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what’s been confirmed so far as canon by Ghostbusters 101
  • the 1984 Ghostbusters and the 2016 Ghostbusters are canonically in two separate dimensions
    • this is cos some kinda dimensional crossrip thing during the coming of Gozer scattered the Ghostbusters concept across the multiverse, giving birth to other versions of the same team (such as The Real Ghostbusters and the 2016 team)
  • Holtzmann blows shit up just because she can (but we already knew that)
  • Erin calls Holtzmann by her first name (Erin that’s gay)
  • Kevin and Holtzmann buy weird shit with the business account
  • the girls have apparently been in business for around a year (confirmed in issue #3) (so that would mean Ghostbusters 101 takes place in early autumn)
  • Mike Hat comes to work with Kev (and is smarter than his owner)
  • Holtzmann is a terrible roommate
    • and she and her roommates live in the apartment from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.???? (confirmed in issue #3)
  • and yes, Holtzmann still runs like she does at the end of the movie
  • Egon basically thinks of Kevin as their dog
  • Abby isn’t taking any of this shit
  • Holtzmann makes inappropriate jokes 24/7
  • Patty and Winston are confirmed as the mom friends
  • Holtzmann thinks Kylie is cute (GAYYYYYY)
  • Ray and Holtzmann are totally gonna become buddies over the tech (i mean, look at how much Ray geeked out over the girls’ proton packs. fuckin nerds. i love them)
  • speaking of that, Egon is still a huge nerd.

It’s midnight and I’m envisioning a sprawling all encompassing chanceverse HS au instead of going to sleep I blame @emberfaye

So about a year ago I went to Salt Lake Comic Con and I was in line to see John Barrowman 😱 the couple in front of me had a baby and when they go to the front of the line, John goes, “he’s gorgeous! Can I hold him?!” The couple days yes and John proceeded to sing the baby a song. I missed the first few lines because I was fumbling with my camera but this is my favorite 20 seconds of video I have ever taken

Grey's Anatomy 10x24 "Fear (Of the Unknown)" Season Finale Review (Spoiler Alert)

Le'st be happy Grey’s Anatomy fans! Why? 1. Cause we survived Season 10!! And 2. Nobody died or got hurt!

But you know what did get hurt? OUR HEARTS! And we can’t page Cristina anymore, cause she’s not here! We wre all sitting there watching the episode like….

Let’s begin shall we!

Warning: The term “Baby bitch tears” will be used a lot, especially when talking about Cristina. This pretty long, but I added a ton of gifs, just to make the read not boring. Enjoy

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All I need is to see Carol and Michonne team up and blow shit up together, because lets be honest with ourselves: it would be the best thing ever seen on tv.

Seriously writers, give us a bottle episode with Rambo Carol covered in mud and Ninja Michone with her black cape on and her katana flying in the air faster than the wind.

I’ll just wait here until it happens.