team crafted house

Hey guys I just started writing a fan fiction of Skylox on Wattpad. let me know what you think of it. it’s called “Skylox satisfactory” Also let me know if you would like me to use your skylox pic for the picture. I’ll credit you in the description. I plan on making this story really well and take requests from the readers. Please read it and let me know so far thank you!

Yes 911? This is an emergency. 

The Team Crafted fandom is losing its shit so I request you send a police officer to the Team Crafted house in LA, California and tell them to hurry their asses up please.

Which house is it?

Oh it’s probably in the rich part of the city, where the big fancy yippy houses are with the pools in the yard and gated property. No the property ain’t big. Yeah two story house. Mhmm. Should have at least a black SUV parked in the drive. Yeah. Mhmm. You’re sending someone? Great. Thank you.