team caribbean

  • Blanche: I may have... Stirrings for Spark.
  • Candela: Stirrings?
  • Blanche: Stirrings.
  • Candela: What? Like, feelings, you mean?
  • Blanche: No, no, no, no. Not quite all the way to feelings. More like...
  • Candela: ...
  • Blanche: ...
  • Blanche: Alright, feelings. Damn you.
Pokémon's Evil Teams: A Summary
  • Team Rocket: The Mafia
  • Team Magma: A bunch of lonely geeks who joined a cult
  • Team Aqua: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Team Galactic: Scientology
  • Team Plasma: PETA
  • Team Flare: Fashion Nazis
  • Team Skull: A bunch of white teenage gangsters
  • Aether Foundation: Aperture Science