team elease

I am OBESSEDDDDD with the ONLY bad girl in season 8; ELEASE <3 This bad girl came in the house to bitches locking her out.. throwing her shit out.. leaving her at a party, jumping her like four times; SIX ON ONE.. – She still got hits in and walked away as pretty as ever.. and through all that; THE BITCH STILL THERE AND STANDING. Idgaf WHAT happens through out the rest of the season; Ill always have respect for her and Idc; I’m perm Team Elease <3

Transparent Hiddle-Stunt PR

Team Hiddle-Stunt just released pap pics of them in London ….. minutes after the Kanye music video was revealed.

The not-so-candid pap pics were taken yesterday in London, but they were not released until 5:00 am London time /11:00 pm in LA.

Hiddle-stunt is obviously trying to distract media attention away from Kanye’s piece of shit music video.

So transparent 💅