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Hannibal AU | Will & Chilton as Roommates

Will: What is this?
Chilton: That would be human…human bones.
Will: Why are there human bones in Hannibal’s trash…

[Will and Chilton both scream as the camera zooms in and off their faces dramatically]

With no other options for housing, Will Graham and his “rival”/co worker Frederick Chilton agree to move in together as roommates. The first few weeks are packed with enough bickering for an old married couple, but when they get a new neighbor, things begin to change. In true Rear Window and The Burbs style, Will and Frederick become suspicious of the new tenant, Hannibal Lecter, and pin him as the recent serial killer that’s been roaming Baltimore. Intended to be a comedic AU, this story involves spying through windows, sneaking into apartments, and barely getting away. It’s up to Team Will/Chilton to stop the man no one else suspects. 

thoughts about last nights episode:

1.) For some reason, I kept thinking, ‘gosh, why am i weirdly into Abel Gideon’ and then it hit me and I realized I might just be the slowest Slower McSlowsen ever to breathe because Abel Gideon is Eddie Izzard.  

2.) Abel GIdeon’s character continues to interest me. I like his carefully considered speaking and easy mannerisms. People are really not like that and it reminds me of Hopkin’s Hannibal in the movies. It also makes me wonder what GIdeon was like around people before he was caught. Like, if he was always like this, how the fuck did he assimilate? At least pre-caught Hannibal blends in. Mostly.  

3.) Is Gideon smartly protecting himself by protecting Hannibal or is he just curious to see Hannibal play out his attempt to transform WIll Graham and respect this fascinating experiment?

4.) Team Gideon and Hannibal vs Team Graham and Brown. Team Chilton and Hannibal or Team Chilton and WIll? I don’t know which I want more but I will say, Team Freddie and Will pleases me. 

5.) Chilton, do you suspect Hannibal? Hannibal, do you suspect that Chilton might suspect you?

6.) Really touching moments for me brought via Jack flipping Crawford of all people: Like exhibit A: Jack liberating Will from his bindings and mask. Exhibit B: Jack saving Hannibal from hanging and carrying him over his broad Jackly shoulder. heh. 

both of these events seem symbolic. Both are representational of Jack as the ultimate hero; the real good guy, He’s so flawed, and yes he’s done damage wittingly or unwittingly to people but in the end, he does what he can for the greater good. He wants to save people. 

It’s sort of a revelation for me to like this portrayal of Jack in spite of always liking him in the Harris novels. For the first time, I’m reminded why I liked him. 

7.) Similar to what I suspect of Gideon, Brown also sees and is interested in exploiting Will Graham’s darker potential. 

That part when he first explained there is a recognition between their sort and then mistakenly buying into Graham as being among his kind really sort of irked me because I saw the slick intelligence in Brown and didn’t want him to look stupid. Then, in his confrontation with Hanging!Hannibal, when he confesses to basically 99% knowing the truth of the situation, I just– it made me really happy.

8.) The Hannibody: I mean it’s perfect because it shows that for his age he cares about his health but also enjoys perhaps too many leisurely pursuits and indulges a bit too hedonistically because that is a tiny bit of pudge covering that muscle.

I like his normal, healthy, pale, furry chested middle aged manbody. Look at the way that swimsuit grips those hips.  

He doesn’t have powerfully sculpted arms or legs and his upper body doesn’t make him look like a brick shit house– but clearly he still looks strong– more possessing the type of strength that could be attributable to being a product of his *other* pursuits. 

9.) Previews of next week Hannibloom? Alana and Will kissed once. Hannibal knows about this. Hannibal and Alana kiss? Vicarious kissing. (Thank you, onawingandaswear) And what could be a more effective way of effecting Will? 

10.) I think Hannibal gets what Will is up to with Brown, and he realizes that Will is not *preferring* Brown as his *murder husband* but still. I like to humour the notion that it rankles a bit that Will would prefer to play in another killer’s sandbox than his own. I mean, damn, he’s built a beautiful fricking sandcastle with shells and flags for Will and Will’s like naw, I’m gonna go play 'Hawks’ with this pretty boy with fab abdominal muscles instead.   

10.) Brown is shot, not dead: Let the games continue! 

Hannibal S2E07 Explained
  • FBI Team: "There's half a Hannibal fingeprint on a single flower petal on a salvaged crime scene."
  • Jack Crawford: "The Chesapeake Ripper would never be so careless as to leave such an obvious clue. Disregard it completely."
  • FBI Team: "Chilton woke up in a pool of blood with his fingerprints all over two guards, a secret torture room in his basement, substantial evidence everywhere, and Miriam Lass claims she remembers him distinctly."
  • Jack Crawford: "Ha! Now you've made a mistake, asshole. WE HAVE THE CHESAPEAKE RIPPER AT LAST! I AM DETECTIVING!!!!!!"

Aaaaaaand THERE THEY ARE!!! Finally X___xb   Sassy science team for the chibi!animal!series! I continue with my owl!Bev theme because this is just her for many n more reasons. Price is a bee *surprise surprise* and I gave Zeller a squirrel onesie cause it felt right lala

Having said this- I know I’m Jack, Abigail, Gideon and Alana are still missing but I really dunno when I’ve time to do them. (especially since I’m on vacation till the 10th of August) I therefore decided to go with the 12 I have now and put them into my Etsy shop because people keep asking me when I’ll sell Hannibal!stickers :‘D   I hope you guys are happy with the result- I def love them n my friends continiously sneak them outta my hands lol



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St Frederick's Day on July 18

What about we celebrate all the Freddies on that day, even if it’s quite late regarding the airing date of the finale.

I mean, whatever happens (or doesn’t happen) to our favorite one-kidneyed-pimp-sticked Chilly I’ll still love him with a TENDER BUT BURNING PASSION LET’S FACE IT

(Freddie Lounds I like you too. But I’m a Chiltologist)