team elizabeth

For the anon that requested Zen and Jumin as Team Rocket ages ago…I present you Dream Team Rocket. They’ve got it all - money, looks, talent…and a very beautiful cat ;D
Jumin and Zen as elite TR members
Elizabeth the 3rd as their Meowth
And Vanderwood as Giovanni the TR Leader

Also for the Day 4 AU prompt in JuminZen Week :3


I’ve been saying for some time now that I thought that it was very possible that Liz would be the one to encourage Tom in his journey into discovering his biological family, so to see her support him in this was absolutely amazing. She pushed where she needed to, tried to back off when she thought he needed it, and was there to support when he finally admitted he couldn’t not care about it. It’s always been Liz’s dream to find out about her past, not Tom’s, but now that he’s on it, I’m so happy to see her support him like this.