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Love on the Ice ~ Klance AU

-Lance is a World Champion ice skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

-Keith is an All-Star hockey player and on a World Champion NHL team called Voltron

-Hunk is also on team Voltron as the goalie and he’s quite popular for his excellent blocks

-Pidge is an Olympic silver medalist and is being coached with Lance

-Shiro is a retired Voltron player and is now the coach of Voltron

              -Him and Keith are stepbrothers

-Allura and Coran are retired couple skaters and now are coaching Lance and Pidge.

-Shiro and Allura dating but no one really knows

-Lance and Hunk are childhood friends and they never miss each other’s games/performances

              -If they can’t make it they would watch them together on Youtube  

-Keith is new on the team but earned respect when he basically won the championship with the most goals

-Pidge is a very smart person so her performances have clever stories and choreography that people just love

              -her favorite types of songs to skate to is techno pop

-Lance loves to skate to pop songs and Spanish songs

-Keith and Hunk become friends after a while of Keith ignoring his introductions

              -Hunk gave him and the rest of the team cookies

-Hunk convinces Keith to go an ice skating competition close by

              -Keith thinks it’s too girly

-Keith watches Lance’s performance and falls in love with the sport and the boy

-Lance and Pidge goes to one of Hunks games and oh boi you know what happens

              -Keith took off his helmet and lance melted

-Since their careers are more important than a love life they pretend to hate each other

              -Hunk and Pidge made them meet each other

-They almost always go out to eat after to eat after practice, so hunk and pidge have to eat through constant arguing

              -Hunk and Pidge are suspicious

-Lance is insecure and homesick cause we have to have some Langst

              -He moved from Cuba to America to train


-Hunk and Pidge finally make them hang out ALONE

              -they give each other skating tips

-Mutual Pinning

-Lance spills his insecurities on, the one and only, Keith

               -Keith hugs lance

-They become more flustered with each other after that

-Private skating sessions become more common

-One day one of Lance’s favorite cousin dies from suicide and goes into a state of depression

              -he and his family are really close and since he moved to America he                 hasn’t talked to them much

              -he feels like it his fault since he hasn’t been there to notice anything                   wrong

              -he doesn’t eat, sleep, practice, or leave his house for days

              -Hunk forces him to go to the rink with Keith to get out

              -at the rink, with Keith he almost passes out

              -Keith, of course, catches him and takes him home

              -takes care of him for a few days and talk about his family

-Lance and Keith become really close and their fans start to notice

              -Klance is trending on almost everything

-Voltron is in the NHL championship and everyone is there for support

              -They win of course

              -Keith and Lance hug and Klance is trending on everything again

-Ice skating comes into season and lance makes it into the finals

              -It was lance’s toughest performance on an emotional level

              - Same thing again, everyone come for support

              -Lance gets gold

              -Lance and Keith kiss after his performance and Klance is trending                     for a week


Okay, I have no idea if this has been done before so please forgive me if it has.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) “We’ve done a lot of things we’re not proud of; robbing graves and plundering tombs… double parking… but nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew.”


I had a lot of black cookie dough from a particular project, so I made some evil team cookies!

So here’s Team Plasma, Team Galactic, Team Skull, and the Aether Foundation!

For some reason, I basically chose the most complex logos, even though I’m still a relative newbie to freehand cookie decorating. That said, aside from maybe Team Plasma (easily the hardest of the bunch), I’m pretty happy with all of them. Plus black cookie dough looks really cool.

Also, thank you for 525+ followers! It makes me so happy that so many people like Pokemon foods as much as I do, and I plan to keep this content coming!

three types of people at a wedding proposal 

Prey and Predator

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

other characters: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Pietro Maximoff

summary: It is an annual Avenger’s Halloween party and everyone gets to see each other costumes. 

length: 1 265 words

a/n: Happy Halloween! the first fic in the Stony Halloween Spooktacular event and it was made from various Halloween prompts you sent to me!  I hope you will like it!


Prey and Predator

“Steve?! Woah, you look great!”

“Are you serious?!”

Steve only smiled, yellow colored lips stretching in a glossy grin. There was a deep brown eye blush around his eyes, eyelashes embellished with some small feathers. His whole body was wrapped in black leather clothes, and there was a heavy cape with a hood on his back with sewn brown feathers, fanning out and varying in length, reminding of wings. To complete the look, he was wearing brown leather gloves with dark and long claws attached to each finger, and shiny leather boots going up to his knees.

Natasha kept smiling, dressed in a red shirt with a ’this is my costume’ in bold, white print, paired with simple jeans, and the only truly Halloween accent in her outfit was a black headband with fuzzy fake spiders with googly eyes on them attached.

“Is it too much? I feel it is too much, but Wanda insisted,” Steve answered, sounding a little unsure and pointing a claw to his face, meaning the makeup.

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”