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Do you have any headcannos about Domestic Rucas?

ooooh domestic rucas is my frickin jamm

and listen, i’m gonna send a lil love to softy herself, @friarlucas, bc gotor has got some great domestic rucas that will truly mess you up and if you haven’t read it whatcha doing???

to start this off i’d like to say that rucas are the mom and dad of the clique six if that isn’t domestic enough for ya 

  • when they’re still dating riley and lucas are most domestic in the matthews’ household
  • topanga (blindsiding cory) likes to let them babysit auggie and honestly all three of them love it
  • auggie loves the attention and care of his second set of parents
  • riley loves being a mom™ and lucas is just a dad… like all the time
  • they get to be in charge of cooking dinner and the cuteness of them cooperating and just being a great team in the kitchen is the best
  • and they also make a mean meal for the fam
  • lucas is basically a part of the matthews family and has “accidentally” called topanga and cory mom and dad numerous times (in a very in-law sort of way)
  • riley also likes to make lucas’ lunches w cute little uplifting notes that she sneaks into his locker bc she knows that he forgets to eat sometimes especially in the later years of hs when school starts to get him down
  • when either one of them is away at school their teachers like to ask them where the other is bc everyone in the school knows they’re dating
  • any event/sports thing of the other’s is in their calendar
  • they constantly remind each other of their responsibilities
  • ex. someone invites lucas to go out after a game and he almost says yes until riley reminds him it’s pappy joe’s birthday and he needs to call him
  • “lucas, are we rich?” 

Tony: So what does this mean? A new spirit of cooperation between our teams?
Natasha: It’s for the best, Tony. And it’s long overdue. You’ve got a remarkable leader in Wanda. She did things today I didn’t know she was capaable of. Look, we’ve known each other for years, Tony… so so I’m sure you won’t mind me saying this… why don’t you start giving Wanda some more credit… and freedom? You wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side… now would you?
Tony: Or her on mine

This was when Tony Stark was posessed by an evil outside of normal space time and then killed a bunch of Avengers in order to reset a franchise. These things don’t just happen to the Scarlet Witch.

From Force Works #14, by Abnett & Lanning and Dave Ross.