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Um so.. I laughed when Ennui said,

 “I like who you are on the inside, but I just can’t get used to your outside..”

and Crimson said, “Your perky nose makes me want to puke..” 

But in the end, I think they got a little used to each others real faces.. and I think that’s the cutest part. 🌹🌚☺️

And another thing, ENNUI TURNED TO THE PERKY GUY TO MARILYN MANSON IN LIKE 2 SECONDS LOL (Only people who watched the episode would know what i’m talking about..)  #Rock N Roll Challenge

Carr(Carmine) Hayes

Age: 19(at the Fall of Beacon)

Weapon: Eternal Storm

Sexuality: Lesbian

Weapon Description: A spear with a jagged blade and the hilt is black and dark red. It can collapse for easy hauling on her back.

Semblance: Weather Manipulation

Background: She grew up in Vale as an only child to her parents, Phoenix and Kiara Hayes. She attended Signal Academy and when she was 17, she joined Beacon Academy like her parents before her. She was named the leader of Team Crimson but never truly got along with her teammates.

Nero was a racist that blamed Faunus for all the problems. Shani wanted to join the White Fang but he knew that it wasn’t the right time. Moswen was sent by her family to have a better life.

After the Fall of Beacon, all of her teammates ran off. Nero ran off to join the Atlasian army to take down the White fang while Shani joined Adam Taurus and his faction of the White Fang. Moswen went back to Vacuo, afraid to be involved in this war.

Without her team, she started to travel to become stronger and to help people where she could.

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Any sasuhina fanfic to recommend me?Please,i can't find any good one :(

They’re too many for me to list, LIKE seriously, I have over 200+ sasuhina favorite! Instead of giving you the title of the fanfic, I decided to give you authors names instead because they have alot of SH fics but I only chose a few(I recommended fics I like, but you can go ahead and read other stories from the author). Here is the list:

A Dreamer Always (recommend reward of hard worker and circumstances)

A.Mai9 (recent name change; rec. with eyes that see the bigger picture)

aFlawedDesign (rec. nezumi and anything but a lost cause)

Airyo (rec. how the grouch stole Hinata and prey for the hunted)

Aixyutin (recent name change; rec. fairytale)

akatsukireunites (rec. second chances)

amethystcreator (rec. sasuke hunt down team)

AnnaDax (rec. Crimson snow, the madness of an enchanting obsession, unbreakable bond)

Anouk Chizatz (rec. secret admirer)

Aquarius Dragon (rec. Vehemence)

ariannaisgone (rec. the dragon and the lioness)

aurora0914 (rec. For the best and Omnipotence)

awesome anonymous (rec. Confectionery)

Backne (rec. bump on the head)

Bullwinkle’s Lady (rec. having edge and pranks)

chancewriter (rec. They Know me Here)

chibismiles5266 (rec. finding you and my neighbor)

Cinderella Starsend (rec. Ichinen)

Clueless Naruto-kun (rec. you’re weak)

Crimson Siyrean (rec. to make an uchiha laugh)

DatCynicalGirl (rec. thrown away)

deadly-chornicles (could not link to ffnet b/c deleted account however link here)

DemonicXaliv (rec. His wounds, her heart; I know; Before the wedding; and Knowing her)

Diablo’s Heir (rec. Crimson Moon)

Doll-Fin-Chick (rec. Broken Chains)

Eglaya (rec. SasuHina)

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emilyjm (rec. Neji Hyuuga: Matchmaker)

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Lady Crack (rec. Shinobi of Honor)

Lady Hinata Uchiha (rec. sweet indulgence, helping one another)

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Meruhen Wind (rec. stuffy nose)

miikka-xx (rec. The tale of grimm reaper lover)

MikaMika13 (rec. Sasuhina: The other Hinata)

MissLe (rec. Smile for me, a study of mannerisms and alterations, lack of flavor)

Miss-Tulip (rec. it started with a dream)

MistressSolar (recent name change; rec. wisely in love, foolishly in love)

Mizuki San (rec. The reasons that make me love you)

moonlight gal (rec. NANO)

Ms. Bear (rec. Kitten POV)

Ms. Videl Son (rec. Kiss away the pain, turbulence)

MsChifSantos (rec. Misguided Advice)

This is half of the author names, once you finish these, please come back for the last half. Happy reading : )

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Do any of the seven schools have a dress code?

First off, thanks  for the question! I’m sorry the answer has been so long in coming: all the mods have been really busy recently, so we’ve been a little slow. So onto the answer!

School Uniforms:

School uniforms are the norm for the majority of the Seven Schools of Sorcery, so we’re just going school by school and discuss their policies.

The Allegiance Academy: When the school was founded, the majority of students brought to the Allegiance Academy were lucky to arrive with the clothes on their backs. To make up for this, the school made it a policy to provide a simple uniform for its students, which has since become the standardized uniform for the student body. The outfit of the Allegiance Academy is the same for males and female, and consists of black cotton slacks and linen shirts, topped with a black cotton robe that descended to just above the knee. The coat is imprinted with the seal of the Allegiance Academy over the left breast. Upon graduation, the students of the Allegiance Academy receive a wand-sheath with the same symbol ingrained in silver on polished dark leather. Uniforms are provided for free by the school, and are only required for classes as well as formal dinners hosted on Friday and Sunday. The Quodpot team are assigned crimson-flying robes, lined with black and silver.

The Salem Institute: Much has been made of the starch, puritanical values and how they reflected in their plain clothing. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Many of the Puritan communities of New England were actually quite fond of bright colors, a fact that proved especially true of the hidden society of witches and wizards who had greater access to dying techniques and spells to change the color of cloth (indeed, an over-exuberance of color led to some of the fledgling communities earliest infractions of the Statute of Secrecy). At the Salem Institute this love of color was not oppressed in the slightest, though the strict cuts of the uniform were implemented. Men wear conservatively cut coats and slacks with wide brimmed hats (generally optional), while women wear traditional blouses and skirts and, for formal occasions, don bonnets. Long hair, on men and women, is to be tied into a bun or plaited tightly to prevent accidents. As of 1996, the school formally recognized the right of wizards and witches to identify their own gender-identities, so while the uniform remains the staple for students during class hours and formal events, the body within the clothing no longer matters for the sake of identity. Quodpot players wear robes of light blue trimmed with dark grey for all their matches and practice.

The Laveau Academy: With its emphasis on diversity and individuality, the Laveau Academy is not the sort of school to enforce a strict uniform policy. Students are asked to follow a dress code that only requires a modicum of basic modesty, but otherwise promotes expression. Given the competitive nature of the school, however, most students use style as one of their many weapons in the war of social and academic supremacy. Currently linen suits and cotton sun dresses are the most popular choices of the season, though it is bound to change when trendsetters grow bored and make a switch. Needless to say, simple forms of transfiguration and domestic charms learned quickly by students that want to duel in the realms of fashion, and mastery of such magic is strictly required to participate; nothing is more embarrassing, after all, than having one’s elegant silk kimono transform back into a frumpy cotton nightshirt halfway through lunch. The Laveau Academy quodpot team wears robes of royal purple lined with black. 

Mesa Academy: There is no dress code or uniform of the Mesa Academy, especially since in its early days it drew from such a diverse set of Native students from all across North America, all of whom came with their personal styles of dress and preferences. Given the harsh climate around the Academy, students are expected to dress to survive in comfort and there is a general focus on practicality. Lotions and potions to protect from the sun are one of the first things most students learn to make, though it is not part of the formal curriculum. The Mesa Quodpot Team wears flying-robes of tan and light green.

La Academia Occidental: Founded as one part religious school, LAO has probably the strictest dress code for students. Girls are required to wear a white habit, minus the cornette or hood (taken out of the wardrobe in the 1920s, though girls whose religious or cultural backgrounds require them to wear some sort of head-cover are certainly permitted to do so). Boys are attired in a dark blue habits that mirror the dress of Jesuit priests, minus the collar. The uniform is to be worn between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7 PM monday through friday, and for Sunday breakfast, which is always a formal affair. Students involved in the school’s acclaimed theater, art, or dancing programs can remove the uniform for more functional clothing during the course of classes. The same applies for quodpot training, wherein school flying-uniforms in white trimmed with dark blue and gold are worn. 

The Randolph-Poythress Institute: There is no strict uniform for RPI, but the school does have a dress code students must abide by during class-hours and certain engagements. In the tradition of southern parochial-schools, students can choose from white button down shirts or polos, green or green-and-white tartan skirts, black slacks or khakis, and an assortment of vests, sweaters, ties, and scarves in school-colors or neutral tones. Cloaks or jackets are acceptable outerwear. Since the mid-90s, students have been allowed to wear jeans on Fridays only. The school hosts a number of formal events every year, and RPI has a fund that was established by school-alumni that provides formal wear for students in need. RPI Quodpot players wear robes of viridian and white.

Blackgate: The school policy on the dress-code has varied wildly over the decades, depending entirely on the Headmaster or Headmistress of the school. Under Miriam Odinson, current headmistress, the students are given fairly free reign in what they want to wear, aside from the mandating of a school issued school cloak which must be worn outside the confines of the castle and during class hours. The robes, called “allies” (Ah-lees), were originally enchanted by Dalia Aleska (one of the original founders) to provide comfort and warmth to students, as well as tracking spells that activate should the student wander outside the confines of the school. The allies are shimmery smooth gray blue color, reflecting the school’s triplicate nature between stone and lake and sky. During a student’s first year in Enchantments (a class unique to Blackgate) they also forge themselves badges, which can accumulate a number of enhancements over the years, and personalize each-student’s wardrobes. For quodpot matches, the Blackgate team sports robes of black with silver and dark blue trim.

Len & Barry Ship It

Len and Barry discover ColdFlash, proceed to become part of the fandom, and form an unknowing friendship with each other’s online aliases. When they finally discover they’ve been talking to each other all this time, they have to face facts that maybe this ship they’ve been supporting, writing fics for, and making art of, is something they both want in real life too. If only they can take the risk.

11 authors came together on tumblr to each write a chapter of this concept, taking different points in the timeline to tell a complete story. Please read these stories in order, as together they tell a full fic from how Len and Barry first discover ColdFlash to how it becomes canon. Stay tuned for potentially continuing epilogue chapters as ideas come to us! 

You can read and comment on these awesome chapters at the AO3 collection HERE, and also read this monster below the cut. We plan to periodically add additional epilogue chapters as there are a few things we think would be fun to explore. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved! @lisellevelvet, @coldtomyflash, @dragdragdragon, @cliches-and-coffee, @daughterofscotland, @ereri-yaoi-lover, @likes-to-icicle, @ladyofpride, @redcharade, @wolvesofinnistrad

This was a massive undertaking and we really hope you all enjoy the fic!

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I’m sorry for the delay. I’m also sorry for how shit this is and my inability to write fluff lmao.
Word Count: 2456

[Part 1] [Part 2]


Part 3

You undertook a myriad of tests that challenged your strength, speed and monitored your vitals while doing so. Along with this a range of activates were completed to test your emotions, and discover more about your ability to transform and to what extent could you change.

It was revealed that your emotions dictate your transformation. Rage was a particularly strong emotion that prompted your change, but dangers surrounded your change. Like if you were to lose control. You could potentially lash out and harm someone as you had no control over your actions, especially on a full moon. 

On your first full moon after meeting the team they had taken extra precautions after hearing what happened on full moons, these precautions included trapping you in a jail cell, where they kept the metahumans. Your feral appearance and rage had startled the team (especially the fluorescent crimson eyes), but that only urged them to work harder to control your abilities and emotions.

The first full moon you spent at the lab was significantly easier than past full moons, also due to the fact that you remember most of the events. The one distinctive thing you remember was this intoxicating, but earthy scent and a steady heartbeat throughout the night. You kept your ears locked on that sound, using it pace your own and focus on. You detected every blimp, pause and race throughout the night that matched the timing of your growls, particularly noticing the increase in racing when it paced and neared your location. Due to your emotional state and attempts to not black out and lose control you couldn’t piece together that it was the one person who stayed at S.T.A.R Labs the entire night, making sure that you were okay. Barry Allen.

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