team clarence

Hey guys! Since our Clarence short “Beans” is going around again, I wanted to post the original animatic we made to send to the Seoul studio!

When the Clarence team approached us to write and board a short for Clarence, both Alex and I were obviously elated. Clarence is my favorite toon on teevee, and working with the team before was so wonderful, we were happy to return. It was a total treat to get to come up with a fun scenario and dialogue for  some of my favorite characters.

Because Alex and myself are animators, we took it a step farther then needed and keyframed the entire short. We had a blast doing it, and it was interesting to see what bits were changed by the other animators for the final.

Above you can check out the animatic we made, including terrible scratch audio by Alex and myself. Please also check out the finished show below!! Thanks so much guys!

View of Roy and Clarence Batchelder, riding a tandem bicycle. Printed on front: “The smallest tandem team in the world. Roy Batchelder, age 5 years. Clarence Batchelder, age 3 years.” Handwritten on back: “Subject: Bicycles. Collection: MS3/Charles E. Duryea Collection. Source: Estate of Charles E. & M. Jerry Duryea. I.D.: The smallest tandem team in the world. Roy Batchelder, age 5. Clarence Batchelder, age 3.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

“R-really, Tendou? ” 

This is a (super SUPER I AM SO SORRY) late birthday present for @iwachann. I’ve always thought Tendou actually plays on the same college team, too. And when Semi comes to visit, he never misses a chance to make out with him in the equipment room after practice. The team manager, Clarence, has the worst luck in the world and keeps finding his players in compromising positions. 

Kat, I hope this fulfills your several requests of tensemi+intense+clarence, hehehe. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and also for being responsible for Clarence’s creation. He now has a special place in my heart!


Featuring, like, two and a half minutes of wacky full animation by Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera (us aaaa)!!

We were delighted to get to animate so much of this episode in full, and had a wonderful time working with the awesome Clarence team. I did this spooky episode promo pic! Jeff are you ok. 

shysassyspinosaurus  asked:

Do you storyboard all Clarence episodes With your partner or there are different groups that share them?

Oh no way man! That’d be so much work for us!

Clarence currently has 4 super duper 2 person board teams!

Mark n Stu

Katie n Jason

Tiffany n Michelle

Me n Vitaliy

We are led by our fearless directors

Stephen, Niki, n David

And supported by our awesome revisionists!!

Miyuki, Matt, and Arlo 

It’s a huge team effort!!