team enterprise

I’m just thinking about the letters that the ground Crew of the Enterprise must get and I just-

Hi, this is Capt. Kirk, do I still have to file an attempted mutiny report if the mutineer was a fraction of my own personality given coporeal form via transporter accident, or is it all above board because both Captains were still James Kirks?

Not a hypothetical, please advise.

-Capt. J.T. Kirk, Enterprise.

How would you respond to that like what the fuck

Tiana and Cookie join forces.

As of this morning, in addition to handling Jamal Lyon, Cookie Lyon will be representing Empire Enterprises’ fiercest young female artist, Tiana. During an A & R meeting, Tiana explained her reasoning to Anika: “The way Cookie chased down “Up All Night” for Jamal was dope. So I asked her to manage me.“ Cookie Lyon will now be managing all of Tiana’s performances, publicity, appearances, and recordings.