team breakfast foods

Izzy's Waffles.
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  • <p> <b><B></b> Izzy </B> : *serves breakfast to the squad* "So what do you think?"<p/><b><Br></b> <p/><b><B></b> Alec </B> : *looking at crisp burnt waffles* "Kind of Looks like..."<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b><B></b> Jace </B> : "...Jonathan Morgenstern."<p/><b><Br></b> <p/><b><B></b> Simon </B> : "Yea. Burnt and beyond saving point."<p/></p>

The texture maps are DONE(-ish). 

Crowley’s a little dark. I might change that. Aaaand, I added freckles to bacon!Dean. I might tweak them a little. But, those sorts of fixes are easy and can be done at any time. 

The only thing I’m not sure about is the red eyes. I tried with pupils, and they looked… so, so weird. I’m a bit happier with no pupils, but it doesn’t necessarily match the rest of the group. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. 

Now. I don’t think I’ll get to rigging today, but I am going to spend a bit of time going through the models, cleaning them out, and setting up the shaders and render layers the way I need them. Doing all the stuff I need to get ‘em ready for the rigging. The fun part :D :D :D /nerdtalk 

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I bought my first box (ever) of cinnamon toast crunch recently.

I am 22.

Now, before you go ahead and tell me that I’m weird, the reason was that I was never allowed when I was living at home. My parents didn’t ‘believe’ in sugary foods like this. (Albeit, this is a horrible food to give to your kids and when I have kids, but whatever.)

Yeah well fuck that, I’m a grown-ass man now. I eat what I WANT.