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Only Carol

Daryl Dixon was rude to a lot of people in Season 2 BUT the only one he apologized to was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon saw other people in the group losing hope and struggling to find their place BUT the only person he reached out to and tried to comfort was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon watched the others experience loss and grief BUT the only person he specifically chose to watch and help was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon lost other ‘family members’ at the prison BUT the only one he poignantly grieved for was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon came back to the prison with Merle, angry, defensive and distant with everyone BUT not CAROL.

Daryl Dixon put down Merle and came back to the prison overwhelmed with silent grief BUT not with CAROL.

Daryl Dixon flourished into the ‘rock-star’ of the prison community, with a tough but aloof image to sustain BUT yet CAROL allowed to call him Pookie.

Daryl Dixon went on a medicine run and left the whole prison behind BUT when he came back the only one he asked about was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t always agree with Rick’s decisions BUT the only one he vocally and strongly disagreed with was the one that took CAROL away from him.

Daryl Dixon has cried tears of pain, loss, hurt and anger on several occasions BUT the only time he cried tears of JOY was when CAROL came back.

Daryl Dixon can destroy a tank, kill walkers with a chain and be 'cool’ doing anything BUT whenever he’s around CAROL he often seems to be off his game.

Daryl Dixon has spent a life time trying to get self-worth validation from other people BUT the only person he has ever openly asked about what they think of him was CAROL

Daryl Dixon knows how to be light and funny BUT the only person he’s openly tried to make laugh is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon isn’t very 'touchy-feely’ and it seems like his hair is a big deal to him BUT the only person he’s allowed to brush his hair and kiss his forehead is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon has spent his whole life covered with dirt and wearing whatever BUT the moment CAROL changed her clothes he not only noticed but also suddenly cared about what she wore.

Daryl Dixon has 'started over’ a lot throughout his life BUT the only person he ever talked about it was CAROL.

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CARYL - Connecting the Dots

One of the biggest complaints most people have about the TWD writing all tend to boil down to the fact that Gimple simply takes way too long to conclude tangent character storylines. 
Since the story is being told in bits across seasons, more often than not the intended emotional payoff gets watered down and the impact both on and off-screen is not what it could have been. 
Gimple’s very liberal use of symbolism, foreshadowing and ‘everything on-screen matters’ mantra suffers because he either takes too long to connect the dots and the audience forgets OR he ignores the dots HE set up completely.
In other words he’s been known to drop the ball from time to time and in turn wasted the value of the emotional potential he set out to give in the first place.  

I know most of us feel that Gimple dropped the ball with Carol and Daryl a few times in the past and in turn failed to follow through on the emotional seeds so clearly planted in both of their stories. 
Personally I am more inclined to believe that he had and has every intention on connecting the dots between the two of them but his dragged-out way of storytelling is interfering with the audiences ability to fully grasp his end game. I feel that he definitely lost momentum several time and took just a little too long to solidify certain subtleties in the CARYL dynamic for them to POP as much as they maybe could have. 
However he kept CARYL alive and nurtured it across the seasons in his own way because he had a purpose and a vision for IT.
He didn’t drop the connection because he believed in its strength and its longevity - making sure that Carol and Daryl touch-based with one another every so-often and therefore remind the audience of the vast emotional value their connection still had.
Basically keep everything on the back burner until it was ready to boil.

Season 7 is shaping up to be quite promising for the CARYL ship and not just because there will be ‘hugging’ to swoon over. 
Gimple and his writers seem to be finally CONNECTING THE CARYL DOTS and doing so rather purposefully and quickly this time around. 
The emphasis on the emotional connection between Carol and Daryl is not going to be glossed over as it might have been in the past. 
We are not just being reminded that Carol and Daryl care deeply for one another - we are actually going to see it in a very tangible, visible and UN-SUBTLE WAY. 

We are going to see Daryl thinking about Carol specifically as he faces a very mortal threat.
We are going to see the narrative send Daryl to Carol very quickly after he is freed from Negan. As in shortly after he thinks about what she means to him.
We are going to see a very emotional and a very physical reunion between the two of them.
We are going to see Daryl reacting to the possibility of losing Carol completely.
We are going to see Daryl placing himself in the role of Carol’s protector in a very aggressive, violent way.
We are going to see Daryl prioritizing Carol’s life over ANYTHING else.
We are going to see Carol and Daryl connect emotionally again.
We are going to see physical moments between the two of them, which have absolutely no plot value and no other purpose but to show the depth of love they have for one another.
We are going to see Daryl stay close to Carol because her safety and her emotional well-being matters more to him than anything else. 

Most importantly we are going to see Carol and Daryl drop the masks they wear for the rest of the world and just BE real together.

And Gimple is not going to drag all of this out across seasons. 

The CARYL dots will be connected very quickly and the emotional payoff will finally be allowed to flow freely right from the source.
The audience will see just how much love there is between Carol and Daryl and the two of them will go through situations where a deep exploration of feelings is inevitable.
The CARYL relationship will be put in the limelight and we know things like that are no accident on TWD.
A seasoned connection is only emphasized if progress or a change is coming. 

We know Carol and Daryl are close so why focus on their dynamic to this degree without a reason or a higher purpose….

What do you know - Gimple’s worst storytelling fault just might work out in our favour for once! 
710 might not give us canon but it might get us very close to it.
A prelude to the main event!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



“Faith got me through the death of my daughter”.

Okay, this one’s gonna be emotional, guys.

I don’t usually cry while watching shows, but this scene, this phrase from Carol, and the amount of bitterness and pain that she showed while saying these words, got me seriously sobbing. You can see just how desperate she is at this point, how the words she says are exactly the opposite of her true feelings, yet the tears are as real as they can be. She has lost all faith long ago, lost all hope the moment her little girl walked out of that barn, but she had to keep it in herself in order to protect her new family.

But now, the years-long walls begin to crumble, and the way Carol has shown it to us in this episode, the raw emotion in those blood-shot eyes, it just broke my heart to the point where I needed to draw it:((( ♥

So here it is, my tribute to Melissa McBride and her unearthly acting skills:)♥♥

hope she sees this one day, hahah))

Please don’t repost, crop, edit, claim as your own, or use in your art) Thanks♥


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