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Hey, since you have trouble touching people without stabbing them, but like cuddling pets, have you considered trying to hug T'Challa? Or possibly getting Tony to put on cat ears?

you have a serious flaw in your logic. 

tchalla is a cat-man who has repeatedly tried to claw my face off. it was freakin traumatizing. you think a normal cat that doesnt wanna be petted is bad, try getting handsy with tchalla.

not that ive gotten handsy with tchalla. i like my face attached to my person, thank you very much.

tony put on cat ears a few months ago in a fit of confused sleep deprivation. the picture circulated through avengers-related group chats for weeks. nick fury called it, and i quote, ‘fucking adorable.’ tony is sometimes a no-toucher too though, so mostly we let him initiate contract when he wants to. so no, i did not hug tony when he was wearing cat ears. 

steve did have to carry him to bed though. and that picture circulated for months

Hey guys, I received an iPad Pro from my parents yesterday so I decided to digitalise one of my old Mercy76 WIPs. I’m still new to using it, so it still needs work.

I’m definitely sure that Mercy is a closet drunk LOL

@xavirne I hop that this helps with the Mercy76 fan art drought LOL

  • Naruto: Did you know Kakashi-sensei is a virgin?
  • Sasuke: wait what?
  • Sakura: WHAT?
  • Kakashi: wtf, no I'm not stop spreading none-sense
  • Kiba: Did someone say Kakashi-sensei is a virgin?
  • Kakashi: *staring kunai at Naruto*
  • Sai: perhaps he's ashamed of the size of his penis
  • Kakashi: I'm not!
  • Kiba: if you deny it so passionately it's true
  • Kakashi: listen kid, I'm not gonna go around showing off my dick to prove its not tiny!
  • Naruto: *laughing*: oooh it's probably none-existent
  • Sakura: no its not
  • Naruto: how would YOU know?
  • Sakura: *blushing madly* uhhhhh, I might've walked in on him taking a leak once
  • Ino: *jumps out of nowhere*: DOES IT WEAR A MASK TOO?
  • Sakura: wtf
25 Things we learned from Konoha Hiden Chapter 7:

1: Shino uses that “why/because” quirk in his own thoughts.  

2: Everyone in Konoha is obsessed with facial hair.

3. The reason this chapter is called the final mission is because it’s Team 8′s last mission together.

4. Both Kiba and Shino lead their own teams! 

5. Naruto and Hinata have a lot of things in common. Like their love of soup. 

6. Naruto still talks to plants.

7. In an ironic role reversal, Kiba regrets being left out of the Sasuke Hanabi-retrieval mission and having his name forgotten.

8. Mirai is the most adorable child ever. She calls Kiba ‘Kibamaru’, Akamaru “Akakiba”, and Shino “Uncle Buggy.” 

9. Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino visit Mirai tons.

10. Kiba and Shino don’t know Hanabi or the other Hyuugas too well.

11. Kiba and Shino didn’t go on the moon rescue mission because Karashi needed them specifically for civilian rescue operations.

12. Kiba has a secret new technique that can smash meteors. Apparently he used it to save Ichiraku’s? 

13. Teuchi will make ramen even during the apocalypse.

14. Kurenai was a heavyweight drinker before becoming a mommy.

15. All Aburames are lightweight drinkers, because alcohol affects their insects. Even certain medicines affect Shino’s bugs. (Oh God he’s going to get so drunk next chapter isn’t he?)

16. Kiba sucks at history.

17. Kurenai  was a sadistic teacher.

18. Kurenai is a cheek-pincher.

19.  Team 8′s gift is going to be wine. An aphrodesiac wine promoting fertility and energy. (Well now we know how Boruto’s generation was made.)

20. Naruto also doesn’t drink.

21. The mystical Senjuu honey wine can only be found in the hidden black market town of Soraku.

22. Konoha’s vests are lighter-weight now. Technology is changing.

23. Shino is sensitive about his looks. Specifically about looking old. 

24. Shino openly speaks about his feelings nowadays…with prompting.

25. According to Kiba, Shino has become very good-looking. “Definitely more good looking than Naruto’s stupid face” is how he put it.

  • Don't vs Chandelier
  • Ed Sheeran vs Sia

Ed Sheeran and Sia are two of the biggest artists in the world at the moment but considering how different their styles are I don’t think you’d ever expect them to work this well when combined. However Sia’s powerful backing music combined with Ed Sheeran’s soothing vocal make this mashup something great and unexpected in a really good way - Jakk

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I wish seconds teams and development cup weren't frowned upon by some people. It's hard to stay in a sport when established first teams think it's fine to mock second teams and less developed teams purely because they haven't laid their foundations yet, and are competing in tournaments despite the odds. Quidditch is meant to be inclusive, so don't get all snobby when a team celebrates scoring 20-110*