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Photographs of serial killer Myra Hindley. Hindley murdered 5 children with her partner Ian Brady in what was known as The Moors Murders, due to the fact they buried the bodies on Saddleworth Moor.

Prior to meeting Brady, Myra had been a relatively shy and sweet girl who had a great love for children, however as the relationship progressed she became infatuated with Brady and his views about violence and politics. Eventually Myra’s fixation on Brady overcame her previously held beliefs and together their orchestrated in the brutal murders of children.

Brady Skjei- Meet the team....

Can I request one of Brady Skjei and it’s on the reader going to her first Rangers game and Brady introducing you to the team and all the guys are embarrassing him in front of you?


“Babe?“ My boyfriend of about ten months says.

“yeah?” I call from his bed.

“I want you to come to the game tomorrow. You can even meet the team.” He says walking out of the bathroom in pajama pants with no shirt, drying his wet hair with a towel.

“okay, what time do I need to be there?” I ask as he slides under the covers.

“You can just come with me when I go.” He says as he turns out the light and pulling me into his chest.


“Babe, it’s time to go.” Brady calls from the door grabbing his keys.

“Im right here.” I reply from the couch.

“I was right” he says as I walk out the door.

“that’s a first. What about?” I ask laughing at my comment.

“Very funny and about you looking really cute in my jersey.” He says wrapping his arm around my waist opening the passenger side door for me.

“You look better in it.” I say with a wink.


“Skate! Skate! Damn it Brady!”; “What the hell kinda call was that?! I swear you guys are blind!” Were all just some of the things I was yelling during the game.

After all this was my first game that I got to attend in person.

“Hey, your Skjei’s girlfriend right?” A young model like looking girl asks walking over to me.

“Yeah, and you are?” I ask carefully not wanting to aggravate one of the girls on the first night.

“I’m Mathilda Jansson, Viktor Stalberg’s girlfriend.” She says holding out her hand.

“nice to meet you I’m (Y/N).” I say shaking her hand.

We talk and she introduces me to the rest of the girls. So, before I know it the final buzzer is sounding with New York winning 3-1.


“You guys decent?” One of the trainers call as they walk in.

When he opens it again he lets us all in. Me quickly looking for Brady and finding him already on his way over to me looking drenched in sweat.

“Guys!” I heard one of his teammates yell. Everyone looking at him while he wrapped his arm around my waist. His skates making him that much bigger then me.

“so this is the girl you have been drowning in about!” One of them yelled.

“I though he was making it up.” I heard another one say.

“Skjei, is this the girl you have been talking about forever. He never stops talking about you by the way. All we ever hear is ”(Y/N) this and (Y/N) that.“ Said Fast as he walks up to us. All of which made Brady blush and shy.

“You alright babe? You look a little red, do you have a fever?” I ask him with a bit of sarcasm while getting on my tippy toes and jumping a little to touch his forehead.

“Awwwww…..look at little Brady, needing his girlfriend to kiss it and make it all better.” On of the guys joke making Brady blush and send them a glare.

“So, how much did he pay you to pretend to be his girlfriend?” One of the guys ask, them all crowded around us by now there girlfriends lightly slapping their chests when they say something that make Brady embarrassed.

“What has Brady told you guys?” I ask looking around.

“How he though you were cute.”

“How he wanted us to meet you because you were “super nice, friendly, relaxed, cute, adorable, his girl.” It was really funny watching him with this whole dating thing at first.“ One of the guys say. Making Brady blush again.

"Oh, wait guys, she doesn’t know about the time after their first date.”

“So tell her.”

“After your guys first date he came running down the hallway undressing from his suit and busted his butt right in front of the GM on his way to the locker room. It was hilarious. Then of course he wouldn’t shut up all week about your guys first date and how pretty your hair looked and how hot you looked in the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing and-”

“okay! We get it.” Brady says

“Lets not forget How he wanted to-” one of the guys was cut off by his girlfriend putting her hand over his mouth.

“Alright, love you babe, I gotta get changed.” He says rushed while kissing me and then going to his locker after showing me out.

“Love you too.” I say before walking out the door he had opened for me, the rest of the girls leaving not long after.


“You know your cute when you blush right?” I ask as Brady and I get in the car.

“you know your always cute.” He says as he gets into the driver seat.

“So your teammates told me.” I reply with a smirk making him roll his eyes.

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You have put dirty thoughts into my mind about Brady Skjei. When you tagged that picture telling him to shut his mouth while talking... I'm just picturing what (oh who) went down when he and Jimmy had to sleep together.

I can’t believe you’re doing me like this anon

“Yo, you kick when you sleep? Cause if you do Imma push you off the bed.”

Brady kicks blindly under the covers, foot connecting with Jimmy’s shin. Jimmy grunts. Good. That should teach him to question Brady’s sleeping habits in Brady’s own bed.

“I was just asking,” Jimmy says, and there’s the hint of a whine in his voice.

Brady rolls over, huffing as he fluffs up his pillow. In the dim orange light coming through the window, he can just barely see Jimmy stupidly pouting up at the ceiling. “What, you never shared a bed before?”

“Not really. Had a single at Harvard.” Jimmy flashes him a smirk. “Only time I shared my bed was when I was getting laid. I’m a gentleman.”

“Of course,” Brady says dryly.

“So what, you’ve shared a bed before? With a teammate?”

“Yeah. Once or twice. It’s a good bonding experience.”

“Good bonding experience.” There’s definitely a laugh in Jimmy’s voice. “What’d you do, have a little heart to heart? Talk his ear off in bed? You seem like the loud type.”

And there’s no way Jimmy didn’t mean the innuendo, not after talking about beds and getting laid. But Brady wants to see Jimmy squirm as he explains, so he plays oblivious. “What do you mean by that?”

“Just, you know.” Jimmy shrugs in the dark, unashamed of his gutter mind. “You’re always talking. If I’d never watched you eat, I would think your mouth wasn’t good for anything else.”

“You take that back, my mouth is perfectly good for lots of things.”

“Yeah, like what else? Just talking and eating, Skjei.” There’s a glint in Jimmy’s eyes that means he knows exactly where this conversation is going.

But well, that’s a challenge Brady can’t back away from; he is going to make Jimmy eat his words. He sits up, looking Jimmy in the eye (or as much as he can in the dark). “Fuck you, Vesey. I’ll let you know no one’s ever complained about my mouth before.”

“I’m just saying, I’ll believe it when I see it. And I’m not seeing it baby.”

Okay, seriously, fuck him.

“Watch me,” he snaps, and he hears Jimmy huff a laugh as he disappears under the covers.

Brady wakes up to Jimmy curled around him, drooling a little on the back of his neck. It’s completely gross and unacceptable. Also Brady always figured he’d be the big spoon. Not that he’s thought about blowing Jimmy and cuddling him to sleep. Much.

There’s a quiet snort as Jimmy wakes up, and then Brady feels him peel his face off his neck. “Holy fuck, it’s hot under here,” Jimmy says, because he’s completely uncivilized and never heard of a good morning.

“Get off me,” Brady says.

Jimmy rolls off, collapsing on the cooler, unused side of the bed. He stares at the ceiling with sleepy eyes. “Good job, by the way. Last night. I believe you.”

Brady grunts into his pillow. “Good.” Not that he didn’t already know that, based on Jimmy’s reactions last night.

“Dude but like, what do we tell everyone?”

“Why do we have to tell anyone?”

It feels like Brady is missing something, Jimmy’s eyes dark and secretive when he stares across the bed at him. “Just thought it’d be a funny story someday. Like, you know, us sharing a bed cause mine disappeared. Could be funny to talk about the mix up.” His voice is carefully light.

“Oh. Um, just say it was like, team bonding or something.”

“Good bonding experience, yeah.”

Minnesota Summer- Brady Skjei

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Warning: One cuss word

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              You weren’t sure if this was such a good idea now that you had actually done it.

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Heavily swathed in plastic sheeting, human remains are carried from the screened grave on Saddleworth Moor, near Ashton-under-Lyne. This is after a search had begun to recover the victims of the serial killers known as the Moors Murderers - Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. 5 victims were attributed to Hindley and Brady, most of whom were young children - and none of them having reached their 18th birthday.