team brostiel

Alright here’s my photo submission.

Hey everyone my name is Jen and this picture tells you that:

  • I’m very bad at drawing as evidenced by my attempt to draw Castiel as a bro (everybody should avoid looking at the “wings”) but that it doesn’t stop me from trying.
  • I love Sherlock and have a fondness for villains of TV shows, books, movies, which is why I’m wearing a Moriarty t-shirt.
  • I adore my dogs and have equal numbers of photos of them that I have of family/friends.
  • I like wearing red.
  • And me taking this photo has caused me to realize that my left eye is weird and squinty whenever I smile.

Okies, now you all know what I look like. 

I go by Bobby, and as seen, I’m now property of Team Brostiel. (The team that’s going to win). 

I love Supernatural, Dr. Who, and a few other shows, though I’m not normally a huge television person. One of my friends is to blame for my current addictions. >.>; 

I’m a big gamer, I like reading, and drink way too much coffee. 5+ cups a day. Big cups, yet I’m not hyper, just very mellow. I get cranky without my caffination. x.x 

Um..other than that, I like eating weird things just to see how they taste. Pulled pork and Oreos is actually kinda tasty, as well as Nutella and lemon chicken.  

Alrighty, here’s my photo submission.

My name is Lauren.  A few things that are apparent about me from this photo:

  • I’m a fanfiction writer and I have a lot of feelings (I don’t know how well it came out, but the text below the title just says “feels” over and over again.  I think I’m clever at three in the morning).
  • I love hats.  Especially if they’re cute.
  • Only a fraction of it is shown, but I’m an anime/manga geek and own a decent lil’ library.
  • My hair is too curly to manage.

Here is my submission!

I’m Katie but you may refer to me as K2 

I didn’t write on myself strictly because I am too lazy to get up and find water to wash it off after

I have many knives around my room, I am a chef after all…some currently make their home in my wall

Currently watching Breaking Bad in this photo

I may or may not have a major Disney problem, but really who amoung us didn’t? But then again I did do my internship at Disney World….


I am in fact really weird, seriously though

Okay, I’ll stop before I ramble on…

The sign says on the side:

“Or Brostiel, for short. If you aren’t hardcore, like us.”

  1. I like Doctor Who, as evidenced by my Dalek hat. I am a FAN, ha, ha ha ha, see, because there’s a fan in the picture? We like to have fun here. 
  2. my jokes are terrible
  3. as is my drawing, as evidenced by the terrible attempt at wings at the edge of the sign
  4. my acronyms are extremely creative and representative of the group

Hi there! c: I’m Ash!

Things you can tell from this picture:

  • I spent waay too much time drawing wings on my sign.
  • In other words, I like drawing and sketching.
  • I like Homestuck.
  • I have really long hair (it’s ~1 metre long uvu) and a crooked smile.
  • I have a gigantic map of Europe and an interest in European politics and history (fact: the map is from 1982! Score!)

But most importantly: 

  • I’m really happy and excited to be part of GISHWHES!

Nice to meet you all!! c:

Hey Guys! My name’s Alli! (But lots of people on Tumblr call me Boats, so just call me whichever you like.)

Sorry I’m so late on this post yourself thing! (But I AM within the deadline, so yay me!)

Things you can tell from this picture:

  • I’m an overachiever and get seriously carried away when it comes to completing tasks/challenges.
  • I LOVE crafts and am always starting new ones! (This time it’s Quilling.)
  • I was in the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.
  • I love music (especially Ingrid Michaelson).
  • I have an obsession with paper/books/notebooks.
  • I love baking.
  • I am a fitness geek even though I don’t look like it, and I’m working on getting better at running (working toward a 5K)!
  • I love boxes.
  • I have this weird habit of sticking my pinky out all of the time.
  • I’m a bit messy and disorganized, and tend to lose my keys.
  • I’m really into archery, and have a gorgeous bow.
  • My favorite color is ORANGE!



(Also, I’m going to post a better picture of my Team Brostiel quilled sign on my blog and tag it Team Brostiel, if any of you are interested. I’m thinking about adding some stuff to it, so yay!)