team crossfit

Everybody has 24 hours in the day guys, that’s one thing that every single person in this world has and its all fair, everyone has exactly 24 hours. What you make of those 24 hours is up to you. And a lot of people are going to say ‘oh there’s not enough time, i’m too busy, i have too many things going on to do this or that’ but it all comes down to time management. There’s going to be days where you have to stay up 19, 20 hours a day. Theres going to be days where you have to cut back your sleep or cut back on the things you enjoy. Successful people realise they have the same 24 hours like anybody else and they’re willing to sacrifice more time because they know what they want. The sooner you realise it’s up to you, the closer you will get to achieving your goals.
—  Christian Guzman