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Just wanted to drop off a little CARYL something for us to consider! 

The only CANON sibling pair on TWD and one that actually portrayed the adult familial bond on screen, are Tyreese and Sasha. They had a lot of screen time together and their relationship was extensively developed and explored through some highly emotional circumstances. 
In other words the writers showcased a typical, supportive and very loving, brother-sister relationship through their interactions since they joined Rick’s group in Season 3. 

The implication that Carol and Daryl are portrayed in a way to suggest the same ‘sibling-type’ of bond, like the one between Tyreese and Sasha is simply CANONICALLY wrong. 

And that’s not just a “CARYLER” opinion. 

In fact Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin Green don’t seem to see them like that either and suggest MORE in their own comments about Carol and Daryl’s dynamic; 

Chad Coleman on “Talking Dead” after TWD “Strangers” 502 October 19, 2014 

Chris Hardwick: “And she [Carol] almost splits in this episode too…” 
Chad Coleman: “Exactly, she feels like rejected… feeling kind of like ‘I’m not a part of the cool kids anymore’…” 
Chris Hardwick: And Daryl’s like ‘I Found You!’ You know…and…” 
Chad Coleman: “I LOVE THAT!” 

*Should Carol tell Daryl about Lizzie and Mika NOW* 

Chris Hardwick: “I think Carol and Daryl have a special relationship, kind of a special bond and I think people just want to see them open up more…” 
Chad Coleman: “Sure, sure…I get that BUT only if he asks…if he insists…And you notice you just don’t get time to reflect, you know… There are times to question, to look back think about that cause the world is coming, coming at you relentlessly, so no leave it alone..” 

*No Brother - Sister Love Here*

Sonequa Martin Greene aka Tyreese’s little sister Sasha is gets even 'shippier’ in her comments; 

“I just love it, love it. And you know she’s the only one that can, that would be able to touch him like that… You know what I mean. He’s not gonna let anybody else get that hair out of his eyes…" 

- Sonequa Martin Greene - TWD "Them” 510 (commentary) 

That is not a way to talk about a 'brother-sister’ relationship or at least not a normal one! 

That’s not even the first time Sonequa has shown her CARYL flailing tendencies! 

During a TV line interview (HERE) Melissa McBride was asked about CARYL in the romantic sense and as she was answering the question, Sonequa and Lennie James (TWD Morgan) shared some poignant smirks and looks, that were fan-girly to say the least. 

Does this mean anything? 

Most likely NOPE but the fact that very close siblings Tyreese and Sasha, don’t resemble Carol and Daryl’s interactions and relationship factors AND the actors playing them, appear to see the CARYL dynamic as something completely different, only further disintegrates the notion that Carol and Daryl are meant to be seen as strictly familial and nothing more. 

TWD - if siblings are all Carol and Daryl are suppose to be, then you are doing it wrong. 

Your list of cast and TWD family members that see MORE just keeps getting longer; 

Laurie Holden (TWD Andrea), David Morrissey (TWD Governor), Yvette Nicole Smith, Chris Hardwick, Glen Mazzara, Robin Lord Taylor (TWD Sam), Lennie James (TWD Morgan)….and now Chad Coleman (TWD Tyreese) and Sonequa Martin Greene (TWD Sasha). 

Unless of course you are doing it RIGHT and just taking the scenic route to get to the CANON destination! 

Yep - that must be it 😍 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


Daryl Is Carol's Exception

The very thoughtful lauranthalasah requested a Carol focused version of Carol Is Daryl’s Exception post and since I agree with her that my metas seem to focus a bit more on Daryl flailing over Carol, i jumped at the chance to try and even out the playing field. I hope this is close to what you were hoping for! ❤️ 

The biggest difference between how Carol approached the CARYL relationship, as opposed to Daryl, was that when it came right down to it and because of her history with volatile, angry men, the biggest obstacle that Carol SHOULD have had when it came to connecting with Daryl at all was FEAR and MISTRUST. 
Trust is at the core of why Daryl is Carol’s Exception because bottom line is that the way Daryl entered their lives, the behaviour and demeanour he overcame and the journey he took to ‘grow up’ from “like a kid” to a man; are all instances that could have easily pushed away and alienated most people. 

Carol’s history and her own personal evolution, go against a lot of the things Daryl has done to her and around her BUT she stayed invested and present enough to both play a major role in the betterment of the person he is and allow him to become invested in the betterment of her own self. 


I hate to be cliche and start throwing around phrases like “a soulmate” and “meant to be” but the fact that Carol looked past some seriously big time red flags when it comes to volatility that is early Daryl, pushes the notion that the bond they formed was spiritual and involuntary first and foremost. 

The Daryl we see on the screen today is a far cry from the explosive, crude redneck who lashed out violently, defensively and soul wrenchingly angry, at pretty much anything and anyone. He reacted in the same distrustful, volatile tone whether you were coming to him with something good or bad AND while we now know that all of that was coming from a place of anger and pain, unfortunately back then he resembled the kind of man, an abused woman would have instinctively driven to avoid and fear. 

Except that Carol didn’t. 

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