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Ren, patience & answers

I will make another post on my general opinion on volume 4, but one thing I really, really loved is that Nora and Ren finally got some depth. 

I mean I totally loved them before, I fell in love with Nora at first sight, but it was only when two friends who watched the show with me couldn’t stand her in volume 1 that I realised she kinda isn’t much more than an annoying comic relief character, completely over the top. (Well, everyone was a bit over the top in volume 1.) That changes a bit in volume 2 and 3, but they didn’t really explore Ren’s and Nora’s character. They showed us small bits of it and hinted that there was more to them than what we’ve already seen. 

It makes sense because in the beginning Nora and Ren weren’t meant to be much more than side characters, they weren’t meant to be important. That changed eventually, but they had to figure a lot of things out first in general. I mean, at least to me it still completely worked. I love Ren and Nora, I was desperate to find out more about them.

I don’t think it’s a big flaw their development and backstory didn’t come earlier, but I’m just so happy we finally got to see it. Because… what did we even know about Ren before volume 4? Really not that much. He wasn’t much more than Noras calm sidekick. Which worked as long as the focus wasn’t on him that much anyway, but this volume they used team RNJR’s journey to give him his own arc, they developed his character, explored his backstory. 

It was just the right time to do that. 

I’ve been waiting for this ever since volume 1 and it made me so happy they didn’t just make team JNPR and with it Ren more important without doing anything with him, they just waited for the right moment to do amazing things.

I think a thing that really, really makes me love a show or a book is the feeling that there is more to certain things than we see at first. Not focussing on a character at first because you can’t just put everything out there right away, that just wouldn’t work, but hinting there is more about him, making people crave for every tiny little bit of information until finally we get what we wanted and it’s just utterly satisfying. Hinting relationships, conflicts, but not giving it to us right away, just hinting that there is a reason Raven left Yang, making us wanting to know why just as much as she does, all while knowing we will get answers eventually. It’s so much more exciting than just explaining the mystery and giving us the solution right after that, before we got the chance to get invested in the thing we didn’t know itself. 

The thing is I always somehow feel anxious about things being hinted too much because I’m always so afraid I might not get an answer. It really, really bothers me, not in a positive way. On one hand it gets me really, really invested, it completely works. On the other hand I am just a really anxious person about those things. It’s the thing that makes me really, really love something, but I’m also a very impatient person, I really have zero patience regarding anything. 

In many ways I feel about RWBY the same way I felt about the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater and the ending of the Raven Cycle was so wonderful and completely satisfying, I’m really, really looking forward to what RWBY will give us. 

They won’t let the chance slip to explore all the exciting things they have hinted to us. Ren’s backstory being explored helped me to enjoy the show more because something I’ve really, really been waiting for finally got explored and it makes me more confident I will get all the other things I’ve been waiting for so long eventually.

Playing around with the particle system in Blender for hair… you can’t even see it here because I also put a depth of field RIP

This is what it looks like without the blur:

The whole thing took 6 hours to render at 1024 samples, with an SSS shader, and in 4k. Plus the particle system. Dear lord.

Never. Again. (Not until I get a better computer anyway)