team derf


In which Blanche accidentally calls Spark ‘mom’ without realising and gets really embarrassed by it.

Bonus: Candela teases her about allowing Blanche to call her dad but no, Blanche is having none of your shit, Candela. She’s had enough embarrassment for the day so shut the fuck up.

This is another one of my AUs where Blanche, Spark and Candela were childhood friends.

When they were 15 or something (idk), Blanche suddenly went missing. Mom Spark panicked and looked everywhere for her, so did Candela. It was Spark who found her (he was close to tears, omg). Turns out Blanche went into a cave alone to catch pokemons and didn’t tell anyone. Later that day, Blanche recieved a nagging from Candela for making Spark worried to tears. (lol)

Until the stories about the team leaders are revealed, I’m gonna live in my own fantasy where the three of them are childhood friends. U_U