team boo boo

seungkwan: i’m tough

jeonghan: you were crying about dogs yesterday

seungkwan: *tears up* thEY CAN’T SEE RED

Vocal Team Reaction to them being able to lift you up easily.

caratarmyboy said:I would wonder what their reaction would be if (their boyfriend or gender neutral character which ever you prefer)would be able to lift them up easily.

hello! Thank you for responding! Just for the sake of length- I will be dividing this up into three different posts, one for each unit. Here is vocal teams, thank you so much for requesting!

Jeonghan: Once he discovered that he could pick you up easily, he would start doing it all the time, especially in front of the members. He thought it was super flirty and romantic and it would be a habit to sweep you into his arms every time he picked you up for a date. “Look how easy Y/N is to pick up everyone!”

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Joshua: This would make Josh blush sooooo easily. He lifted you up the first time because he had missed you when he was away on tour, but was taken aback by how easy it was to just sweep you off your feet in a hug when he saw you. He would find it very romantic and it would make him go all giggly and quiet. “Was that too cliche Y/N? It just sort of, happened? Was that okay with you?”

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Woozi: This would make woozi laugh first of all, since he was the smallest of the members he was used to being the one always picked up by others. It would give him a bit of a confidence boost that he was able to pick you up whenever he wanted. He would truly be excited and make him feel a bit more manly. “Did you see that Y/N!” (which would make you laugh bc ofc you did)

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DK: Honestly, DK would love to pick you up and hug you so the fact that it was so easy wouldn’t be anything new to him. But it would still make him have that sunshine smile every single time! His eyes would crinkle up and he would hug you so tight. “I love when I get to pick you up Y/N!”

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Seungkwan: At first Seungkwan would be taken aback because he personally doesn’t see himself as the kind of person to do anything like that. He thought he wouldn’t be able to, but since it was so easy, he would totally fall in love with picking you up and holding you. It would become his new favorite thing. Similar to jeonghan in that respect, but he would do it more when you two were alone. “I think it’s official now Y/N, that I am the best boyfriend ever.”

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Was listening to [THIS] last night and it spoke so deeply to my boogie woogie soul that I had to draw this funky ghost girl. Her name is Boogie Banshee or B.B. for short. 

Name something scarier than being flanked while playing support i’ll wait 

Vocal Unit Reaction to you crying over your favorite characters death in a series/book

valdez-ed said to wenwoohui:Can you please do vocal unit reacting to you crying over your favourite character’s death in a series/book? Thank you! ☺️

here you go! hope you enjoy!

Woozi: Because of all of his video gaming and movie watching, woozi would understand were you were coming from. He would simply come over to you, put his arm around you, and let you cry because he secretly had done the same thing multiple times before. “Y/N, I understand. trust me.”

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Jeonghan: Wouldn’t really know or understand why you were crying until he saw the book in front of you. His first reaction was to do some dumb stuff to see if he could make you laugh and distract you from whatever was going on in the story. “Y/N look over here!!!! What can I do to distract you? Aegyo? Sing you a song?”

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Josh: Okay he would be so concerned about you because he hates anytime you are sad. When he would go to comfort you, he would go off on a long tangent about death and life and how everything is going to be okay. In reality you just wanted a hug and some ice cream, but you knew his intentions were good. “Y/N it’s okay, it’s just the circle of life! It’ll be okay you see-”

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DK: Would first giggle a bit because he thought you were being a bit overdramatic and just joking around. He played along and mimic you until he realized you were serious. He would instantly feel bad and try to cheer you up- leaving you to go grab your favorite snack from the kitchen. In another effort to make you smile, he would turn around at the doorway and give a solemn “fighting” which would make you crack a smile. “There’s that smile I love Y/N!”

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Seungkwan: Since he would be reading your favorite series with you or watching the tv show at the same time, you both would just sit there bawling together and supporting each other through such a difficult time. “But it’s just sad Y/N!! You better not leave me ever either!”

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