team bra

  • Pyrrha: Um, Jaune? Could you... Do me a favour?
  • Jaune: Sure Pyrrah, what's- *looks up from his scroll and pauses, eyes widening as Pyrrha stands in front of him with no shirt*
  • Pyrrha: *blushes* Would you... Help me remove my bra? I think I injured my shoulder sparring with Yang today, and it hurts to reach around my back.
  • Jaune: *mirrors Pyrrha's blush* You want me... Uh, want me to help you... Like, actually... Um...
  • Pyrrha: If it'll make you uncomfortable, I could go find Nora...
  • Jaune: No! *jumps up from his bed* Haha, it's no problem! I'd be glad to help!
  • Pyrrha: *smiles and turns around* Thank you, Jaune!
  • Jaune: Ok, let's see here... *fumbles around with the strap* Wait, no that's not right...
  • Pyrrha: Um, is everything okay?
  • Jaune: Oh yeah, absolutely! Just... Have to concentrate. *continues to not be able to undo the bra*
  • Pyrrha: Jaune, I'm sorry if this is too personal, but... Have you ever undone a bra before?
  • Jaune: What?!? Of course I have! More than I could count! I just... I need to... *freezes as the bra strap snaps in his fingers*
  • Pyrrha: ... What was that?
  • Jaune: Okay, I'm sorry, but MAYBE I've kinda, sorta... Never touched a bra in my life.
  • Pyrrha: Jaune... You're such a dork. *giggles and shakes her head, walking to the bathroom while holding her bra against her chest* You'll need to buy me a new bra now, but thank you anyways. I appreciate you trying.
  • Jaune: Uh... You're welcome?
  • Nora: *leaning against the now open dorm room door, shaking her head* Smooth as always, Arc.
  • Jaune: Why are you always here in time to watch me fail?

Episode 4 of #AfterSchoolSpecial is finally out and with it comes my favourite quote of the season so far!

Watch the whole ep here:

The day Bra is born is the day Vegeta gets the old gang back together to become TEAM THREE STAR DADS.

“HEY BALDY check out how cute my kid is! She already broke out of her playpen three times this week! Nothing can stop her!”

“Haha that’s great man!”

“YEAH. And Gohan, listen, start training with Pan soon, these two need to start sparring!! Let’s see what a quarter saiyan can do!!”

“Uh okay Vegeta…she’s still pretty little..”


“Vegeta -”


I’m in love with the idea of these three being dads with their daughters. Having to talk about girl stuff, showing up to train one day with their nails painted with glitter, carrying sweet handbags around for them, making panicked eye contact when it’s clear none of them know whats going on, BUT ALSO being so proud watching them learn how to fight, seeing a new generation of saiyans growing up in front of them, watching them being friends together, . I’m such a softie for it.

And I want to see Vegeta being overly proud all the time.

@puppyvegeta can you imagine Vegeta dragging Grandpa Goku out to train with him teasing him forever? I CAN.

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Iwatobi as girls and their size of breasts/ass (sorry not sorry)

bruh don’t you dare be sorry ‘bout this (and yes, another kind of not an ask, apologies ;-;)

Haruka: Kinda flat in both areas. She’s never complained, though - she’s convinced it gives her an edge when she’s swimming, and hey, she’s gonna look damn good regardless.

Makoto: Tried to hold off saying this, but I can’t see her as anything less than an Amazonian goddess of sorts… fem!Makoto would undoubtedly have an amazing figure, a gorgeous toned butt and boobs to fit her figure. Yeah.

Nagisa: Relatively flat chest, but damn she got the booty. And yes, she’s the type of girl to happily flaunt what she got - not that anyone’s complaining.

Rei: Just above average size, but very perky boobs. She always found that the size of her boobs got in the way when she was in the track team - wearing two sports bras can get quite uncomfortable… As for her butt; it’s more on the flat side, but quite toned.

I… Look I know you only requested Iwatobi, but to hell with it-

Rin: Larger than average boobs, which she hates. Wears a sports bra most of the time to keep the damn things down - even tried wearing one when swimming before. Her butt is fairly average.

Sousuke: … Look, she’s my bias, whatever gender. Putting that aside, I’d put fem!Sousuke in a similar boat to fem!Makoto - gorgeous, muscle-bound, Amazonian goddess with one hell of a booty and amazing tits… Imagine.

Nitori: Relatively flat in both areas - something that, as a swimmer, she struggled with for a while, before realising that it was actually very helpful when it came to fitting into swimming suits properly, and not having to worry about excess… Bits.

Momotarou: Below average boobs - her sister being larger than her is a constant source of grief. fem!Momo has a pretty good ass, fairly average, but she does so love flaunting it.

Seijuro: Fairly large boobs, a little above average - she’s always been bigger than Momo, which is something that bothers her sister massively, but fem!Sei is an all-round bombshell, and, thanks to years of working out, has a damn good ass, too.

… Kisumi: Look, I couldn’t not include her - fem!Kisumi is the archetypal “hourglass” body type, and has a bangin’ booty and freakin’ great boobs. Deal with it.

Some Fun Facts About Gymnastics in Rio

Tallest and Shortest Olympic Medalists:


Shortest: Wang Yan (CHN) 4′7/140cm- team bronze
Tallest: Sophie Scheder (GER) 5′6/167 cm- uneven bars bronze


Shortest: Ri Se Gwang (PKR) 5′1/155cm- vault gold
Tallest: Louis Smith (GBR) 5′11/180cm- pommel horse silver

Oldest and Youngest Olympic Medalists:


Youngest: Angelina Melnikova (RUS, born 07/18/2000)- team silver
Oldest: Sanne Wevers (NED, born 09/17/1991)- balance beam gold


Youngest: Nikita Nagornyy (RUS, born 02/12/1997)- team silver
Oldest: Diego Hypolito (BRA, born 06/19/1986)- floor silver