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Status Report 6/22/17

Hi there! This is CoreyWW, newest member of the Connie Swap team with something a little bit different that we’re hoping to make a regular thing.

We want to have a greater level of engagement with you wonderful people, so we’re going to be periodically posting status reports (maybe once a week, if possible, but we’ll see how things turn out) to let you all know ideas we have in the works as well as ideas of how you all can have fun along with us. So, let’s get right into it.

Latest chapter progress – Episode 8 Chapter 2 is on schedule, which we’re all very excited about. I think I speak for the whole team when I say we’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. In case you haven’t read the first chapter of episode 8 yet, you should consider doing so here, especially for those of you who like Sadie or the Cool Kids. (Incidentally the Cool Kids ended up being fun to write, but that’s neither here nor there…)

Omake Prompts! – This is a recent idea that we’re all excited about. The Team loves the omakes (i.e. non-canon chapters) you guys have been making. The bulk of these are collected in our Omake Collection on AO3 (which incidentally, if you have an idea for one, leave us a comment on the collection or send us an ask here and we’ll be in touch). Of course the team has made some omakes too, but we love the ones from you all.

Soooo, we’ve been in talks to do a fun event where we will, perhaps once a week, leave a prompt for you guys to write a story from using the characters in this AU, and see what you guys come up with. The results will be reblogged here and might even be added to the collection. We are still workshopping this idea, the main reason we’re mentioning it here is to tell if that’s something you guys might be interested in. So if you like this idea, let us know.

Should we do this, we are debating if the prompts should be specific story seeds (Ex. The prompt for this week is “Connie and Steven go on a date”) or much shorter prompts that can be interpreted any number of ways (Ex. The prompt for this week is “Dating”.) If you have an opinion one way or the other, let us know as well.

Upcoming omake from the team – br42 is currently at work on a fun little non-canon omake featuring Connie getting sick and Steven helping take care of her, so look forward to that soon :)

Connie Swap Style Guide reference – To help authors interested in doing omakes, br42 is also working on a concise “style guide” as a reference, basically a list of the writing conventions and quirks surrounding each character

That’s all we have at this time. If you have any questions or thoughts based on what’s covered here, feel free to send an Ask! I hope you’ve enjoyed this update. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled here for all further Connie Swap updates, as well as keep an eye on our AO3 page for all new chapters. Thanks for reading!

-ConnieSwap Crew✩

Team Get Eren (Again) from Attack on Titan.

Original Image belongs to Studio Wit.

Taken from Episode 33: “The Hunters”.

I watched the episode, saw this image and took a screenshot, because damn this shot composition is sooooo good! I’ve already talked about AoT so I won’t say much more, only that I am loving this season so far!!! Keep up the good work Wit!


I’ve never met Connie Maheswaran but I trust her

I Just Had The Best™ Idea I'm sure someone has already thought of

(But whoever else thought about this probably took it way more seriously than I’m about to)

• Klance Tangled AU

• Keith is Rapunzel and has magical emo hair

• Haggar is Gothel bc WITCH

• Keith wants to know about the shiny things in the sky but Haggar is stubborn and has no imagination so she doesn’t tell him

• Pidge is the Chameleon. They just showed up there one day and never left. Keith gives them free food and Haggar doesn’t know they’re there so Pidge is fine

• Or, consideration, maybe Pidge also has magical hair and that’s why they’re there, but Pidge REALLY wants to dramatically cut it off

• They want to do it so bad

• Pidge COULD tell Keith about the shiny things in the sky but they likes to watch him suffer so they say they don’t know

• But Actual Disney Princess Keith wants MORE

• Suddenly Lance-as-Flynn-Rider shows up

• Keith is like “take me to see the shiny things” and Lance is like “okay give me back my treasure and we have a deal”

• Hunk might just hang around Lance and complain about the lack of food. Him and Pidge hit it off and they pick on their respective only friends together

• Shiro and Allura are the king and queen but Keith’s not even their kid they adopted him

• But he was theirs for longer than his actual parents so he might as well be theirs

• And Actual Disney Princess Keith and Done With This Disney Shit Lance bicker a lot and then fall in love

• also Coran is the horse


Oh my god I’m the latest person in the entire fucking world thanks depression

But here they are….Anime Boston photos 2 fucking months late….this is all of Friday with my cosplays at the end with my Munasaka squad

And someone brought a cat to the formal ball

Juzo: @rainbowspaceshark

Right Munakata: @1000knocks

(And my frog is a Johnny Yong Bosch ref….I never let Power Rangers memes die)

kierbean  asked:

What if Steven saw Jenny and buck holding hands and the next day saw sour cream kiss Jenny on the cheek and was like WHOA IS SHE CHEATING?? So he goes and tells buck and buck just starts laughing and he tells sour cream and Jenny and they start laughing and Steven is just sitting there like "?? This isn't funny??"

Awww, that’s so cute, aha. 

Steven would totally feel it’s the right thing to do, too, to tell Buck about it. Or, since he’s so good-natured and pretty forgiving, I think he’d be a little hesitant about thinking badly of Jenny and try to ‘go undercover’ w/ connie or something to find out what’s REALLY going on…!

omg I might have to write a short fic about that…

Connie and Sasha's Tour Around J-POP Hell (9:30 - 11:00)

From SnK Gag Drama CD -  コニーとサシャのJ -POP地獄めぐり

In which Levi being a mother, passing down his cleaning skill to Mikasa


Levi: So noisy! What are you making racket about?

Sasha & Connie: He… Heichou!!! (Run towards entrance to salute)

L: Hey you… Eren’s childhood friend

Mikasa: Yes!

L: Come here with me

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gelgar Gelgar GELGAR

Or, “Let’s talk about why Gelgar is a really cool character.”

Edited: 3 April 2017

Featuring: “Why Gelyn is a viable ship.”

Okay, so like I said in my posts about Petruo and Mikenana:

1.) Even though it’s sad that both characters in this pairing are dead, the advantage is that the creators can’t mess with them much more. The anime may change some things (for example, hair/eye color, the way the manga interactions read to me), but generally speaking they probably won’t overturn our expectations in any way.

2.) In order to really appreciate a pairing you first have to appreciate the characters involved in said pairing. I’ll talk about Gelgar and Lynne to the best of my ability.

So yeah! Let’s get started!

(Under cut for length/images!)

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Kaji Yuuki,Kamiya Hiroshi,Ishikawa Yui,Inoue Marina,Taniyama Kishou etc.

Hey,I translated some other conversations from the Shingeki No Kyojin Gag Drama CD. Please, note that since English it’s not my native language, the translation  may contain some grammar/expression mistakes.I’m really sorry for that,and I hope that despite of this you will understand/enjoy these little conversations,they are really hilarious!:)


Participants:Mikasa,Eren,Armin,Jean,Connie,Sasha,Erwin and Levi.

The story it’s about Mikasa’s stolen scarf and the mysterious culprit.This track is 29 minutes long,so I will choose some really interesting parts from it.

Part 1.

Erwin woke up with Mikasa’s scarf around his neck.He was really confused ,because he didn’t even know who was the owner of the scarf.Suddenly,Eren and the team(Armin,Mikasa,Jean,Connie and Sasha) knocked on the door.Obviously,they were desperately searching for Mikasa’scarf.They searched in all the rooms,but they couldn’t find it.The only room wich wasn’t rummaged,was Erwin’s.They all enterted in Erwin’s room:

Jean:-Erwin danchou,do you have an idea where Mikasa’s scarf could be?

Armin:-Sir,please,don’t think that we are suspecting you,but do you have a clue about Mikasa’s scarf?

Erwin:-Is that scarf,by any chance,a red scarf?


Eren:-As one would expect,amazing,Erwin danchou!You even know about your subordinate’s stuff!

Erwin:- No,that’s not it.The truth is that……


Mikasa:Yes!The supposition that I left it somewhere accidentally it’s impossible.It was clearly stolen.My special skill is to cut meat.The culprit needs to be punished properly.

Jean:Sorry,Erwin danchou.Mikasa is really nervous since morning.

Erwin:-Aah…it’s understandable.It was a precious scarf,wasn’t it? *he knows he’s in deep shit* you suspect someone?

Sasha:Not at all….



Connie: But…but….you are always watching Mikasa’s scarf,right?I know you do!


Connie:Then what are you looking at?

Jean: Umh…uhh…umh….*ashamed* ANYHOW,I’M NOT THE CULPRIT!

Eren: Say it Jean!Be honest!Admit it!If you’ll do it know,Mikasa will forgive you!

Erwin:You shouldn’t suspect someone without proof,right? *Erwin is really in deep shit*

After this,to avert the suspicion,Erwin forms some groups to search for Mikasa’s scarf.This group is named “Scarf Search Squad.”


Erwin goes to Levi to ask for advice, because he is afraid of Mikasa’s retaliation and being labeled a pervert.(‘’hentai’’)

Erwin enters Levi’s room:

*Levi cleaning the room*


Levi:-Haa? 눈_눈

Erwin: *hiding*-Here,I’m here!

Levi:-What’s this?Why are you hiding?Is this a new training or something?Why are you showing just half of yourself?

Erwin:-I have some problems Levi,help me!

Levi :What are you saying?The mankind is in a big trouble since a long long time.The titans are outside the walls,and we are surrounded by a bunch of idiots. 눈‸눈

  After this Erwin talks to Levi about the incident.He asked Levi to explain everything to Mikasa,to insure his innocence.In this time,The Scarf Search Squad notices that Armin’s underwear is also missing. Levi it’s about to tell the truth about the incident,but Erwin stops him because he doesn’t want to be associated with Armin’s underwear going missing as well.Erwin and Levi wanted to leave,but Eren asked them:

Eren:- Before you leave,please,danchou,heichou,could tell me what were you doing last night?

Levi: -What’s up,Eren?Don’t tell me that you’re suspecting me! 屮눈皿눈

Eren:-IT’S NOT LIKE THAT..just..just…

After this Eren asks a lot of questions from Erwin,and he’s becoming crazy from the pressure(lol).It’s revealed that Erwin got drunk with Pixis last night,and he didn’t even remember a thing.Suddenly,Levi stops the conversation between Eren and Erwin and tells the truth about Erwin and the scarf.Erwin gets angry.Everyone thinks that Erwin is a hentai,and he tries to explain himself.The conclusion from the Search Squad is that the only one who is strong enough to take away Mikasa’s scarf and put it around Erwin’s neck can be just Levi. He becomes the main suspect,but there is no proof.Everyone thinks that he stole Armin’s underwear.

Eren:-Levi heichou!Can you tell me what were you doing last night?

Levi:-I was cleaning the bathroom…..

Eren:-Is this an alibi?! HEICHOU! JUST ADMIT IT! YOU STOLE IT!

Levi:-EREN! Are you having fun right now,right?! -Erwin! Tell this little piece of shit that I’m not interested in women’s scarf and men’s underwear!Tell them!Erw…HEY!WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHIN’ AT?!!

*Erwin is laughing*

So,in the end,the truth finally came out.Erwin accidentally took Mikasa’s scarf because he was cold when he got drunk with Pixis.Levi took Armin’s underwear –also accidentally– because he thought it was a dust cloth and he used it to clean things with it.Everything was revealed.

The audio file was too big to upload,so I cut it.(The audio file contains the scene when Eren starts suspecting Erwin and Levi).

   Also,I highlighted the funnier parts.XD.