anyone (other than orders) and you always held you head high. 

Steve decided losing you wasn’t worth it. He decided that in the morning, he would tell Sharon things between them aren’t working. He decided he’d show up on your doorstep, tell you how much he loves you, and convince you to move back into the tower.

“Absolutely not,” Tony said when Steve asked him to give him your address. 

“Why not?” 

“Steve, she literally moved out because of you. Why would she was you to show up at her apartment?” Steve felt a pang in his heart. 

“What more do I have to do? I broke things off with Sharon and I realise what I did was stupid and careless. I love Y/N.”

“She doesn’t think that. Y/N is like a daughter to me and you broke her heart,” Tony said, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Then let me make it right. Let me tell her she’s the only person I want to share my everything with. She’s the person I was to see first in the morning. She’s the person I want to create memories with. Please.” Steve’s voice cracked at the end and Tony sighed. He knew you didn’t want to be bothered with Steve, but he knew how Steve got when he was passionate about something. He had seen him love and care for his country and it was the same compassion he shared with you. 

“Do not make me regret this, Rogers.” Tony gave him your address and Steve jumped for joy hugging Tony in the process. “Yeah, yeah. If you break her heart again, you’re no longer an Avenger.” 

Steve shouted “thank you” once again as he ran down the hallway, on his way to meet you.

You were enjoying a cup of coffee when you heard the doorbell ring. You opened the door and saw Steve standing there and immediately tried to close it. 

“No, wait!” he said. “Please let me talk.”

“How’d you find me? Never mind, don’t answer that question. I’m kicking Tony’s ass and resigning from the team just because he did that,” you grumbled, trying to close the door again. 

“Y/N, you mean so much to me. Please don’t go,” he begged. You crossed your arms.

“I mean so much to you? Bucky told me you loved me, but you started dating Sharon. What a great way to show how much I mean to you.” 

“I broke things off with her. I don’t love her, I love you.” 

“That’s rich. You’ll probably use me like you used her.” 

Steve’s eyes dropped and he was thinking of things to say, but nothing seemed right. 

“Look, what I did was stupid. I thought seeing me with her would make you jealous and confront me about your feelings, but I was wrong. Tony and Bucky made me see that. I miss you.” 

And just like that, all of your unresolved feelings came rushing back. 

“Steve, I can’t just -”

“Yes you can,” he interrupted. “You mean a lot to me. I’ve never been good with women, but I swear to God that you’re the only woman I have eyes for. I want to be there on your happiest and on your darkest days. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be the reason you believe in the world.” 

Your body felt numb. Steve hesitantly reached his hand out to cup your cheek and rubbed your skin with the pad of his thumb when you didn’t flinch. 

“Please,” he whispered. “Give me a second chance.” 

“This is your last one,” you said. “Please don’t break my heart.” 

“I wouldn’t dare.” 

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sometimes I forget and wonder why I ship sasusaku and then I rewatched naruto...I miss genin team 7!!there were so many moments between sasuke and sakura!

What do you really mean, anon? You wonder? And only prt 1 does it for you? Sighs~ Yes, SasuSaku may have been a little bit darker in prt 2; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have any moments.

We have had Sakura having researched more things about Sasuke in order to help him. Which debunks the theory of Sakura just staying with her arms crossed and doing nothing unlike Naruto who supposedly was the only one that did things for him like how sns fans say:

We have had Sakura gain more courage then she already had to fight a dangerous akutski member because of Sasuke which debunks the theory of Sakura’s love for Sasuke making her weak:

We have Sakura defending Sasuke from being badmouthed by Sai when he insulted him without him knowing anything about him:

We have Sasuke calling out to Sakura when she hasn’t even noticed/or seen him yet:

We have Sasuke acknowledging the bonds he once had with both Naruto and Sakura:

We had the new Sasuke slightly hesitate his defense mode when it came to Sakura. Naruto wasn’t even attacking him and he aimed to kill him. He also didn’t hesitate to electrocute all team Kakashi members while excluding Sakura in doing so:

We have Sakura thinking about him under the same moon of the day of their separation, like Kishi called it. Kishi drew that. No one else:

We have Sasuke thinking about Sakura and team 7 when he was on the border of death, confirming the fact that he still actually cared about her/them:

We have Naruto reassuring Sasuke’s return by foreshadowing and thus confirming that he will bring him back. And we have a minor moment of Tazuna assuming Sasuke left because Naruto and Sasuke fought over Sakura lol:

We have Sakura willing to take down Sasuke because of his crimes because she loves him and doesn’t want him to sink into darkness any further:

We have Sasuke reading Sakura to see whether she’s telling the truth or not about joining him instead on instantaneously killing her from afar like he did with Karin. And we have him knowing she was a medic Ninja despite not seeing her in a long time(with that,revealing he kept tabs on her and village):

We have Sakura remembering the real Sasuke that was grateful for her love for him, which prevented her from proceeding further with her task:

We have more foreshadowing that everything will be like it once were, therefore reconfirming Sasuke’s return:

We have Sakura’s love for him not wavering no matter what:

We have Sasuke ignoring Naruto because he is to busy looking at Sakura and Saying her name after she called out to him, even tho she only did it after Naruto:

We have Sasuke ignoring Kiba/and others and only answering why he was there when Sakura asked him questions:

We have Sasuke looking at her, paying attention to what she is saying about her power while she is talking:

We have Sakura remembering how Sasuke and Nardo protected her:

We have Sasuke acknowledging getting turned on by her strength: 

We have Sasuke being the first to save her from larger clones. And we have him telling Naruto to not drag him and Sakura down, further to show him acknowledging Sakura’s strength:

We have Sasuke being all awkward yet casually talking to Sakura, caring to know how she got where she was:

We have Kakashi remembering Sasuke blushing at Sakura. This was after his prt one self said he didn’t like anything and only lived to focus on revenge:

We have Sakura’s feelings confirmed to be stronger than ever. And we have Kakashi & Sakura trying to figure out Sasuke & Sasuke being all tense about it while not being able to look at Sakura in the eye(poor awkward baby):

We have Sasuke being worried about her without her knowing,and him being the first to move when seeing her in danger:

We have Sakura saving Sasuke’s fine ass. And we have Sasuke eye smexing Sakura while holding her close to his chichis chest for support(points for chemistry *sighs in admiration*):

We have Sasuke telling the worried waifu where he is:

We have Sasuke exchanging looks with Sakura (I bet she’s remembering all that eyesex he gave her and he’s like: “Fuck. I did that”) :

We have Sasuke turning his head and telling Naruto that they can’t fight right there(you know because Sakura is right there). And we got panel focus on Sasuke and Sakura (making the moment more dramatic to what it means to both of them, heh thanks kishi):

We have Sasuke hearing her words and Kishimoto writing through Sakura that that “thank you” meant that she had a place in his heart:

We have Sasuke recalling the same words he told her during her first confession with a half broken smile(paralleling/recalling the time when he first left the village):

We have Sasuke admitting to putting Sakura under genjutsu so she wouldn’t get in the way of their fight and thus get hurt or killed:

We have Sasuke saying that “going back to the things used to be” meant “playing at romance” with Sakura even tho Sakura never mentioned anything about “romance”. Which means he thinks that going back for “him” would mean playing at romance with Sakura. And we also have him trying to brush of any feeling or place of her in his heart(like Sakura said & Kishi wrote) by trying to convince Kakashi that he was long gone and that he thought that if there was no logic in love there was no point in having it/or wanting it:

We have Kakashi being like: “bruh only you are talking about romance when talking about coming back you little shit. And logic is only needed when it comes to hating a person you little shit. She only wants to save you, you romantic little shit. Because she suffers from loving you, you little shit.” And then we have Sasuke attentively shook that Sakura hurts because of how much she loves him.:

We have Sasuke being so shook that he started admitting and relating/comparing Sakura’s strong love for him to that of his for his family. And we have him saying that just like the bonds and future that could have been with his family, her love is a failed past of love that couldn’t be because of the circumstances they were both put in(him for the most part). He admits that, yes, there’s a past. Admits that there was a past that held a future. But it was a failed one(or at least that’s what he thinks). It’s like back then, during the chunnin exams, right in that moment not “even” that tie that he had/has with her(and that he is trying so hard to deny) is going to blind him from his goals:

We have him running away before the feels hit him harder than they already were. I mean he could have easily runned away right after he knocked Sakura out; but instead he stayed to try to convince t7 that he was not the same Sasuke they remembered, and only actually runs away when Sakura’s love for him reminds him of his family and he starts getting all emotional. Even Kakashi is like: “Sasuke… –I see you you lil bitch. You’re a horrible liar”):

We have him trying to find the right words to apologize to Sakura. And even though Sakura cut him off we have him still proceeding to apologize because he realized that still indeed needed/wanted her in his life:

We have him looking relieved that he is forgiven and hasn’t lost Sakura like he thought that genjustu would have done:

We have Sasuke looking attentively at Sakura’s smiling face:

We have Sasuke, smiling, promising Sakura that she could travel with him next time while poking her forehead like his brother used to do to him(that meant “i love you” btw). I mean i can’t believe he doesn’t realize it’s just gonna be; him, her, traveling, alone, sharing a room, or laying next to each other. Or maybe he does and that’s why Sakura is blushing hardcore lol:

And finally we have him once again being grateful for the love she had/has for him. But this time he was facing her and he was looking into her eyes letting Sakura know that that “thank you” did indeed mean that she always had a “place in his heart”:

All those moments led to Sasuke having a daughter with the woman he loves:

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Keith help. What does it mean when lance is Keith's stability. I'm not understand

he keeps him in check, he keeps him grounded. i.e., he’s his impulse control and stops him from making bad decisions, thus encouraging him to do better. he’s the closest person to keith after shiro, i’d go as far as saying that lance is really… keith’s first friend, since shiro is like his brother. lance is his biggest/most constant source of support throughout s3. keith feels safe opening up to lance, being vulnerable around him and trusts him. he has connected the most with lance out of everyone else on team voltron (excluding shiro) and for someone like keith, that’s important. lance is important to keith. all of this contributes to why lance is keith’s stability. he keeps him stable, even seeming to do a better job at it than shiro, at times. this is because keith and lance are equals.

Saudade (9)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence



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After careful observation, the disassembled team, excluding Steve and Bucky, concluded that Y/n wasn’t a threat. They heard about the heart wrenching break up (everyone in the Royal Compound did) and it was plain as day that it’s eating her alive. Her eyes were red and glossy from all the tears that she shed and she always felt like puking. She had ripped her own heart in order to save Bucky’s, but it was worth it. It always was.

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