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I watched Whip It the other day and I really wanted to draw a badass roller derby girl, somehow it turned into Ghostbusters fanart?

I tried to come up with derby names for each of them but I’m bad at puns so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I was thinking Abby’s should have something to do with soup, but that’s as far as I got.


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Okay so first, I really enjoyed 3x12 “Looking Out for Stateville”. It wasn’t a shipper episode but it was a team episode and I loved it. 

You had the guys bonding at the beginning, Erin being disapproving over their questioning of Voight. Antonio pushing his concern about Eddie was important to me; I like Voight but I don’t want his team to follow him blindly. And Antonio was right–Eddie was going to cut and run with the money.

Also, I never knew that Antonio was the one to arrest Voight for corruption? It was nice to see that addressed but no loss of respect between the two of them. Especially at the end there with the handshake. An understanding, an acknowledgement of trust. 

The action was, for lack of a better word, thrilling. That first bust made my heart pound trying to follow our team as they covered each other’s backs. The molotov cocktail, Jay’s foot shot, and then I believe Alvin took the other fella out at the knee? It was awesome. It’s been a while since the last major shoot out and the team performed incredibly together. (And, of course, Jay’s smart remark about Adam passing his drug test during that following bust. A+ for team bonding.)

Their final takedown, too, was another testament to teamwork and fluidity. Eddie did the exchange and then came the take take take. Ruzek and Atwater got one of the minions while Alvin tracked Jensen. I spent that portion of the scene going where the heck are jay and erin only for Jensen to get to the bottom of the stairs as Jay busted open the door toting the shotgun. “They’ll be cleaning you off the wall for a week” sort of made my day. 

Additionally, I liked how Eddie stabbed us in the back and Voight didn’t seem to know it was coming–not to the degree that it did, anyways. Jensen planted the inkling in Voight and nailed it for the rest of us. Eddie’s been playing Voight since the beginning, has had his big picture planned for the longest time. And I enjoyed it! It shows us that Voight isn’t actually all-knowing like it feels half the time. He can still be taken by surprise, undercut by those he wants to believe in. 

And there were Erin/Jay moments, despite the focus on the team and Voight’s debt to Eddie, ones that I very much enjoyed. First, back to front, wrist pressed into her shoulder, taking the hallway into the warehouse together, indicating Jay having hung back after getting up from the tunnel to wait for his partner. Covering each other seamlessly during the following firefight. 

The second bust as the team stormed the drug packaging room and Erin saw the one guy rabbit. She didn’t just charge after him and expect someone to follow. She shouted for Jay and waited until he was right behind her to move. 

The confrontation with Eddie. He’s feeling cornered and traps Erin with warnings about staying away from his family. You can tell he would’ve said more, uttered a threat, but Jay steps in without a word of warning. He physically places himself between Eddie and Erin, defusing the situation by reminding Eddie of the task at hand but his body language is nothing but protective. Eddie backs off of his partner or Jay switches gears to offense. Eddie relents and Jay herds him away from Erin by invading his space, forcing Eddie back. 

Their conversation over the table at the racetrack emphasized on the depth of their partnership. Jay tests the waters with a quip, watching her reaction and when it comes up short, asks what’s wrong. You can tell Erin’s been stewing over this, what she’ll tell him, because she takes in that quick breath and then looks back at Jay before sharing what’s weighing on her mind. 

Yeah, it’s a short moment but it’s telling

Erin shares what’s bothering her and Jay respects her feelings but puts the facts before her as well. Then she murmurs that her mom’s got blinders on and it clicks with Jay. This is about protecting another girl from a mom who’ll blindly drag her daughter down with her. 

(It’s not a shipper episode I say as I make over half the post about my ship.)

Long, long story short, wow. I know the general reception was pretty negative but I loved this episode without even touching on the adorable partner moments between Burgess and Roman, and my admiration for Burgess for her strength to break not just Adam’s heart, but her own, by putting the ring in his hand and walking away. 

A+, would watch again.