team crimson


Um so.. I laughed when Ennui said,

 “I like who you are on the inside, but I just can’t get used to your outside..”

and Crimson said, “Your perky nose makes me want to puke..” 

But in the end, I think they got a little used to each others real faces.. and I think that’s the cutest part. 🌹🌚☺️

And another thing, ENNUI TURNED TO THE PERKY GUY TO MARILYN MANSON IN LIKE 2 SECONDS LOL (Only people who watched the episode would know what i’m talking about..)  #Rock N Roll Challenge


ALRIGHTY THEN! PROJECT “JUST DO IT!” IS FINALLY DONE! (but skipped for few parts which is 2 refs and an animation which i’ll do them later) and for the GRAND OPENING OF MY NEW ARTBLOG!

i’ve 1st thought of this after seeing all Shia Labeouf memes XD…so i thought “why do i actually hav to wait? JUST DO IT! RIGHT NOW” which i did and made this project >:D drew all the things i’ve wanted to do right off the bat! now to explain things about my artwork containing on this project~

Part 1 = just some beating up an exam (which i got A’s and A-’s on my college final exam ;D)

Part 2 = i’ve seen lots of awesome ppl (which they deserve some gifts >u<) and very polite which now i’ll be mentioning….. ponpekopon + shrimposaurus + cookiehana + buizilla + twainkittyspam + googlyjelly + miflored + aishishiii + yen-cat + ya-ssui + team-reverie + middroo + juliekarbon + charimod + votbear + naoren + this-wandering-lamb

Part 3+4 = some doodles of myself and my OCs

Part 5 = of course i cannot finish here! i must draw all the friends that i’ve known (and we’re still are!) that are SO IMPORTANT to me and they are… crimson-shark + fly-sky-high-09 + syntheticimagination + frankyding (which she very rarely gets on tumblr XD;) + cakeprophet + eu-lette + scitty-kitty + dansyron

Part 6 = which will be an ART of my 2 OCs! Nekuro and Helaku! >uo/*

Part Finale = to end this art bomb~….THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING GREAT PEOPLE AND STAY BEING AWESOME! \ouo/

Len & Barry Ship It

Len and Barry discover ColdFlash, proceed to become part of the fandom, and form an unknowing friendship with each other’s online aliases. When they finally discover they’ve been talking to each other all this time, they have to face facts that maybe this ship they’ve been supporting, writing fics for, and making art of, is something they both want in real life too. If only they can take the risk.

11 authors came together on tumblr to each write a chapter of this concept, taking different points in the timeline to tell a complete story. Please read these stories in order, as together they tell a full fic from how Len and Barry first discover ColdFlash to how it becomes canon. Stay tuned for potentially continuing epilogue chapters as ideas come to us! 

You can read and comment on these awesome chapters at the AO3 collection HERE, and also read this monster below the cut. We plan to periodically add additional epilogue chapters as there are a few things we think would be fun to explore. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved! @lisellevelvet, @coldtomyflash, @dragdragdragon, @cliches-and-coffee, @daughterofscotland, @ereri-yaoi-lover, @likes-to-icicle, @ladyofpride, @redcharade, @wolvesofinnistrad

This was a massive undertaking and we really hope you all enjoy the fic!

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