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Can you do "we almost kissed in front of everybody but we didn't. Now everybody is looking at us strangely." For javid canon era please

Hi hello! Sorry this took awhile, I had a hard time coming up with a plot for it that wouldn’t be too similar to this one. I hope you like it!

“Ball!” Crutchie calls.

Davey gets up to retrieve what seems like the hundredth wild pitch of the day. He tosses the ball back to Jack, “Ya know, it’s a good thing you’re better at selling papes than ya are at pitching.”

Jack makes a mocking face in Dave’s direction, about to reply with something equally snarky until Race intervenes, “Hey Jack, just throw the damn ball. We ain’t got all day!”

With another pointed look at Dave, Jack winds up and actually manages to throw a pitch Race can hit. The makeshift ball bounces off the bat in Albert’s direction, and he scrambles to get ahold of it before lobbing it at their first baseman, Buttons. Unfortunately, the ball doesn’t get there before Race, eliciting a collective groan from their team. Buttons tosses the ball back to Jack while Specs steps up for his turn at bat.

“Now you’re just doin’ it on purpose!” He yelps, narrowly avoiding being hit by another stray pitch.

“Is it really that hard to throw a ball?” Albert groans.

“Team meeting!” Davey stands from his spot behind Specs, where he was acting as catcher. He sighs and crosses the space between home “plate”, which is really just a newsie cap, and where Jack stands. Waiting for the rest of their team to join them before he speaks, Dave places his hands on his hips, “Jackie, why don’t ya just let someone else pitch?”

Jack puffs out his chest, glaring at the other boys when they make sounds of agreement, “I’m the best pitcher on the team, Dave!”

“Really?” Davey crosses his arms, lifting his brows and tilting his head slightly. “‘Cause I think ya record today says otherwise.”

Jack narrows his eyes and steps closer to Davey, stretching his frame to be as tall as he can be. He glares up at him. “Like you could do bettah’.”

Davey watches Jack attempt to be imposing, stifling a scoff. He invades Jack’s space further, using his slight height advantage until their noses are nearly touching. “I think I could.”

Jack’s breath hitches slightly in his throat when he realizes just how close Dave is. He forgets that they’re not only out in public, but also surrounded by their friends, and finds himself studying Davey’s big, bright eyes. His gaze darts between the taller boy’s eyes and his lips. Itching to close the painfully short distance between them, Jack runs his tongue over his lower lip.

The small action doesn’t go unnoticed by Davey, who’s also come to the realization that they’re a little too close for comfort. His breath shakes almost imperceptibly when his eyes drop to stare at Jack’s lips, wondering how they would feel against his own. He’s just about to lean in and find out when…

“Uh, guys?” Albert elbows Jack in the ribs, his brows furrowing as his gaze goes between the two boys. “What’re we doin’ ‘bout the pitching situation?”

The question yanks Jack and Davey back to reality. They immediately jump back from each other, visibly shaken by their lapse of restraint in front of the others. Davey turns a vibrant shade of red as Jack scratches at the back of his neck, glancing shyly at the other boy with a shrug. “I- uh- I guess Dave can pitch if he wants ta. He’s probably right anyway.”

The boys still stare at the pair in confusion, unsure of what exactly they just witnessed until Crutchie yells, “So do we have a decision o’ not?”

“Yeah?” Buttons replies uncertainly, giving Jack and Davey another look before shaking his head and returning to his spot at first base. “Dave’s gonna pitch for us now.”

“Well get on wit’ it then!”

Davey’s face remains a brilliant shade of red as Jack pushes the ball into his hand. Their gazes meet, but they both swallow thickly and quickly avert their eyes. Jack hurries to take Dave’s previous place as catcher while the other boys return to their former positions. Dave looks around, scanning everyone’s faces for any sign of a reaction, but they all seem to have brushed off the odd confrontation. He finds himself thinking about the way Jack stared at him.

No. Not now.

Shaking his head to clear the thoughts, Davey looks at Specs, who’s patiently waiting for him to throw a pitch. He sighs. Baseball was a poor decision.

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Davey has had three concussions and all of them were Jack's fault

1. Jack and the boys were playing football and Jack needed one more person on his team. Davey told him he didn’t know how to play, but Jack was like, “Ah, you’ll catch on right away.” He didn’t. Within a minute of the game, someone tackled Davey and BAM. First concussion.
2. Jack was doing some art project where he needed his model to stand on this really high, really thin platform. Davey was his model. Davey has horrible balance. This led nowhere good.
3. Jack was teching a show at their school and Davey was the SM. Jack was up on the catwalk carrying some heavy props when Davey tried to get Jack’s attention. He startled Jack, who dropped the props directly on Davey’s head.

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Davey and Jack constantly fight over whether to get a cat or fog. Davey is team cat and Jack is team dog

Crutchie is eventually sick of hearing this fight and he’s like, “Just get both!” So, they do and they love them.

Hey, ya’ll! My contribution to Prophet: Earth War comes out next month. He’s not credited but Paul Davey tag teamed the colors with me.

Story By: Brandon Graham
Story By: Simon Roy
Art By: Ron Ackins
Cover By: Giannis Milonogiannis
Published: March 2, 2016
Diamond ID: DEC150609

The second chapter of the final PROPHET series. A three-armed empire general seeks an alien artifact that the Earth mothers wish to keep hidden.

Digital : $3.99
Print: $3.99