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No idea if this was already done but it’s a crime that we haven’t once gotten to see all the Space players rocking the pinnacle of Space fashion with what’s unanimously Homestuck’s most important dress.

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dont get me wrong i definitely appreciate roxy and calliope teaming up to rescue their shared girlfriend and the power of women supporting each other etc etc im just saying when dirk finds out jane was in danger and nobody told him hes going to be livid

roceemo  asked:

But what about all of the hints there have been that gamzee is going to help calliope as well? Her line about "bards can make or break a session. or both!" The fact that there is symbolism in his design and personality to link him to her. The fact that only HALF his soul was taken for LE, and the implications that his other god is a benevolent one? What does all that even mean? I won't even get into how much canon dialogue hints that he's gonna talk again.

Well, Gamzee has already helped Calliope, hasn’t he?

There’s high possibility of Gamzee two-timing Caliborn and helping Calliope as well, since he is a firm believer of the fact that both Messiahs he believes in are equally important (unlike Kurloz). It might be happening already, it might be happening later. It can also be that Caliborn controlling Gamzee through Lil Cal is making Gamzee believe he is serving Calliope right now. We don’t know how exactly Lil Cal’s brainwashing works like.

Calliope’s line just points at the fact that bards are vital to the session. This means both Gamzee and Cronus - they’re important as fuck and just like bishop on chessboard can tip scales on your favor (or against it). The fact that everyone treats Gamzee like a caged animal is only working against them (Cronus’ deal is a bit different, but I digress).

The fact that Gamzee worships both violent and benevolent god shows that Gamzee is a very grey character when it comes to morality. He can be good, bad, do bad things for the sake of good and good things to appreciate the wrongness. The fact he talks to Rose most likely is a reason why Rose started drinking when they were on the meteor trip. She felt more connected to Roxy, but at the same time it resulted in Drunk Combob and in retrospect, she regrets it (or rather, the possibility of it since it was retconned). Gamzee is a character that cannot be judged from simple good/bad perspective. That’s what it basically means.

What happens to the other half? We don’t know. I think this half might be resurrected by Jane and actually be able to do something else for the good team, including Calliope. It doesn’t have to happen. It just can.

You know, all the possibilities.

“And I believe in love
But what else can I do
I’m so in love with you

I know nothing stays the same
But if you’re willing to play the game
It’s coming around again” Carly Simon

u know what would be cool as hell a fuckin roller durby homestuck au??? vriska smashing rose against a wall. nepetas so tiny she can glide right between everyone else. feferi doesnt care abt winning she thinks shes an ice skater and starts doin lil twirls and shit and gets knocked the fuck out by beefy as shit jade who didnt come to play around. terezi cannot fucking skate and hangs onto the rails the whole time. roxy doin some crazy acrobatic shit jumpin over everyone else. everyone completely forgets aradias even there til shes like two feet from the finish on the final lap. kanaya was kicked out after breaking out a chainsaw five seconds in. jane keeps falling on her ass but she is trying her best and havin a good time and everyone keeps helping her back up regardless of which team theyre on. calliope wins. no one even knew she was on a team. she probably wasnt but she didnt wanna be left out.

Alt!Calliope is not the hero

I’ve said quite a bit of this already, but now that we have a canon appearance by alt!Calliope, I feel like it’s worth going over again.

Jade encountered alt!Calliope, as many of us expected. Also as many had guessed, she was different.

JADE: no wonder she was so… 
JADE: well 
JADE: no offense to her, but you are much friendlier :) 

Alt!Calliope is serious, distant, and cold. She does enjoy telling stories, though. From Jade’s description and emphasis on her rhetorical flourishes, it sounds like she enjoys the tales for the telling. She tells Jade why LOWAS exploded, but she seems more interested in it as an anecdote than anything else.  

JADE: she told me she was not human, and had no frame of reference for empathizing with my feelings 

Alt!Calliope could see no reason why you might be sorry that your brother died. She doesn’t know what it is to have a friend. Shattered planets are part of a courtship ritual for her species. Individual loss is meaningless to someone meant to live an eternity alone. People, with all their sorrows and joys, are just chess pieces to her.

Calliope admires her fanfics and art and thinks about her favorite characters… she means friends!! It’s a slip, but she catches herself. Alt!Calliope doesn’t. That’s all they are to her. Anecdotes. Pawns. Alt!Calliope is team Skaia. (I would not be surprised if she ends up setting part of that system in motion, somehow.) If the world has to be built on the backs of dead children, so be it. Those are the rules.

‘Our’ Calliope (I’ll just call her Calliope) is not like that. In the alpha timeline, she had the benefit of communication. She pretended to be a troll, but she learned to be human. She learned empathy, friendship, cooperation, teamwork. That planted the seeds of her defeat, since it softened her approach to her brother, but those are important skills to have. And along the way, she also learned how to cheat.

It looks like your sister told the human her name? That is a clear and egregious violation of the rules. She must have been getting really desperate. 

Cherubs are bound by a bunch of ridiculous, complex rules limiting their behavior. The human-socialized Calliope is willing to break them, and the only way to win may be to break the system - to defy the blood-soaked and callous rules of paradox space, SBURB, and Skaia for good. After all, she promised that they would escape

and that sounds like a pretty egregious violation too. (The 'octet’ is pretty concerning though. I would prefer a higher number of survivors.)

The point is, as I said before, alt!Calliope can’t help us. I mean, I’m sure she can, and she probably will, in some weird and roundabout already here kind of way. But she won’t be the most important one. She can’t be, not when she can’t understand or empathize what these kids have gone through. Teamwork and friendship are the might Excalibur every hero should have in their scabbard, and alt!Calliope does not know the meaning of either. Calliope was right about her existence, but she was wrong about who she had to find.

UU: i mUst go in search of myself.

It was always her. We’re going full Wizard of Oz, after all. You have the heart, the brain, the courage, the way back home. You just have to believe in yourself. Because as any good Hope player will tell you, believing is all the magic you need. 

This was going really well in terms of space conservation… until I got carried away with Reyna. I love her omg. But I feel like I have been watching too much Kill La Kill because she looks a little Lady Satsuki-ish to me??

Anyway, I really had to jam Annabeth in there and then Frank got neglected. Sorry Frank. I’ll do one just of you bby.