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Cuddles, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 5

June 8th: Cuddles/Hugs

“Wait. So you’re telling me, that you, the Pack Alpha, has never cuddled before?!?” Lance asked incredulously, staring at his leader. Hunk dropped his spork, Keith choked on his food goo, and Pidge gasped.

Shiro flushed a little, unusually embarrassed for such a strong and commanding Alpha. “Well, no, I was always really busy at the Garrison and while yes, I was really popular, nobody ever really wanted to get too close?”

Lance threw his hands up in exasperation. “No wonder you’re so stiff all the time!!! You haven’t experienced the joys of group cuddles!” The Omega cried, distressed. Pidge nodded, eyeing Shiro suspiciously.

“Yeah, every family spends time on group cuddles, Shiro. Matt and Dad didn’t include you on the Kerberos mission?” The young Beta asked, tilting her head to the side curiously.

Shiro shook his head. “No, we all slept in different areas of the ship. No cuddles whatsoever.” Hunk squawked in alarm at the news.

Lance slammed his hands down on the table and stood up, determination glinting in his eyes. “That’s it, I’ve heard enough. Come on guys, we’re doing a massive cuddle pile! Hunk, grab every blanket and pillow you can find and bring them to my room.” The Omega ordered, his best friend nodding and abandoning his food in order to dash off to find the requested materials.

“Wait, why your room?” Keith asked, already on his feet with Pidge clambering up the Alpha’s back.

Lance smiled sheepishly. “I uh, tend to hoard all the softest stuff. Like blankets and pillows. Also the occasional clothing item? It’s an Omega thing, my Mamá did it all the time.” He explained, pulling the pack leader from his chair and moving behind Shiro to start nudging him in the direction of the Blue Paladin’s quarters.

“Lance, you don’t have to do this, it’s fine-” Shiro sputtered, stumbling along to where the demanding Omega was pushing him. He didn’t fight back though, the idea of a group cuddle suddenly sounding increasingly appealing to his Alpha instincts.

“No way, you’re gonna get cuddles one way or another. Team bonding and all that! How can we be a pack if we don’t snuggle now and then? Besides, I kind of miss it. My family would always dedicate every Sunday night to sleeping in a cuddle pile in the living room. Yeah, snuggling with Hunk or Pidge is nice, but a cuddle pile is like coming home, you know? A pack thing.” Lance rambled, now leading Shiro by the wrist to his room, Keith carrying Pidge and jogging to keep up.

Shiro blinked as he was suddenly pulled inside Lance’s room, noticing the massive nest on Lance’s bed. Mostly blue blankets, as well as several pillows as a few shirts, mostly… black shirts? Wait, was that-

“Is that my vest?” Shiro asked, pulling out of Lance’s grip and moving to pick up the aforementioned piece of clothing. Pidge started snickering, and the Alpha turned to see a red faced Lance.

“Uh, like I said, it’s an Omega thing. It’s super comfortable… and it smells like you? A pack thing! Honest!” Lance yelped, flailing his hands around, Keith rolling his eyes at his packmate until Hunk hurried in with more blankets not a moment too soon.

Lance recovered from his embarrassment quickly and tugged everyone onto his bed, arranging the blankets and pillows for a more suitable nest, Hunk leaning against the wall, Shiro in the big Beta’s lap, Keith snuggled in between Hunk’s arm and Shiro’s shoulder, Pidge pressed up against Shiro from the other side, while Lance dimmed the lights and happily plopped himself into Shiro’s lap, snuggling up against that broad chest.

“There. What do you think? This is how my family used to do it, though we had a lot more members.” Lance asked, tilting his head up to gauge Shiro’s reaction.

The pack leader hummed thoughtfully, quietly shifting to arrange himself more comfortably, feeling his Alpha side rumble contentedly. He relaxed and tipped his head forwards to nuzzle at Lance’s hair, lightly scenting him.

“It feels… really nice.” He murmured, and Pidge beamed from her spot against his side, Hunk chuckling and Lance purring at the attention from his Alpha.

“This was a pretty good idea.” Keith yawned, already sleepy. Pidge chirped a sound of agreement, Hunk resting his head on top of Shiro’s.

Soon, mostly everyone was asleep, aside from Shiro and the lightly purring Omega in his lap. Shiro shifted slightly, cheek still resting in Lance’s hair.

“Hey, Lance?” He asked quietly, his packmate lifting his head a bit.

“Yeah? What’s up?” The sleepy teen asked, blinking big blue eyes at his Alpha. Shiro’s heart fluttered at the vulnerable expression on that pretty face, and he smiled, pulling the Omega closer in a hug.

“Thanks.” Lance purred a little louder and nuzzled at Shiro’s neck.

“Anytime, Alpha.”
Why is it that whenever I see the word “cuddles” I immediately think “Omega Lance”? Anyway, hope you enjoyed! :3

How RFA+V+Saeran react to...

Coming home to see MC fallen asleep while waiting for them. Because all of the ideas in my head somehow revolve around sleep and, let’s face it, they’re all super busy and aren’t likely to come home at a reasonable hour.


- He had to stay late at school for make up exams and tutoring sessions.

- You knew ahead of time that he would be home late, so you made sure to cook dinner later than usual so that it would be ready by the time he got home. But he didn’t seem to be coming home anytime soon, so you ate your food and put the rest away in the fridge.

- You sit on the couch waiting for him to come home as it gets later and later at night. You log into the messenger and scroll through the Internet for a while, trying to stay awake, but eventually you nod off.

- Yoosung comes home, takeout for the both of you in his hands, beat from his long day.

- When he sees you asleep on the couch he feels so guilty for being out so late (even if it was to better understand his classes…)

- Legit tears up a bit, because a) he’s over-tired and super emotional and b) you are just so nice and kind and beautiful and he loves you so much???

- He’s more tired than hungry so he puts the takeout away (and when he sees the food you had made for him he may or may not full on cry)

- Gently adjusts your sleeping position, careful not to wake you, grabs a blanket, and then collapses on top of you. He always sleeps best cuddled up to you.

- Is dead asleep in seconds.

- Neither of you have class the next morning so you both get to sleep in. He makes you breakfast as a thank you.

- Lots of sleepy cuddles and kisses


- He’s usually home from practice around the same time, but that particular night his director invites the whole crew out for dinner and drinks

-  wants to go home to you, but that’s not something he can really turn down. He decides to stay for a bit to be polite then leave.

- unfortunately this director is very determined (and pushy) that the crew acts like a family and ropes them all into these weird team bonding exercises.

- he gets home way later than anticipated.

- finds you at the kitchen table asleep with two (now cold) plates of dinner. His heart breaks when he thinks of you waiting for him all alone.

- checks his phone to see it had accidentally turned off and that he has several missed calls and messages from you. Gulp. Oops…

- Gently carries you to bed. Falls asleep holding you and stroking your hair.

- “MC, I’m so sorry!!!” Is determined to make it up to you. Honestly, you were pretty upset the night before but this is the first time something like this has happened and he’s so genuinely sorry that you can’t feel too mad at him.

- Takes you out on a date the next night so you don’t have to cook and promises to always call first the next time something comes up so you’ll know what’s going on.

- The next time the director tries to hold him back he pulls out the picture of you two he carries in his wallet and says, “Sorry, but I have a lovely date at home and I just can’t leave them waiting~”

- The director nearly melts (”Oh, you should invite them along too, that way we can get to know them too!” Wait wat)


- Honestly, she pretty much always gets home late

- You’re usually waiting for her with coffee or some baked treats so the two of you can talk about your days together.

- She really appreciates you being there for her when she gets home, but doesn’t quite realize that not everyone can live off of the same amount of sleep she does.

-So one day she comes home to see you asleep at the kitchen table. There’s a plate of sweets on the counter and a bit of flour on your cheek (which she cleans off for you)

-Realizes how much work you’ve been putting into the relationship and feels like it’s not fair to you.

- Carefully wakes you up. “MC, have you eaten dinner yet?”

- You sleepily nod and rub your eyes, “Yeah…Welcome home, Jaehee…” (She nearly loses it, omg that was so cute)

- Stern Jaehee activated! “Okay, MC. Bed.” Will not listen to your protests, you are getting your rest!

- Later she tells you that you don’t have to wait up for her every night. “MC, as much as I enjoy your company, your health and wellbeing is more important to me.”

- You both decide on which days of the week you will wait for her. They become your special nights and you both look forward to it so much.

But if you try to stay up for her on any other night, she will definitely give you a good lecture and make you go to bed. (Do not mess with Mama Jaehee).


- He really likes coming home to you waiting for him. It makes him so happy to hear you say, “Welcome back!”

-But sometimes he comes home really late.

- And you’ll have your head laid down on the coffee table, snoring slightly, with Elizabeth the 3rd curled up in your lap and it’s the best thing he’s ever seen in his life.

- WILL take (blurry) pictures for his phone background

- Drapes his jacket over your shoulders then sits down across from you to watch you sleeping. Your sleeping face is so cute to him and he can (and will) watch it for hours until you wake up.

- If you shiver or seem uncomfortable in your sleeping position he will immediately move you to the bed (preferably with his jacket still on).

- After a few times, though, he’ll worry about how well you’re sleeping or about how late you’re staying up because of waiting for him.

- The next morning he takes the day off of the work and makes pancakes for you (he tries to make them heart shaped but they end up looking like blobs). “It seemed like you missed me last night,  so I’m going to spend all day with you so you can get the attention you need.”

- Sets a bedtime for you. If he’s not home by a certain hour you aren’t allowed to stay up and wait for him anymore, you have to go to bed.

- Tries to get back by a more reasonable and consistent time as well.


- He hardly ever leaves the house, to be honest. If he’s really busy, sometimes he hardly ever leaves his computer room.

- It was one of those days when he was swamped with work. You had made dinner, but you didn’t want to interrupt his work to tell him.

- Dinner was still in the oven so it would stay warm, so you sat down across from his door with your back against the wall. He had been in there for the entire day, it shouldn’t take too much longer. You’d wait for him to get out and then you could eat together.

- You fell asleep.

- s e v e r a l  h o u r s  l a t e r

- Saeyoung comes out to see you sitting outside his work room, head tilted to the side and drooling slightly.  

-He sighs a bit, then wraps you up in his hoodie and carries you to bed. You wake up slightly on the way there and sleepily blink up at him, but he gently pushes your head back onto his shoulder and you fall asleep again, cuddling into him. (He almost dies, that was illegally cute!!)

- He is #blessed

- The next morning he is not letting you get out of bed. Holds you close and sleeps nearly the whole day.

- “MC, next time you should tell me. Even if I can’t come out right away, I at least want to know if you’re waiting for me.”


- He gets home late from a gallery showing of his photographs. You went to the opening one and Jumin had gone to assist V that night.

- You ended up falling asleep on the couch while waiting for him to get back.

- Doesn’t really notice until he gets into the bed and you’re not there????

- Immediately gets up and starts stumbling around the house looking for you.

- “M-MC, Are you here…?”

- He gets really worried for a moment. He hadn’t looked for you when he had first come home because it was late and he hadn’t wanted to wake you but what if something seriously bad has happened?!

- “I’m coming, V. It’s okay.”

- All of the muscles in his body relax when he hears your voice. He hadn’t even realized he was tensed up.

- You apologize for scaring him but he’s totally fine now that he can hear your voice. “It’s nothing to be sorry for, MC, as long as there’s nothing wrong then I’m fine.”

- Wraps his arms a little tighter around you as he sleeps, though.

- You decide to go with him to every event after this. He doesn’t ask you to, you just decide that you’d rather be with him than wait at home all by yourself (and possibly give V a heart attack).


-He tends to come home late at night from his job.

-You usually will sit on the couch waiting for him to come home. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep sometimes you won’t.

- He gets really grumpy and embarrassed when he comes home to you waiting up for him.  "I told you you don’t have to wait on me…if you’re going to sleep, just go to bed!“ 

- He actually is really happy seeing you waiting for him when he gets home, it’s what help him get through the day. (If you aren’t there waiting for him he’ll get really worried that something happened.)

- One night he comes home to see you asleep sitting up on the couch. He ruffles your hair slightly and smiles softly at your sleeping face.

- When you wake up you’re stretched out, using his lap as a pillow. Saeran’s arms are crossed, his sleeping face bent over yours.

- You quickly plant a kiss on his lips before he wakes up.

- He pretends to be really grumpy about it.

- "Aghk, MC, I got a crick in my neck because of you! You have to give me a shoulder massage as payment!” Will give you a kiss after you rub his shoulders, though.

- He’s not really all that mad.

- Is lowkey happy that first thing you both saw when you woke up was the other’s face. (He would never admit it, though. He doesn’t do cheesy crap like that!!)

Do you have any idea of how painful it is ?!

- Do you know how painful it is for us , that love Sakura , seeing her ending up with Sasuke ? It’s like seeing a friend suffering and not being able to do nothing .
- Do you know how painful it is to not being able to see naruto achieving is dream of making Sakura his girl
- Do you know how painful it is to see our main character change so much to the point of giving up on Sakura and out of nowhere starting to fall in love with another character ?
- Do you know how painful it is to see Naruto not giving the attention that his son deserves after knowing what he has been through his entire childhood ?
- Do you know how painful it is to see that in this movie there is no interaction of Team 7 ?
- Do you know how painful it is to see that they didn’t gave a shit about the respect that the fandom , the characters and the manga overall deserved ?
- Do you know how painful it is to know that stupid people changed this amazing manga only for the sake of one single couple ?

- Do you know how painful it is ? Do you ???