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according to sam, the pigeon that lives outside his window wakes up every morning and yells “HELLO EVERYONE I AM GORGEOUS” and someday i wanna be that confident


It’s Kels and Sabrina coming to you again.

Kels is currently sailing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise with family but this is super important.

By now you guys have heard the statements from the talking heads that are the executives at Fox. We didn’t hear the news we wanted today. We were hoping to be able to exhale for the first time since September 22. Unfortunately, we are still on the hook.

It is up to us to save Ginny Baker and Pitch. She may not “need a man to rescue her” but she needs to her fans to do it.

We are asking that each of you please follow our new Twitter account @PitchStreetTeam. We have work to do!

This is about saving a show that matters and NEEDS to be on the air. If things don’t go our way in May we need to be able to rest easy knowing we did all that we could. But we feel confident that if we put in the work now, things will go our way. This is gonna take work and persistence. Let’s remember it took Ginny five years in the minors before she got to the BIGS. What if she quit in year three or four even?

We can’t quit in January. Right now we are the Padres six games back in the wild-card race! Please follow @PitchStreetTeam where we will be running campaigns monthly until May. Remember how hard Ginny worked out in episode 2? Yeah that’s us right now. “We gotta get our work in.”

We love you guys and we love this fandom.

Let’s put in this work!

-Kels and Sabrina

ok i already have so much i need to draw already but i was recently Struck With Inspiration and i need to share it so like:

a short miniseries of comics following the life of a certain Team Skull grunt who is just not having any luck in the romance department (bc he is Gay but he doesnt realize that). And in this story all the grunts refer to each other as Pink or Blue if they don’t know each other’s names. So this poor grunt’s friends are all like “Don’t worry bro! Someday a Pink will see just how cool you are! Don’t give up!!” But he just isn’t really feelin it after awhile and he’s like “dude… what if i don’t want a Pink?? What if I want a Blue??” And his bros are like “o shit well thats cool lets find you a Blue” but still… nothing…

So poor guy’s like?? Maybe i was confused?? Fuck?? Should I go back to Pink??? But I really really want a Blue…

And then one day when he’s not in his Team Skull gear and he’s chillin on some sort of low level undercover work…

He meets Ilima.

And he’s like HOLY SHIT I FOUND MY PINK!! AND HE’S A GUY!! I FOUND HIM!! and he’s super shy about it and he even wants to drop out of Team Skull to impress Ilima and his bros are like “whoa… you’re really serious about this guy??” and he’s just like “ummm yeah?? He’s super sweet and nice and so chill and he talked to me about his favourite flowers yesterday and I could feel my heart beating in my throat and I thought I was gonna pass out??”

So his bros (The Real MVPs) help make up excuses as to why he can’t be in Team Skull anymore and he continues hanging out with Ilima as a regular functioning member of society and tries really hard to not let Ilima know he was once a grunt…and it sincerely goes fantastic for a while until one day he totally Fucks Up and says That One Line and is halfway into that stupidass squat they do and he’s just like… fuck… FUCK…. HE KNOWS NOW

And Ilima’s totally like “Oh lol I knew the whole time” and he’s just!!!! #SHOOK!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW

And Ilima just kinda smiles and tugs on his hair and says, “Electric blue hair and eyeliner?? You’re adorable but your disguises suck ass, dude” and it takes him a while to get over that shock but when he does he definitely asks Ilima out and Ilima says yes and they open a bakery together or some shit and basically adopt and reform the rest of the Team Skull grunts and live happily ever after.

Let’s get “I Wait(์•„ ์™œ)” to 1 Million views!!
  • watch the mv here!
  • make sure you’re watching in at least 720p
  • just refreshing the page won’t work - i suggest making a playlist with all their mvs 
  • constantly clear your watch history 
  • keep watching! 
  • keep dancing!
  • keep singing!
  • send the mv to friends, family, your neighbor!
  • keep loving day6!

an anon asked if I’d put erwin in slytherin or gryffindor and then this hogwarts veteran AU happened (levi feels connected to house elves)

“ Ask-character blogs are fun and I love them dearly, but they seldom answer the questions I send them despite their constant need for fan-based interaction. I hope they still get a smile out of my attempts to give them things to work with. That makes me keep at it.”