team cat mojo


Tonights our last night with this precious child. Tomorrow morning he will be put to rest, and hopefully soon after that we will bring his ashes home so he can be with us forever.

We adopted rocky last year in a spur of the moment decision while making a run to petsmart for fish supplies. He was the smallest cat in the adoption center, 11 years old, the oldest cat they had ever had in there according to them. Marty saw him first, and we decided if he was still there the following day he was meant to be ours. We brought him home the next day.
He has the greatest, sweetest personality of any cat I’ve ever had or met, and when I look at him I feel like a person is looking back at me. He was tolerant of everyone, from his bitchy cat sisters who just hiss at him to puppies with zero manners.
I’ve never adopted a senior animal before this, and it is honestly probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through. I always knew he wouldn’t have as much time with us as we would have liked, but nothing can ever make this type of situation any easier. I’m comforted knowing he spent his remaining year surrounded with so much love, but I still haven’t been able to come to terms with the fact that he won’t be here to snuggle under the blankets with Marty and I anymore or make little startled meows at me when I sneeze. I know over time it will hurt a little less, but I honestly feel it will be a long time before me or Marty are ok.
So here’s to you Rocky, my little grandpa peanut, most precious of cinnamon rolls, soon you’ll be pain free.

Hug your furry children real close, or if they’re not into that, give them lots of treats, show them you love them, you never know how much time they have left with you. 🐈💞💞💞👼


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