team chase

if Piper spoke Italian

- head canon that Piper can also speak “Lovey languages” like Italian and Portuguese

- Nico mutters in Italian

- So Nico mutters things like “Oh he’s so cute.” “Be mine already.’ When he starts to like will

- Piper doesn’t tell anyone becasue she knows he’ll come out when he’s ready

- She still thinks its cute and listens though


-One day the seven plus nico are hanging out

- Piper is trying a blue cookie becasue she couldn’t say no to Percy’s face

- Jason and Annabeth are talking about some New Rome

-Hazel is going on about life in New Orleans to Frank and Sammy Leo

-Nico is staring off at a certain medic in the infirmery

-”Just get in my pants already solace!” is muttered in Italian by Nico

-Cue Piper choking on her cookie

-Percy looks down at his cookie in confusion

-Jason the good boyfriend is making sure she is okay

-Everyone else looks concerend

-Except Nico

-Nico confused at the timing mutters “Did you get that?” in italian

-Piper nods while trying not to die

-Nico just being like “I got to gO NOW!” and runs away


-The next day at breakfast everyone is sitting at there assigned tables

-Nico is thinking about how he can no longer use italian any more encase Piper hears

-Nico bangs his fists on the Hades table and loudly says “fuCk!” In his language

- Piper standing up and being “Nico Di Angelo! I don’t give a flying fiddodle about who you want to like, but for gods sake you watch your language young man!” and sits down

-The Whole camp just looking confused

- “I’m like seventy years older than you.” Is said through the awkward silence by a certain son of Hades

Okay, I’ve got a question: just how many pictures did Jack take of geese?

Because geese are *mean* sons of guns. Mean and aggressive and territorial.

So I guess what I’m really asking is if there was ever a time when Jack Zimmermann, Canadian Adonis, captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team, got chased around the Samwell campus by a very angry goose who did *not* want his photo taken, thank you very much.
Brad Luck, a milo murphy's law fanfic | FanFiction
Bradley has a serious accident. And annoyingly, he can't even blame THIS one on Milo. One-shot. One-sided Bradlissa if you squint.

My submission for Milo Murphy Appreciation Day! (Ironically with Milo himself as only the secondary character.) The title is stupid, but it also amuses me, so whatever. 

Hope you all enjoy, and have a happy Friday the 13th! (Heads up: the next one’s in October.)

This is my life

When I was nine I read the Titan’s Curse and, being a nine-year-old, took the Artemis pledge and turned my back on men

“Haha someday you’ll like boys” they said. “You won’t actually follow through on that” 

Joke’s on them because six years later I’m as gay as Dean Winchester shitting rainbows so