Crosby mic'd up
“ALL ACCESS: Captain Sidney Crosby was mic'd for @HC_Men's victory in Game 1 of the #WCH2016 final.”

- Crosby calling out, “Great job”, “great play”, to everyone at the drop of a hat 

- Crosby saying, “that was my bad…..Petro! Sorry!”

- Crosby processing information at the light of fucking speed and captaining away to glory. 

- Crosby strategising with his line while Tazer attempts to swallow his own mouthguard 

- Crosby saying “yeah!” like a happy little kid after goals

- Crosby saying, “let’s go boys!” (I would follow him, and I’m not even a boy). 

- Crosby having reasonable conversations with refs. Ref: “I think you’d be pissed off too” (in reference to Crosby’s actions). Crosby: “Yeah, okay”

- Crosby saying “Great job, buddy!” and tapping Price on the chest