team dilly


First fact: I hate circus tricks. The entirety of the hate stems from the fact that I feel most of it is unskilled and more of an attention grabbing pursuit of ‘look what I did first!’-type attitude. It’s the same with art, where people will do things just to say they did something. “Look at me watercolor with breast milk, I’m so entirely original’. In no ways am I trying to dictate what art or what a trick is, but lets at least have some standard for ourselves. Just cause you grab your top tube mid-air and spin a bar doesn’t make it a new trick everyone should strive for. It’s just some trick you made an unnecessary attachment to in the pursuit of originality. In the end it’s less original and more forced. 

Second fact: I do not consider what Erik Elstran is doing circus riding (regardless of what the song leads you to believe). He clearly has skills backing everything he does up and a lot of the original tricks he performs very clearly requires it. That’s what I enjoy about his riding a lot, the fact that someone out there is a performing new, inventive moves without making it look wack. Erik Elstran is a true original and in every new edit you can be sure that there is something you have not seen before, keeping him perpetually fresh.

Erik Elstran

Entrance of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík

Team Dilly Is The Man(2011)

Edited by Kyle Stark