team bleck

really old and rough height chart I use for reference. it’s pretty inaccurate now lol
not pictured: Count Bleck, because I hated drawing him back when this was done (he’s the same height as Mr. L if not maybe an inch taller)

some notes:
*O’Chunks is rarely standing up completely straight (unless he’s trying to intimidate people) but when he is, he’s the tallest by a smidgeon. dude is big.

*Chuckles McAssclown Dimentio rarely lets his feet touch the ground and is only slightly taller than Mimi if he does. 

*Luigi/Mr. L tends to stand on the balls of his feet because he’s a spring-heeled nerd. still a bit taller than Nassy.

*Nastasia is of average height, take from that what you will.

Things I should probably do in SPM

•Fight Shadoo the fucker deserves a date with my fists
•Replay the game, but record freezing, stop watching, or putting members of Team Bleck to sleep. I’m not gonna give up on making Dimentio sleep! I swear it’s suppose to work!
•Obtain Dashel before completing the main story and figure out how far the World of Nothing goes.
•Get all of the catch cards.
•Spend more time in the room full of Dimentios because it’s my element
•Check to see if Super Dimentio actually summons tiny Pill Pal Luigis at you when you use invincibility items
•Pick up and cherish the Dimentio.
•Actually, just pick up everyone. They all belong in these arms.

(Edit: Feel free to add to this!)

Here’s a marching band of the Bleck team, squad, I don’t know.

As you see here, you have Bleck being the front runner with 3 kazoos shoved in his mouth, and he appears to be flipping off….His dad! (*slightly audible screaming through kazoo noises* “F*ck you dad, I’ll do what I want!”)
Nastasia appears to be passive aggressively playing that viola/violin
O'Chunks and Dimentio appears to have grabbed some brass instruments, and are aggressively attempting to play them…horribly.
Mimi got some weird suit, and is smashing some rubber chickens together.
And Mr. L is kind of there with his d*mn cymbals. Yah.

All on top of some rubber chickens (I would draw more, but I don’t wanna shade them).


I’ve been watching Show by Rock! And I LOVE the chibi animal style that is used for the band performances! (Honestly even more than the rest of the shows art, but its still very cute none the less!) I decided to draw Team Bleck in the style of the animal chibis! (They r in a band for sure~) I will eventually draw Tippi and Bleck as well, I didn’t forget them! 

For those curious, Nastasia is a bat, Mimi is a spider, Dimentio is a cat, and O’Chunks is an Ox! 

Super Paper Furries Mario villain squad™