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You don't know Darryl by James Duthrie

(There’s a great video on the source link! WATCH IT for hilarity.)

Darryl Sutter won’t stop talking.  

This isn’t an oxymoron. Or a dream sequence in another TSN Films skit. 

This is truth.  

On a sunny evening on the boardwalk of Manhattan Beach, California, the coach of two of the last three Stanley Cup champions is sharing his views on, in no particular order:

- Brothers (“I’ve played on a team my whole life, not from making a team…I was born into a team.”)

- Criminal Minds (“I love that show. We’ve gotten to meet some of the actors and actresses. It’s pretty cool.”)

- Eliminating the penalty box (“Why not have them sit on the bench and sell the best six seats in the house?”)

- Yoga (“I put it in our training twice this year…so that’s a big move right there. But no, I’m not doing it.”)

- Literature (“I’ve spent a lot of time alone in my life. I could read a book a night…Canadian history, American history, and anything to do with the Old West.”)  

- His breakout role in TSN’s The Panel Hangover (“Dreger was the best though. He nailed it.”)

That guy you see on TV? The one with the semi-permanent scowl who can do an entire post game new conference in 25 words or less?  This is not that guy.  

“I’ve always enjoyed talking one-on-one with people,” Sutter says. “I just don’t like talking after games. We all saw what happened on the ice. I don’t have much to add. Most questions you can answer with ‘yes, no…maybe.'  So I don’t want to go much beyond that.”

That Darryl - post-game Darryl - is a nightmare for reporters on deadline starving for a usable quote. But it’s a dream for those of us who love theatre of the absurd. That includes L.A. Kings players, who often turn on their coach’s podium performances in the dressing room to watch them live. It’s their favourite show.  

“We do get a big kick out of it,” laughs Anze Kopitar. “Though it depends on how we played. Some nights are less funny than others.”

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