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Imagine #141 It’s a prank

Neymar and I had a great friendship, we were friends from when I was 15 and he was 17. We met when I dated his teammate in Santos and since I was always hanging out with them we got along, so good we never stopped talking, even when I broke up with his friend.

When he left and went to live in Spain it was hard for both of us, but I managed to work hard and decided to go live a better life in Barcelona when I graduated. I came just seven months ago and he was so kind to me and let me live with him before I managed to get myself an apartment, which I still haven’t. However it was not a problem for him to have me in his home, he always had his friends over so it was nothing new.

Yet there was always a thing he did to me that I hated and many times, I wanted to leave and go sleep to Dani’s place. Neymar enjoyed doing pranks, he knew I was an easy target and he was right. Not once, I managed to get out of it without falling for it. The worst part was that since he made himself snapchat he posted all those videos of me being pranked.

I became famous for it, and because everyone was thinking that, we were dating. i got so many comments when people found my Instagram about our relationship and I always asked Neymar to tell the truth somehow, but he said he does not care, since he was used to it. I however was a little bit annoyed about it so one day I posted a photo of me having dinner with him and Rafinha with a caption, “Dinner with my two best FRIENDS”. To which Neymar commented “@rafinhaaa93 she friendzoned us”, making everyone even more confused so it did not help.


“Hey (y/n) come down!” Neymar shout from the living room, while I was doing something for work in my room, guest room actually.

“What now,” I said to myself and walked down the stairs annoyed. He was in the kitchen with Jo and Marcela.

“We made a cake.” Neymar said smiling.

“How come?” I asked surprised, but happy to eat it.

“I wanted to learn so Marcela helped me. Let me go get a knife.” He said and walked away.

“It looks nice, I hope I don’t poison myself…” I did not managed to end, since my face was suddenly inside the nice cake.

I only heard that stupid laughed out of Neymar and the others. I hated him, of course, he was filming it, so I took some of the cake out of my face and threw it at him.

“You are such an idiot!” I said annoyed and then walked in the bathroom to get under the shower.

While trying to calm myself down under the cold water I decided to get my revenge by ignoring him, until he snaps. I knew he hated when he was being ignored and left out of the conversation, it made him angry. I did this many times to him, just ignoring him in the conversation, but this time it would be much worse.

So I was happy with my decision so I decided to start this tomorrow, so he won’t be thinking it would last just till tomorrow. So after dinner as usual Neymar was playing FIFA, relaxing while watching TV series or just playing poker with his friends. I told him I would go finish my work and go sleep soon. I walked back in my room, excited to start my plan.

The next morning I walked downstairs and as usual, Neymar was still sleeping, it was just Marcela and me.

“Thanks for being part of it, I thought girls stick together,” I said to her while eating cereal.

“I thought you won’t fall for it, he always plays with you.”

“I will play with him this time.” I said proudly.

“Oh finally you decide to fight back.” She smiled and sit next to me to hear about my plan.

“Yes, you know how much he hates being left outside of something right?”


“That’s my plan. I will ignore him until he will lose his mind.”

“Will you manage to ignore him for a long time?” she asked raising her eyebrows laughing at me.

“What are you trying to say?” I looked confused.

“Oh nothing, nothing. Hope you make it.” She winked at me and then went back cooking.

I had to go work so I got myself ready and right when I was about to leave the house Neymar walked down, just in his shorts his face sleepy and cute. He walked closer and before he could give me a morning hug, that he always gave me I walked out of the house leaving him there surprised and confused.

I was proud of myself, already making a good start. While being at work I was thinking of all the things I should do to make Neymar angry, hoping he would start getting frustrated about it and get home soon.

When I was finally home Neymar was already chilling on the sofa, his trainings were always while I was working, but every time I had a free day, I went with him to see the team play, since Enrique was okay with it.

“I’m back.” I said as I walked in the kitchen to see what Marcella was making for dinner.

“Finally.” I heard Neymar from the living room, probably bored.

“He mentioned you did not even greet him this morning.” Marcella whispered proudly, which made a big smile on my face.

“This is just the beginning.” I said and high fived her.

I went in my room and changed in more comfortable cloths, then decided to call Rafinha.

“Are you coming over?” I asked him.

“Yeah, Neymar said he will also invite Dani, Jo, Gil and maybe someone else.”

“Oh good then, when are you coming?”

“I’ll be there in half an hour, why?”

“Can you do me a favor and bring me your jersey please?”

“Mine? Why do you need it?”

“For the game tomorrow.”

“I mean I can, but you always wear Neymar’s, what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry about it, just please bring it and do not mentioned anything to him.”

“Sometimes you freak me out you know.” He said confused making me laugh.

“Just do as I said, and come soon gordo. Bye!”

I went under the shower, when I heard Dani and Gil already there. I hoped Rafinha was not already there since he needed to give me his jersey without Neymar noticing it. However, I was lucky and just when I walked to go eat Rafinha walked inside, so I ran towards him and hugged him taking the jersey out of his hand and hide it under my shirt.

“Thank you.” I smiled and kissed his cheek, then ran to hide it in my room.

While I was eating dinner the boys went to play poker, they were obsessed with it. Since everything I had to do for work was done, I decided to get myself some rest and spend some time with them.

“Joining us?” Neymar asked as he noticed me looking at them in the corner of the room.

“Can I try to understand the game playing with you Dani?” I asked ignoring Neymar.

“Of course, get yourself a chair and come here.” He said happy as always to help me.

Of course, I was not even trying to understand the game because I wanted to play, but just to ignore Neymar. He was not as loud as usually so it seemed that it was working quiet well. We played just one more game until I said I was annoyed and that I would go sleep.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at the match,” I said as I walked around all of them placing a kiss on their cheek except for Neymar of course, “Good night.”

When I walked away, I heard Neymar, “did you see that? She completely ignored me for the entire day.”

I was so proud of myself, but somehow I felt bad, I missed talking with him, but he needed to get his lesion. While I was in my room looking at social media and chatting with my friends from Brazil, I heard someone knock on my door.

“Hey you still awake?” Neymar asked.

“Yes, but can’t talk now. Goodnight.” I said in a most annoyed voice possible. He did not say anything, which made me feel bad, because I knew how much he hates when people ignore for no reason.

I was barley containing myself from forgetting my plan and running to hug him, but I knew I had to win this time. Also it seemed he was going to snap soon.

The next day I slept until 11am and I was lucky that Neymar had to go meet his father before the game at 4pm, so I did not see him until the match.

“(y/n), he is being so annoyed.” Marcella said when I walked down.

“Is he? What did he say?” I was already happy about it.

“He came down and he was so quiet, he did not even play the music and I asked him what is going on, but he just asked me if I knew why you were acting different these days and I said no. poor Ney, he is so frustrated, you are torturing him.” she laughed.

“Why do I feel so bad now?” I asked laughing at me being confused.

“Because you care about him and you know it feels so bad when people ignore you.”

“Yeah, but I’m not giving up, I need to play this one last card.”

“Which one?”

“I’ll wear Rafa’s jersey at the game.”

“He will get so jealous it won’t be even funny. You wore his jersey from the Santos days until last week.”

“I know, that’s why I know this will piss him off.”

Then I went to get ready and wore Rafinha’s jersey, it felt strange, but it was part of the plan. I went in the car and drove all the way to Camp Nou, where I met with Joana and Antonella with Thiago.

“Hey.” I smiled when I noticed the two waiting for me in the V.I.P. section.

“How are you?” Joana asked as we walked to our seats.

“All good, you two?”

“Wait, Rafinha 12?” Antonella asked as she was walking behind me.

“Umm yeah, well it’s part of a plan to make a prank on Neymar, it’s payback time.”

“Poor guy.” Antonella laughed.

Then the game started and we were already leading with a Messi and Suarez goal. It was a nice game, Neymar did not manage to score in the first half time, but he was still playing quiet well. When the first half finished we decided to go see the team so we walked down to their changing rooms.

“Good job!” I said to Messi and then walked to Rafinha, who made it to the first eleven.

“I still do not get why you are wearing my jersey.” He laughed as Neymar walked behind me and just moaned something.

“It’s a prank.” I said once he walked away.

However he walked back to me in just ten seconds, “can we talk?” that was it, he was finally loosing his mind. I was so proud; I knew he was going to get mad and angra about it. I followed him in a room that was empty.

“What is it?” I asked acting annoyed as he closed the door.

“That’s what I have to ask you!” he was so angry it was kind of scary.

“Why?” I played with him, while he started walking towards me until I was touching the wall.

“You are ignoring me. You don’t even wear my jersey; you know how much this means to me.” He was closer to me and I could see he really was upset about it.


“I hate it. It’s pissing me off and I am losing my mind.” He said and before I could even say something, his lips on mines stopped me.

He kissed me, our first kiss, something I did not expect to be the result of this prank.

I liked it.

“What was this?” I asked as he moved his mouth.

“I can’t be without you.”

“So my prank made you realize something?” I smiled, happy to hear this.

“You played with me?” he looked surprised.


“You were torturing me (y/n).”

“I know.” I smiled and then placed my hands in his hair and pulled him closer in another longer kiss.

“I missed you” he said and then undressed his jersey, “wear it.”

“No way, it’s sweaty.”

“You are not wearing this.” He said so annoyed it was making me laugh. Then he walked me out of the room as I followed him to their changing room.

“Where were you guys, Neymar Luis was looking for you, we have five more minutes.” Mascherano said when he walked inside the changing room and immediately came back to me and gave me his shirt in which he came, “wear this.”

“You are not being real?” I asked laughing at how jealous he could get.

“Do it.” He said and then closed the door leaving me outside with Joana.

“What is it with you two?”

“I guess I have a pretty jealous boyfriend.” I smiled, because I never imagined that we would try getting more serious about our relationship.

“You guys are together, finally! Me and Dani were waiting for this day for so long!” she laughed and hugged me. Before we had to go back to our seats, I went in women’s toilet and changed my shirt.

“You changed?” Antonella noticed immediately.

“They are dating!” Joana said before I could answer.

“Finally!” Antonella smiled.

“Why are you all saying that?” I laughed confused.

“It was obvious you two were in love, but seems like it took you a long time to realize that yourself.” Joana said. She was right, I always thought that the protective and caring feeling I had was just in a friendly way, but it was much more than that.

When the game was over we drove back home, Neymar had to wear his Barcelona shirt he had to warm up, since I was wearing his. When we walked inside I was so happy to be able to finally talk with him because my plan succeeded, so I immediately hugged him as he pulled me up, putting my legs around his waist.

“You were so good tonight.” I said proud of him, since he managed to score in the last minutes of the game.

“It was thanks to you.” he smiled and then sit on the sofa with me still on him, now sitting on his legs but my hands around his neck resting my head on his shoulder.

We stayed like this for some time and then Neymar took a picture of us and posted it on Instagram.

“Guess what? I’m out of the friend zone!”

royalswan  asked:

“i can’t be around you.” (five word prompts)

So basically I’ve been looking for an excuse to write a The Office au for cs and this was kind of perfect? (Or not, maybe I’m just trash?) Hope you like it Izzy! Thanks so much for the prompt! <3

Usually, after hours work activities are the epitome of awful, and this night, while it’s had its moments of sheer second-hand embarrassment, it hasn’t been terrible. In fact, with a few drinks in her and her best friend at her side, Emma Swan kind of feels great.

She’s been planning her wedding for a few years now, because the man simply won’t commit. And while she would like to tell him he’s an ass for dragging her along with him on this extended dating experience, she can’t lie to herself when she considers the way Killian Jones makes her feel.

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