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because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on:

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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we’re an arizona dirtbag, a human turtleneck, a narcissistic monster, and literally the dumbest person I’ve ever met


Nothing new to post so i put here an other ID i worked on with goldenwolf team last year. It was the second one done for the show star versus the force of evil, so this time we put some (simple) animated background for a change. Here are my rough animations :

Me @ all of y’all claiming the bees are unhealthy and that All That Matters is proof of that and that they’ll never be able to move past this: y’all realize that’s bad for y’all too right? We’re talking about a show literally called RWBY, the team dynamic is an integral part of the story. Yang and Blake (you know, half of that team) not reconciling means that team RWBY isn’t truly united; if they aren’t able to move past it and to fully trust each other again it hurts the team as a whole. They’d be together, but still be divided as if they weren’t. 

It’s also something they both need personally. Yang needs to know that she’s wrong about why Blake left, that Blake does care about her, so that she can get the answers she has desperately needed and so she can learn to trust her best friend again. Blake needs to know that Yang (and the rest of her team, but especially Yang) doesn’t hate her, that she doesn’t blame her for what happened so that she can finally stop blaming herself. They both need this closure even if they do end up in relationships with different people.

Yes they’re in a bad place at the moment, but that’s because of a traumatic situation not because they’re inherently bad for each other (especially when the reasoning y’all are using would by extension make their friendship unhealthy, which is extra bad for the team).


And here it is the highly anticipated, poorly formatted and probably mostly wrong intro to the awihl. Any one knows me irl knows that i am VERY passionate about womens sport so support the women bc they seriously deserve it. Get on down to your local matches, chat to the players and watch streams where you can. I also know that not everyone is in a position to donate but if you can buy some raffle tickets, merch or support gofundme’s. 

Also i was serious about this probably not being very correct it’s hard to get info. If you know more/notice anything horribly incorrect, please let me know (also i was very short with time bc uni). 

Okay so Antonio Negret directed this latest episode of The 100 and he was live tweeting different quotes that were “impactful” in various scenes and he tweeted “pleading for the life of a traitor…who you love” and Jason responded with “We stuck the landing, hermano” and I know he probably means for the entire episode in general and that scene in general as it was so epic and huge for the overall narrative of season 5 but! like! he still recognized “who you love” was so fucking important and it meant something big for these characters and the best part of it all is literally 100% of the reply tweets from fans were supportive and like “YES BELLARKE LETS GO!”. I mean this man and this writing team have honestly been able to, over 4 and a half seasons, get almost the entire fan base to root for this ship. And it may not be everyone but holy shit it’s more united than I think any other YA show I’ve seen. And that’s something like I am just so impressed

Rittenhouse is just so STUPID though!

They brought back the wrong wife/family! Idiots. Will they seriously never pause and think that if they stop themselves from giving the order to kill Flynn’s family, none of this will have happened? Especially since Flynn was stuck in the present when they changed it in 2.03, and he never would have known anything was different. He would have woken up that next day and resumed his life in 2014, thinking nothing of the word “Rittenhouse,” letting it be just another covert secret he learned. His part in that mission was over. He recovered the information he was tasked to, passed it on, washed his hands of it, and went to bed. Stop thinking so highly of yourselves, Rittenhouse, gah. He didn’t care enough to pursue the matter. It wasn’t his crusade until you made it be.

But maybe this is too close to Rittenhouse acknowledging they made a mistake. I guess they’re that proud. Wow.

Could have been interesting if they had realized it though, realized it before Flynn started time traveling again and wasn’t stuck in the present when it changed. Brought Flynn’s family back instead of Jessica. Imagine the team returning from 1941 and the bunker is empty. It’s pitch black. No one is there. They find out everything they’ve done never happened because Flynn never began their war. He’s still off living a content, oblivious life with his family. It’s just the three of them, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. Talk about a devastating blow. Rittenhouse could actually win.

…And then the team goes and gets Flynn because (as everyone eventually realizes) they need him.

Lucy: “Rittenhouse.”
Flynn: “Enough with this paranoid delusion of yours!”

But sure. Whatever. Bring Jessica back. I… guess… that has impacts. Somewhere. It’s not “put yourself back on top of the world” impacts. Doesn’t get all of your arrested members out of prison. Doesn’t return your organization to its secrecy and shadows. But uh, you do you. I could take the world over much better, just saying. Whatever.

And now in episode 2.08, Rittenhouse is going to try derailing Agent Christopher’s career in the past so she won’t have helped them. GUYS! Flynn will still have taken the Mothership and sent this into play even with a different agent overseeing the project. Even if it were, say, Agent Neville from the beginning. Stop dancing around the obvious solution! They’re just… so stupid.

For real though like… is your leadership elected by popular vote? Is there an election coming up? Can I run against Nicholas Keynes? Because right now you’re just a really embarrassing terrorist organization. And that’s not even touching on how you thought it was a great idea to plant an agent in the past for 15 years to get a column in the newspaper. Dream bigger. It’s a little shameful to have you as an enemy right now.

Why was I ever afraid having these guys as a villain? Honestly. Flynn was such a better villain. Rittenhouse S1 was a better villain.

Can the promo for the finale be:

Announcer: “Next week, on an all new Timeless…”
Nicholas: “It seems unavoidable to deny it any longer.”
Announcer: “Rittenhouse does the unthinkable.”
Nicholas: “You need to bring back the family of Garcia Flynn.”
Announcer: “Admitting they were wrong.”


Thank you.

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ncis new olreans + (inspo

tammy’s character development in the show 

Hello everyone, I don’t like making these kinds of posts, but I feel it’s imperative that I speak up. The behavior of the entire fandom as of late has been beyond atrocious. So much so that it’s caused an unbelievable amount of damage to the wonderful staff and crew of Voltron, and I just want to urge my followers to please send the team lot’s of love and praise, and maybe even tell them some of your favorite moments of the season.

I also ask for you all to take some time to read Joaquim’s open letter to the fandom. It’s an important message and it shows the genuine care and love he and the rest of the production team have for not only the show and it’s characters, but also progression and opening the gateway for more LGBGQ content in other shows and medias outside of just Voltron.

I’m deeply horrified by the actions of the fandom, and I wish I could apologize to every single person working on the show. They did not deserve this. Never deserved the harassment now, back then, or in the future.