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Ch 236 has made me so so proud of how far Hinata has come??? (which is business as usual i know shut up)

but like, the game starts off and everyone is all “haha why is that tiny kid a middle blocker–”

oh shit son were you watching? did u see that!? that’s why

Now, Tsukibahara is f l u s t e r e d over this fluffy gremlin. Coach gives ‘em a pep talk like “y’all, just focus on the game as a whole” so they’re like ok ok we got this, #10 is rotated to the back now phew so they’re feeling all:

*manly shonen voice*







Japanese Men Winning Skate America

2005 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2006 - Nobunari Oda (SP | FS)
2007 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2008 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2010 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2012 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2013 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)
2014 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)

DBZ React To You Standing Up To A Strong Enemy

(I couldn’t help but make this funny. -Mod K)


You and the Z fighters receive a challenge from a being wanting to destroy the Earth and quickly head to meet the being.  As you and your friends approach the place the invader agreed to meet with the team, a feeling of dread washes over everyone.  The power level of this being is clearly far above yours or anyone else on Earth’s.  You take a deep breath as the being comes into sight and try to calm yourself.  Once you and the other Z fighters land and face the new enemy, you glare at the being and take a deep breath to ready a shout.  You yell across the battlefield and tell the would be invader that you’ll stop them and make them cry for their mommy.


He tries not to laugh at your challenge and backs up your statement with a declaration of his own.  Goku sounds more convincing when he tells the being that you will win.

Gohan (Adult)

He snickers a bit at your attempt to stand up to the invader and pats your head before backing up your declaration with his own sentiments.  Gohan’s challenge is more to the point, but it does back up your sentiments.


He sighs at your childish challenge, but does give you a small pat on the shoulder for at least making the attempt.  Bardock makes a much firmer and more threatening challenge than yours.


He smirks at your challenge and backs it up with a more aggressive version of yours.  Raditz brushes against you as he steps in front of you in a sign that he approves of your declaration.


He snorts at your pathetic attempt to challenge your opponent.  Vegeta gives you a smoldering glare before making his own challenging declaration.

Future Trunks

He tries not to laugh at your attempts to show your defiance.  Trunks pats your shoulder before stepping forward and making a challenge of his own.


He rolls his eyes and refrains from smacking the back of your head.  Turles pulls you behind him and crosses his arms as he gives a more appropriate and deadly challenge.


He doesn’t bother containing his laughter at your challenge.  Kuririn grins at you and adds a few choice insults of his own.


He rolls his eyes at your challenge and pulls you away from the front position.  Piccolo doesn’t say anything, but rather glares at the invading being.


He breaks out into a fit of laughter at your attempt to stand up to a strong opponent.  Yamcha recovers a bit and places a hand on your shoulder.  He then makes a more mature challenge to show you how it’s done.  


He looks at you with a bit of curiosity at your challenge, but refrains from commenting.  Android 16 moves to stand next to you and silently supports your declaration.


He fails to hold back a snort as he hears your challenge.  Android 17 joins your declaration by adding several other insults and stating he’d easily beat the being to a pulp.

Captain Gyunyu

He makes a despairing noise at the lack of style in your challenge.  Captain Gyunyu yells at you and tells you to do your challenge over, but this time with some flare.  He demonstrates his point by making a dramatic pose and giving a challenge of his own.


He sighs at your lack of finess for standing up to an opponent.  Chizu tells you that you need to practice more, and then delivers his own challenge with a classic Gyunyu Force pose.


★  Kiss

 Small Inquisitor shares love to everyone before February.

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Greetings Penny Dreadful fans & our valued followers,

We would like to introduce our new talented memberEva (@jonathan-pined) to penydreaful.tumblr. Eva is a huge fan of Penny Dreadful, and loves the Gothic and Victorian element behind the show.  While Dorian Gray is her favorite character she also states that she loves “the fact that females are shown as equally strong as the males.” We are happy to have her on board and to be able to share her unique creations on penydreadful, so please make her feel welcome.

Daniel Andre Tande imagine - “9:30″

It was such a long day for you. In the morning you had to get up early to attend a class on your faculty. Since you still had to pass a few exams you had to attend those classes and this was one of them. You missed going to classes. You’ve been working this past year instead of constantly going to faculty and you never thought you would miss those huge classrooms. You had to pay yourself for your rent so you had to work. Even if that meant in a clothes shop for a minimal pay per hour and in a team that didn’t feel like a team. You dreaded going to work but it was something that had to be done.

You expected you would distract yourself during your shift and you would forget your problems for a few hours but sometimes those problems seemed bigger than ever during working. You were folding T-shirt and jeans and every time you would look up you saw a happy, young couple shopping for each other. It got even harder.

But this day was horrible. You were at the cashier most of the time and you were serving a happy couple, that was apparently from the UK. They were smiling to each other and bought matching jumpers. We talked a bit of the town and how they like it. Then the man said how he has a beautiful wife and he tells her that he loves her every day. That made you smile because they were so lucky. To find someone you still love the same or even more that you did a few years ago is something that rarely happens. You wished them to have a nice time and enjoy as much as they can. They put on their jumpers, said goodbye and left our store. Soon after that, you were moved to another floor to tidy up the place and that always got you thinking. About a month ago you broke up with your boyfriend and seeing that couple really made you think. You were also happy like them before. Smiling holding hands while taking a stroll through the streets, buying thing for each other, going out for dinners, lunches, and sometime even breakfasts. But it all came to an end. You were devastated, the breakup wasn’t messy because things ended fast. You didn’t see each other and were apart so it got harder with every goodbye. Hugs became longer and the tears were falling harder each time he was leaving you. You though you can do this but it got all too much. When people found out about you everyone kept asking how thing are going and it was harder to cover up the blankness that had been with you for a long time. So you ended it. One would think that it is harder for the person that was being left not for the one that was leaving. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. The first thing you did was to start watching a series but it didn’t help. You then went on to start studying which helped a bit. But you couldn’t study non-stop just to prevent him invading your thoughts.

You were finishing up with everything, making sure the store is looking the best. You had to tidy up a few pieces of clothing so you walked around your floor until you stopped dead in your tracks.

You stayed in the same place for a second before you turned around going in different direction but it was too late. You heard your name being said out laud but you acted like you didn’t hear. You heard footsteps behind you until he got a hold of your elbow making you stop and turn around to face him. “You shouldn’t be here.” Was the first thing you said. “I don’t think so. I was in the nearby and decided to stop by to see if you’re working.” – “Well. You saw me so you can go now unless you plan on buying something.” He didn’t like the way that you were talking. You could see that just by the way his breathed out looking up and around. He did this every time he was frustrated and had to contain certain words. He looked down at me again. “When do you finish work? I’ll wait for you and we will talk; at least I will talk and you will listen.” You rolled your eyes signalling you didn’t want to do this. “Daniel, stop. There is no need for us to talk anymore.” You started to walk away but he didn’t stop. “Yes there is. I will wait for you in front of the door. Just tell me when you finish for god’s sake.” You wanted to reply to him but someone else called out your name. “Y/N” You looked in the direction this was coming from. It was your boss. “Do you have anything ready for closing? Oh, I’m sorry Sir, we’re closing.” Your boss said when he saw Daniel standing next to me. “Oh, yeah right. I’m leaving. I’ll wait outside.” He started to walk away. “9:30!” You called out causing him to turn around. “Huh?” He seemed confused. “I finish at 9:30.” You said calmer now. He smiled and continued walking towards the elevator. You went to do the finishing touches before heading downstairs to get further instruction what else to do. You bumped into your co-worker on your way. “Y/N, one man was asking where can he find you. Did he find you?” “Yeah, he did. Thank you.” You said but didn’t smile. “I thought he was your boyfriend. Is he? I mean, he is super cute. Nice cheekbones by the way.” She jokingly pushed me away but noticed I wasn’t in the mood. “Is everything okay?” She asked as soon as she noticed something was off. “Yeah, just tired. And he is not my boyfriend.” You replied. Then the two of you got some tasks that you had to do so your chat was interrupted by your boss.

Time passed by quickly and your shift ended a few minutes earlier. When you stepped outside of your workplace you saw him standing there, lifting his head when he heard someone step outside. “Hey…” – “Hi Daniel.” – “I miss you Y/N. The world cup ended a few days ago and it only made me realize that I don’t know what to do without you. I miss you. I know I’ve acted like I was okay but I wasn’t as okay as I might have seen.” He got right to the point. You looked around you and there wasn’t a lot of people actually. You took a breath in thinking what should the two of you do. “Why don’t we talk while you’re walking me home?” He nodded and started to lead the way.  

Greetings Penny Dreadful fans & our valued followers,

We would like to introduce our new talented member, Merry (@letzplaymurder) to penydreaful.tumblr. Merry enjoys watching Penny Dreadful, because “it’s a show about all these characters fighting to own and accept who they are.” Her favorite character is Vanessa Ives, stating “She’s just amazing. She inspires me a lot in being so kind despite her demons.” We are very happy to have her on board and to be able to share her unique creations on penydreadful, so please make her feel welcome.

Simplicity and Valor

spoilers for Haikyuu!! anime and chapter 112.

I didn’t think I’d be writing more about Daichi-san, but here I am. Oopsy. 

Anyway, I noticed something interesting in this chapter. It’s the opposing team Johzenji’s banner slogan - Simplicity and Valor. As Sugawara-san explains:

It certainly doesn’t fit the wild and free team at all. 

Johzenji’s new team knows this, and it’s quite clear they don’t like that banner either. They’re the party team, they’re there to have fun. Simplicity and Valor doesn’t sound “fun” at all. It sounds stable and steady and boring. 

Which is what Johzenji’s captain calls Daichi. Unlike other teams who dread having Hinata and Kageyama back, he welcomes them, because he finds them exciting. He has very little interest in their captain, because Daichi isn’t the flashy type. 

However, Johzenji’s strength of being wild and unpredictable is also their weakness. Everyone on their team wants a piece of the action, even the setter wanted to spike, not out of a strategic choice (like Kageyama), but for the heck of it. This leaves them with a lot of holes in their defense, which no one is interested in covering. After all, solid receives, simple blocks and basic pass-the-ball moves are not exciting. 

Not exciting, but important. Karasuno gains the advantage here because they have both a strong offence and defense. I think this is the only match where we see Karasuno be in absolute control of the game (edit: apart from their first match in the InterHigh)

And that’s when we see this. 

When I first saw this, I thought oh, what a lovely shot of Daichi being a proud dad. Then I noticed the banner behind him. Johzenji’s banner - Simplicity and Valor - is the very definition of Daichi. He is “someone who doesn’t show off, but is in reality quite strong and sincere.” I had feels after this. 

Johzenji’s captain dismissed this banner and Daichi’s playing style, but after seeing Daichi cover for the weird 1st year duo, he begins to realise that their wild style might not be quite as fun after all. What happens when the game stops being fun? For him, it’s then I’ll just get as much fun as possible. For Daichi it’s I’ll support you and push us on

It’s interesting to note that while Karasuno pushes themselves to improve their attack and their plays (thanks to Hinata stirring them up), Daichi’s way of “not losing to them” is by further improving his receives. He does attack a bit, but he doesn’t try a stronger, flashier attack like how Asahi improves. He knows that his strength lies in defense. His main job is to keep the ball in play for the spikers to do their thing, whether it’s a new weird quick the monsters think of, or the power ones from Tanaka and Asahi. Throughout the Spring High, we see him pull off receives and defenses that are pretty darn awesome. We may not remember them when the next panel of Hinata smashing down a ball comes along, but his moves are the ones that help make that next panel possible. 

Obviously, I’m ridiculously happy that we’re getting to see more of Daichi. He’s the captain, the foundation of the team. 

And also the butt wiper. 



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Bruce Banner x Reader


Warnings: None?

Prompt: How about one (Bruce Banner x Reader) where the reader has anxiety and has hard time working with the other avengers, causing them to repeatedly freak out at odd times. So he (Bruce) helps her learn to get better control and after a lot of working with them they become closer.

Note: Awwww that’s really cute. I love Bruce omg. Thanks for the request!!

Team meeting. You dreaded the words. Especially like today, when you had to brief the other Avengers on some new tech from the lab. Not your forte. Speaking in front of people, even your teammates, gave you a headache.

You couldn’t stand it. You felt like you were suffocating, a fish out of water. Your heart was racing, your breaths quick and your cheeks bright red. Your head hurt, you felt sick to your stomach. You had to get out. Now.

“(Y/N)?” asked Steve. “Are you ready?”

“I…I…I have to go get some air,” You stood up and walked out of the conference room. Tony rolled his eyes.

“Every. Single. Time.” Tony complained. “Someone go get her.”

“Give her a break, Tony. You know it’s not her fault.” Natasha said. “Bruce, go talk to her.”

“Got it,” he nodded. Bruce jogged out of the room and found you in the lab, curled up in the corner of the room. Tears were streaming down your face, both from the embarrassment and from the horrible pain. Bruce approached you slowly, kneeling in front of you and sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.

“I-I’m sorry. I ruined the meeting, didn’t I?” you said softly, sniffling. Bruce shook his head.

“You didn’t ruin anything,” he assured you. You had worked in the lab with Bruce ever since you had been recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D., and he was always very kind and protective towards you. “Want me to teach you a little trick?”

“Sure,” you nodded. Bruce put his hands on your shoulders.

“Spell out your name. First, middle, and last.” he told you. You did as he said. “Okay, now spell my name.”

“B-r-u-c-e B-a-n-n-e-r,” you spelled.

“Now spell Natasha’s,” he said.

“N-a-t-a-s-h-a R-o-m-a-n-o-v,” you spelled. You took a deep breath. It worked. The pain was gone.

“You just need to focus on something else. Anything else.” Bruce said. He helped you stand up. Both of you were silent for a little while. Slowly, you moved forward and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around you, resting his head on top of yours.

“Thank you,” You whispered. He sighed.

“If you ever need to talk, I’m here.” He told you. “I’ll always be here.” 

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