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Merry Christmas, @stilesandderek!

Merry Christmas! I tried to fit in a few things you mentioned liking. Have a great day :)

“That’s fine, Andrew,” Derek lies through his teeth. “Just go get some rest.”

“You sure?” Andrew croaks down the phone.

“Certain. I’ll be fine,” Derek lies again.

Andrew coughs and then hangs up. Derek throws his phone down into his bag.

“Shit. Fuck.” He drops his head into his hand and curls his fingers through his hair.

“Dude? Derek?” Erica moves her swivel chair over to him. “What’s going on.”

His final grade just went up in smoke, is what is happening. “Andrew can’t do the recording.”



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prompt from kuroi-sakura-kuchiki​:  they’re on a case, Reid has a nightmare (coincidentally rooming with Hotch) and Hotch wakes him up gently and maybe gets him to talk about it?

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Summery: Benny and Jenny Weir are the dynamic duo or as their cousin Stiles Stilinski calls them the terrible twosome.

Both having inherited special powers from their parents they are always in trouble, so when they get kicked out of Whitechapel after irritating the resident vampires and are shipped off to Beacon hills Stiles begins to see just how much trouble his baby cousins can be.

Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

Word Count: 1626

Part One   Part Two

“Good now again.” Mr Argent was helping Derek teach the three vampires and the Weir twins how to fight alongside hunters and werewolves Erica had teamed up with the vampire Erica and both had become flawless in their fighting style.

Derek had long given up on Rory who, despite showing some signs of improvement, was far too hyperactive to be any help in a fight. The twins were dealing with the training worse than Rory neither of them seemed to be able to separate themselves from each other and often let Derek and Mr Argent’s attack pass by them and hit the werewolf they were training with because they were too busy defending each other.

“You two need to stop putting each other first your part of the pack, the pack comes first that way we can all defend each other.” Derek grunted for what must have been the hundredth time that morning.

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anonymous asked:

6b actually stands for 6 hours of baseball


With the whole team: Erica, Boyd, Jackson, Danny, Isaac and Lydia I guess

Aithusa really really wanted to be Merlin for Halloween- so she roped one of the Arthurs in to be her costume partner. Arthur couldn’t resist posing them once they had their costumes complete.


samwell’s womens hockey team
  • erica “bitty” bittle is 110% a lipstick lesbian
  • one of those girls who smell nice literally all the time even when she smells like baking ingredients
  • for her entire life, she had very long hair but after seeing lardo, she decided to get the chop sophmore year. her hair is now a cute little bob
  • always ties her hair back with a ribbon and jackie finds it really endearing
  • buys that fancy shampoo from lush that makes her hair super soft 

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Gold, Silver and Bronze

Canadian Olympians won four more medals in Rio yesterday:

  • Wrestler Erica Wiebe defeated Kazakhstan’s Guzel Manyurova in the Women’s freestyle 75 kg to win gold.
  • Andre de Grasse shone again on the tracks and raced to silver in the 200m final behind Jamaica’s Usain Bolt -who said the Ontarian runner was the future of sprint- and before France’s Christophe Lemaître.
  • After diving for bronze with Roseline Filion in synchronized diving, Meaghan Benfeito won her second bronze medal in the 10m platform diving (Filion finished sixth).
  • Damian Warner also take home bronze in the decathlon, finishing third behind the States’ Ashton Eaton and France’s Kevin Mayer (but Ashton being bronze medallist Brianne Thiesen-Eaton’s husband, his gold medal is almost half-Canadian, isn’t it?)

With 18 medals, we’re equaling London 2012′s harvest (surpassing it because in gold medals); but can do even better. De Grasse’s unstoppable and I have high hopes for the 4x100m, and our women’s soccer team can still get that bronze medal, amongst other chances!

Erica would also be the kind of fighter that took Derek’s “be unpredictable” advice really seriously…. so she’s the first of werewolves to learn how to use a Glock and bring a gun to the fistfight. Braeden loves her. She’s also the first to, like, go for weapons in literally every fight. If she’d lived to fight the twins, she would have picked up one of their stupid sports bikes and beat them with it while Isaac is like “well, okay, I guess… that works too?”

Erica is also the kind of wolf who will shoot you in the face in the middle of your evil monologue. Derek just baits bad guys into monologuing at him and then Erica drops a piano on them. Team work.