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Help me Win Ms Photogenic

Hey Everyone! My name is Asia Unique Forest and I’m a junior Computer Science at Georgia Southern University. I’m currently a contestant for the Collegiate 100 scholarship pageant and Ms Photogenic is chosen by the public on Instagram. It would mean the world to me if y'all can share this post and head over to Instagram and like the photo. Go to GSUC100 and vote for me☺️ your fierce contestant number 4😄 Thank you all for the love and support ☺️😘

The Blasian Chat

I’ve arrived at my first follower milestone!!! Soo I would like to begin a thread (i thought about calling this the Blasian Pokeball but i though it would be too cheesy…gotta catch em all😉)
Anywayy lol.
Reblog this thread and add your name, ethnicity, and some random fact about yourself… Kind of like an icebreaker but on the internet
You get the point
I’ll start:
I’m Nicki
I’m Afro-Jamaican and Indian (Syrian and Celtic to a lesser extent)
I swam competitively for 9 years and competed as a synchronized swimmer for 3 yrs
Your turn! ✌🏾️✌🏾

Instagram: @iamkimberlyt

My hair isn’t perfectly curly.
My jeans don’t hug my butt.
I don’t wear fake nails.
I don’t wear makeup everyday.
I have shirts I still wear from middle school.
I still will wear my highschool sweats and sweatshirts….. at the same time.
I don’t fit under the label cool and trendy.
And I’m okay with that.

Love yourself 💘