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USA becomes the first country in Olympics history to sweep podium positions in 100m women’s hurdles. It’s also the first sweep for women’s USA track and field team and sixth athletics sweep by a nation in Olympic history.


;;  [ a team machine mix ]

tracklisting: 001. M.M.I.X. - coldplay 002. welcome to the machine - pink floyd 003. we can make the world stop - the glitch mob 004. revolution indifference - until the ribbon breaks 005. professional griefers - deadmau5 006. run this town - jay z rihanna kanye west 007. i’d love to change the world - jetta 008. ruled by secrecy - muse 009. wisdom justice & love - linkin park 010. shrinking universe - muse 011. this town your grave - innerpartysystem 012. fall into your arms - bastille 013. tinfoil - linkin park 014. who we are - imagine dragons 015. a modern myth - 30 seconds to mars 016. a real hero - alt-j 017. children of the future - bloc party

theironslayer  asked:

Rrgh. I dunno. Could we just sand down all of the sharp corners? Would that be possible - fitzsimmons, please ? :)

“The sharp corners?” Simmons asked, hand resting on her large belly. “You mean to say that you plan on sanding down every single sharp corner in the base? No, Fitz,” she sighed. “And don’t even think of suggesting padding the place.”

“You’re the one who said we needed to baby proof,” Fitz muttered, climbing into bed.

“We have to be prepared!” Simmons snapped. “It’s dangerous as it is… a baby on a secret base. Honestly, this is hardly rational. Really, we should know better. Weapons, constant enemies. Our poor daughter could get seriously hurt. And don’t you dare bring up the extra babysitters argument again.” She took a deep breath. “We’ll talk about this in the morning. 

Fitz was more than happy to postpone the conversation. 

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