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Masquerade. (Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) Part 4 FINALE

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

Jimin x Reader x Hoseok

Fluff & Smut

Office Au, Hosts Au

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out…

        But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.


Part 4 out of 4 [FINAL]

Parts:  Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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          “I think I need a strong drink.” You mumbled as you slowly put the masks back into the closet. “Or Hoseok– give me a good punch to the face so I could forget this happened.”

           Hoseok flinched at the sound of your voice calling him then he collected himself to retort.

           "Wait, why am I the one that has to punch you?“

           "Cause you’ve been holding it in all these years. Just do it.” You closed your eyes.

           Hoseok rolled his eyes, “Y/N. I’m not punching you.”

           You messed up your hair anxiously. Your mind was all jumbled and you didn’t know what to do. Jimin walked over and locked the door.

           "Y/N, have a seat first.“ he spoke calmly.

           You shook your head and laughed. "This is a joke right?”

           You glanced over at Hoseok and Jimin who were staring at you seriously. It sunk in that it was, in fact, reality.

           You had been fooling around with both of your bosses…and they – they…

           "Oh my god.“ You covered your mouth in horror as you stumbled into Hoseok’s chair beside you.

           Jimin rushed to your side and made sure the seat didn’t roll out from underneath you.

           "I can’t believe…” Jimin chuckled. “You’re Silver. Wow…”

           You hurriedly covered your face. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

           Jimin smirked, “Remembering all the fun we had?”

           "How’re you guys okay with this?“ You stared at them incredulously. "Are you not embarrassed that I saw…I saw….”

           Your eyes glanced from Hoseok to Jimin and back to Hoseok then back to Jimin.

           "Well I can’t say it was embarrassing or anything… cause that’s kind of our job.“ Jimin shrugged then winked at you. "Plus you clearly liked what you saw.”

           You groaned and covered your face once again.

           Jimin glanced at Hoseok and urged him to say something. Hoseok exhaled and leaned against his desk, crossing his arms nonchalantly.

           "Do you regret it?“ he questioned.

           You froze then shook your head honestly. "No…”

           "Then stop whining.“ He rolled his eyes. "It’s not the end of the world just cause you jacked us off and we made you orgasm a few times.”

           You lunged at Hoseok and placed your hand over his mouth.

           "Are you kidding me? We are at WORK! What if people hear you?“ You whispered angrily.

           Hoseok sighed and grabbed your hand.

           "I’m just saying. We’re fine, so there’s no need for you to freak out. That’s different and this is different.”

           You looked down at Hoseok’s gentle hand holding your own and he pulled it away quickly.

           "You’re…“ You started as you stared into his eyes, the pieces coming together. Then you whipped around and found Jimin sitting in Hoseok’s chair, cross-legged, and smirking mischievously. His demeanor had completely made a 180."And you’re….”

           "Well baby girl.“ Jimin grinned. "Why don’t you tell us your decision now then?”

           Your eyes widened and you stumbled back, trying to get some distance between them. “I…I…”

           "So finding out our identities affected your decision?“ Jimin questioned curiously.

           "It’s just…um…it just confuses me a bit because well…” You continued to study the two of them staring at you.

           You were breaking out into cold sweat at the situation. Jimin started cracking up, breaking the intensity in the air. You and Hoseok glanced over him inquisitively.

           "Ah you’re too cute, Y/N.“ He wiped a tear from his eyes. "You’re not going to hurt our feelings in any way if you prefer one of us over the other. We’re not going to stop being your bosses.”

           "I know…but it’s not like I can go back to Club Masquerade and you know…“ You murmured.

           Jimin smirked as he got up and started walking to you. "How about this then?”

           You shivered at the way his eyes darkened as he came closer.

           "Jimin.“ Hoseok warned but his friend paid him no mind.

           "How about we take Club Masquerade to the office?” He whispered, his breath ghosting over your face.

           You felt an arm wrap around your waist, pulling you from being in such close proximity to Jimin.

           "Don’t scare her, Jimin. My goodness. She just found out we’ve pretty much touched her entire body and she’s practically seen us naked.“ Hoseok chuckled as he secured you behind him.

           You smacked his back angrily. "Stop saying that out loud!”

           Hoseok laughed. “It’s true though.”

           You glared at him.

           "I’m just saying we spice up the proposition.“ Jimin threw an arm around both yours and Hoseok’s shoulders. "Since she’s still confused, we continue the experiments… but at work.”

           "H-here??“ You stammered.

           "Doesn’t it… excite you?” Jimin whispered into your ear. “You can’t go back to the Club knowing our identities because it would be embarrassing for you, but all three of us HAVE to go to work regardless. You get time to decide and you get your very own Club Masquerade during work hours…without payment…and with ALL the benefits.”

           You remained quiet because your body was trembling with anticipation at the thought of sneaking around with the risk of being caught. The two men were watching your expression intently, waiting for you to say something. After a few minutes of contemplation, you shook your head and stepped away from them.


           "Okay?” Hoseok and Jimin repeated excitedly.

           "No!“ You yelled.

           "No?” They lowered their tone.

           "No, I mean. I need to think about this.“ You explained. "It’s just a lot to take in. You’re just both so…so….”

           "Different?“ Jimin finished.

           "Yeah…” You exhaled.

           "That’s fine.“ Hoseok nodded. "It is a lot to take in. So we’ll give you time to decide.”

           "By tonight.“ Jimin cut in.

           "By tomorrow.” Hoseok glanced over at him.

           "How about I’ll let you know whenever I know? Okay?“ You pointed at the two of them as you backed up towards the door.

           "Take your time.” Hoseok nodded.

           Jimin shrugged and chuckled. “It’s not like you can get away from us anyway.”

           You smiled wryly and hurried out the door, not realizing you had been holding your breath. Skeptically, you glanced around to see if there were vigilant or judgmental eyes watching you, but everyone was either on lunch break or focusing on work with headphones in. Exhaling out of relief, you plopped into your chair, unable to fathom the unexpected turn of events. You found yourself staring into the office in front of you, watching the two’s silhouettes moving around.

           "Wow! How great is this?“ Jimin grinned excitedly. "Silver is Y/N. Wow.”

           Hoseok exhaled, “Let’s not dwell on it until she’s made her decision. We’re at work.”

           Jimin pouted. “Are you not excited? She’s hard working and attractive, plus great in bed!”

           Hoseok glared at Jimin.

           "Fine, fine. No Masquerade talk at the office. Got it.“ Jimin chimed and began tending to the stacks of paper in front of him.

           That night, you tossed and turned in contemplation. Could you really refuse the offer? I mean, here were two attractive men asking you to hook up with them DURING work hours for FREE. But then they weren’t just strangers, they were your BOSSES. But then that made them so much more appealing.

           You sat up and groaned; the storm in your mind keeping you up. You were curious but you were also nervous. Was this a good idea? Would they really be okay with it? You bit your lip and whipped out your phone. You wanted to know more about them, now that you’ve figured out their identities. You were curious to see if your original choice would stay the same or become different in the "real world”. Clearly, your body and heart were leaning towards a decision already but your mind clung onto its last hope. Finally, the final straw came when you imagined the hott scenarios that could occur if you agreed to it. Your mind released the strings of your logic and you caved.

           "Oh fuck it.“ You hissed and texted the two.

           Jimin and Hoseok rolled over and opened the message.

           Silver: Let’s do it.

           Nervously, you arrived to work the next morning. You had put effort into looking pretty so you did your make up a little more than usual and sprayed on your special perfume.

           "Mr. Jung is already here.” Your co-worker whispered. “He told me to tell you to see him when you arrived.”

           You swallowed and nodded.

           "Don’t be nervous. He’ll probably yell at you like usual.“ your co-worker laughed.

           You chuckled, trying to sound convincing. That wasn’t exactly why you were nervous this time. "Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.”

           You knocked timidly, half hoping he was asleep or not even inside.


           "It’s me.”

           "Come in.“

           Slowly, you stepped into the office and you felt Hoseok’s eyes on your outfit.

           He scoffed as you looked at him in anticipation.

           "You’re expecting something aren’t you?” He smirked and your face quickly contorted into an expression of annoyance.

           "What did you call me for?“ You exhaled, wondering why you even bothered to expect something from someone you’ve known for years.

           "Come here. I marked a few things I want you to edit.” He beckoned and you walked over.

           You moved your face closer to the paper on his desk, squinting. “Where’d you mark it? Do I need a microscope?”

           Hoseok chuckled and you felt his lips press a kiss on your cheek. Your eyes widened and you stood up hurriedly.

           "It’s in the next page.“ He pointed nonchalantly.

           You skeptically reached for the paper, maintaining your distance as he watched you, amused.

           "Are you more relaxed now?” he laughed.

           You glanced up at him in surprise. “What?”

           "You walked in like a terrified animal.“ he snorted. "It’s not like either of us are going to eat you alive. I mean, unless you want us to.”

           You rushed to cover his mouth hurriedly. “Can you please stop saying things like that?”

           He nodded as he slowly pulled your hand from his mouth. Neither of you broke the eye contact and you didn’t pull back. You were mesmerized by the fact that you hadn’t recognized either of them. Now that you were staring at him, feeling his hand in yours, you knew for sure he was Black Mask.

           "You know there’s a sexier way you could shut me up.“ he smiled and you chuckled.

           "What’s that?”

           He pulled your waist down and captured your lips in his. You inhaled sharply at the contact and you felt your hands slide up to his shoulders to steady yourself. He broke the kiss and you felt dizzy as you stared into your boss’s face instead of a mask this time. Your heart raced as he caressed your face gently.

           "You look beautiful.“ he whispered.

           You leaned over and kissed him again, wanting to make sure this was real. He welcomed it happily, guiding you to sit on his lap so you weren’t bending over to kiss him.

           "What am I doing? Oh my god.”

           You breathed as you pressed your forehead against his.

           Hoseok chuckled, “This is a bit crazy.”

           "I can’t believe…“ You studied his face. "Are you schizophrenic?”

           Hoseok rolled his eyes, “Shut up.”

           He bit your bottom lip and you wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him deeper into the kiss.

           Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and you both froze, hearts racing.

           "Yes?“ Hoseok called, calmly.

           "It’s Jimin. Hope you two aren’t fighting~” He chimed playfully.

           Hoseok smirked and spun his chair around to hide you on his lap. “Come in.”

           Jimin entered and hurriedly shut the door before you two revealed your position. “I can’t believe you started already.”

           Hoseok chuckled as he embraced you warmly. “I was just teaching her a few things.”

           Jimin smirked as he eyed you two with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Well I’ll make sure to demonstrate a few more things when I get my hands on you.”

           You blushed as you felt Hoseok’s hand land on your exposed thigh. Mentally, you patted yourself in the back for choosing to wear a pencil skirt dress today.

            He leaned over and whispered, “This is going to drive me crazy.”

           You smiled, “Good. That’s what I was going for.”

           Hoseok patted your hip and you stood up understandably. “I just wanted to see you first thing in the morning. I’ll call you in if I find any errors for real.”

           You nodded, still finding his behavior weird but definitely welcomed. Before you made it to the door, you heard Jimin clear his throat.

           "Where’s MY good morning kiss?“ he questioned.

           You glanced over at Hoseok, not wanting him to be uncomfortable, but he nodded nonchalantly. Walking over, you leaned down to kiss Jimin sweetly, but he roughly pulled you down to straddle him. Immediately, his tongue slipped into yours and you couldn’t help that moan that it elicited from the back of your throat. His lips curled up and he broke the kiss.

           "What a sound to hear first thing in the morning.” he breathed on your lips as he lightly smacked your ass. “Now get out of my office before I take this skirt off in front of Hoseok.”

           You shivered and scrambled off of him, fixing your skirt and clothes, feeling both of their eyes on you hungrily. You felt sexy and wanted. Silently praising yourself for agreeing to this, you walked towards the door.

           "Wait.“ Hoseok called out and both yours and Jimin’s eyes were on him as he walked over to you. He reached out and adjusted a few stray strands of hair that they both had tousled. "There.”

           "Thanks.“ You blushed.

           He nodded curtly and went back to his desk.

           With one last look at them both watching you, you stepped out of the office. You were sure your cheeks were red and your body felt hot. With your heart racing, you returned to your desk and distracted yourself with your work.

           About an hour or so later, your head whipped up expectantly when the door opened to the office.

           "Wow, working hard as usual Y/N.” Jimin, grinning brightly, rushed over to you. “What’s the occasion? You look extra beautiful today.”

           You blushed, despite being taken aback by seeing this side of Jimin after how he was acting earlier. Soon, Hoseok also exited the office and caught you and Jimin chatting amiably. You watched the way his lips curled up into a smirk.

           "As usual, your desk is a mess, Y/N. You’re the first thing people see so be presentable for goodness sake.“

           With that, he stalked off, leaving you astounded.

           Jimin chuckled and leaned over to whisper seductively, "Let me get my dessert later during lunch.”

           You blushed as he laughed heartily. He turned around and began skipping out of the office while waving back at you.

           "We have to head to a meeting with the board. I’ll see you later, Y/N! Bye bye!“

           You didn’t realize you were staring blankly at the door they had disappeared through until you felt your co-worker tap your shoulder. Flinching, you spun around to find her wearing a concerned expression.

           "You okay? Mr. Jung must’ve scolded you harshly this morning, huh?”

           You laughed weakly. “It was definitely unexpected.”

           She looked at you sympathetically then returned to her work. You exhaled and ran your hand through your hair.

           Their changing personalities were definitely something you had to get used to. It was weird yet intriguing. It made you want to divulge all their other sides, in the only way you could. Then remembering Jimin’s statement, you suppressed your squeal and began counting down until lunch time.

           You made your way up to the rooftop warily. Jimin had texted you to meet him there and you were praying that none of your co-workers would join you. Luckily, you usually enjoyed eating lunch alone and everyone understood that by now, so no one bothered to question why you were slipping out so secretively. You opened the door to the rooftop curiously, but no one was there. Furrowing your brows, you glanced around. Stepping forward, you went to close the door and almost screamed when you found that Jimin was behind the door, smirking smugly.

           Before you could say anything, he pulled you towards him and locked lips with you. You were in no position or desire to resist as he pinned your back against the door, not breaking the kiss.  

           "Fuck this is hott.“ He whispered as he unbuttoned your shirt slightly.

           You were already breathing heavily. It was exhilarating and nerve-wrecking, being so out in the open. You were torn between wanting people to see you and wanting to suggest doing it someplace more hidden. But Jimin never gave you a choice on the matter as his cold fingers traced down your chest, making you shiver.

           "I’ve been wanting to do this since you handed me that drill in the office.” He whispered as he began nipping at your neck slowly and you felt yourself exhale with pleasure.

           "And I’ve been wanting to do this –“ he spun you around and pressed himself against your back. "Since that company outing.”

           Your breath hitched as he grinded into your ass, which was only protected by the thin fabric of your pencil skirt. He was already hard and you felt yourself getting turned on by his advances.

           "Why didn’t you?“ You breathed and you felt his hands cover your breasts.

           "Because I didn’t know you were such a little tease.” He spoke into your ear as he began massaging your boobs.

           You moaned as he rubbed his hardness behind you, and pleasured you with his hands in the front. Soon, his mouth found your neck as well. You were literally melting in his arms. You unbuttoned a few more of your shirt buttons as you rubbed your ass into him, causing him to growl, and he immediately slipped his hand inside your bra. Fingers rolling your nipples as you two slowly found a rhythm with your hips.

           "I need you naked with me inside you.“ he uttered.

           You spun around and wrapped your legs around his waist, biting back a groan as your wetness settled right over his bulge. Smirking, he rolled his hips and you reeled your head back, feeling your core throbbing with need. Something about seeing his face, seeing how much he wanted you, how much he craved for you –it was raw; it was real. Only a door and a few stairs were blocking your colleagues from hearing you two, and if anyone from the adjacent offices looked through their window, they would be getting themselves a free show. Your body tingled with excitement as you crashed your lips into his.

           Easily, he carried you to the benches and sat down so that you were comfortably straddling him. Placing his hands on the ends of the seat for leverage, he began bucking into you while he pushed your skirt up slyly. You were too engrossed in the way his tongue was playing around inside your mouth to worry about his hand climbing up your skirt. You were too busy making sure you rolled your hips into him at the same time he raised his for deeper friction.

           "Fuck.” he groaned as you traveled to his neck.

           "I’m so wet.“ You whimpered into his ear and immediately his hand shot underneath your skirt to touch you.

           You gasped at the contact while his eyes darkened with lust, waiting and wondering if you were going to scold him or not. But you simply rocked your hips forward to meet his fingers and he immediately captured your lips hungrily while he stroked your dampness. You were panting loudly as his hands and the fabric of your underwear added a new sensation to your need.

           "You feel so fucking good. So wet, for me.” he licked his lips as you both continued to rub against each other, full of lust and desire.

           Suddenly, you both heard footsteps and you scrambled off of him.

           "Your shirt.“ He mentioned, and you fumbled to button it back up while he tried to adjust the obvious bulge emerging from his pants. You teasingly grazed it before hopping to the other side of the table, earning a hiss from him. You opened your purse and threw your sandwich onto the table just as the doors swung open. A few of your co-workers waltzed in nonchalantly, chatting away.

           Jimin crossed his legs and smiled at you, amused as you stuffed your mouth nervously.

           "Was that good?” he chuckled, now back to his usually bright self but with an undeniably playful twinkle in his eye.

           Most people would think he was asking you about your lunch, but you knew he was talking about the position you were in just before.

           "Very.“ You breathed as a small smile splayed on your face.

           "I’m sure there’s more where that came from.” he grinned widely.

           "I hope so….“ You mumbled then glanced at the lonely water bottle he had taken out. "Aren’t you eating?”

           "I had a bit of dessert.“ He took his index finger and sucked it in front of you as he spoke. "I hope to finish it later.”

           You choked on whatever you had in your mouth at his implication and he giggled as he opened his water bottle for you. He waited for you to catch your breath before he commented,

           "Maybe you could have a taste later too.“

           You turned red and went back to coughing as he laughed at your reaction.

           You fanned yourself as you walked to the Conference Room where you and Hoseok usually practiced his speeches and presentations. Slowly, you opened the door and took a peek inside. Your heartbeat quickened as you spotted him with his tie off, shirt unbuttoned slightly, and sleeves rolled up to reveal his toned forearms – one of your weaknesses. Your previous encounter with Jimin left you sensitive and full of desire. You wondered if Hoseok would be willing to help you or if he really wanted to just get some work done. You stepped into the room and he glanced up at you, as he usually did, then returned to his papers. Disappointment washed over you as you took a seat next to him.

           "How was lunch?” He asked softly and you stared at him for a few seconds before you realized you had to answer.

           "It was good.“ You answered, still staring at him.

           Your eyes wandered to the lip mole he had and you wondered why you hadn’t put two and two together sooner. Then you found yourself eye-ing his neck and jaw line. You got flustered when Hoseok turned his head and found you gawking at him, but you couldn’t look away as he studied you carefully. His hands reached out and his thumb gently grazed your lips, making you warm all over.

           "Jimin, huh?” his lips curled up and you felt saddened when his hands left.

           "What?“ You questioned.

           "Your lips are nice and swollen.” Hoseok chuckled. “And unless there’s a third mask here that’s going around kissing you, or I had an out of body experience and made out with you without remembering, that was the work of Jimin.”

           You blushed. “Is…that okay?”

           He smiled as he returned to signing papers, “I wish you were only mine, but seeing as how you’re enjoying yourself, I don’t mind.”

           "You realllyyy don’t mind?“ You were a bit annoyed at his nonchalant attitude, so your hands found its way to his leg as you moved closer.

           His eyes were back on you curiously as you closed the distance.

           "Do you want me to be honest?” He questioned.

           You nodded and immediately, his hand grabbed yours to stop you from rubbing his leg to drive him crazy.

           "I want you to myself so bad that I feel like I’m going to go crazy when I don’t see you near me.“ He confessed. "Because when you’re gone, I know it’s not me touching you.”

           Your breath hitched at his words and immediately, you latched yourself onto his neck. You memorized the spot that he loved and his grip on your hand loosened, allowing you to trace his thighs as you climbed on him. He moaned as your tongue worked his sensitive spot.

           "You really are J-Hope.“ You breathed into your neck.

           "Disappointed?” he questioned.

           You stared at him in contemplation. “I’m not sure yet.”

           Then you leaned down and shared a gentle kiss that soon turned more passionate. His hands found your hips and your knee propped his legs open as you pressed up against him. You caught the way his forearms tensed as he held you steady.

           "There are no more rules.“ Your voice echoed in the conference room and you saw his face darken with the implication.

           He captured your lips and his hand found its way to the zipper of your pencil skirt.

           "May I?” he whispered on your lips.

           You gave him a firm nod before kissing him again. Soon, you straddled him freely without the restraints of your skirt and he traced the curves of your ass with his cold hands.

           "Shit your hands are always freezing.“ You cursed.

           He laughed. "Sorry.”

           Then he unbuttoned your shirt and playfully cupped your breasts for warmth. “Ahh…much better.”

           You visibly shivered from the temperature change and glared at him, but he soon thumbed both of your nipples to appease you. You groaned with pleasure as he trailed kisses down your exposed neck, your shirt hanging off you loosely.

           "We should lock the door.“ he whispered.

           "I already did.” You smirked triumphantly.

           He chuckled as he pressed his lips onto your shoulder, “You sly woman.”

           You were squirming under him as he skillfully toyed with your breasts. Your eyes were closed with pleasure and you felt yourself heating up. You knew he was watching you and you prayed you weren’t making awkward faces as he did so. You were so lost in the feeling of his hands on your sensitive buds and the fact that he was studying you as literally melted under his touch turned you on more.

           "You’re so beautiful.“ He muttered and you exhaled at the loss of contact when he pulled his hands away. But then, you felt him tenderly pulling down the straps of your bra as he gazed at your face. Your eyes fluttered open and stared back at him. In a flash, he pulled down your bra and the cold air of the conference room hit your already hard nipples. You inhaled sharply but it soon turned into a groan as you felt his mouth cover one breast and his hand massage the other.

           "Oh my god.” You whined. “Keep going.”

           Encouraged, Hoseok flicked his tongue out against your nipple and you pulled his head forward, needing more of him, needing him to continue, needing him.  

           "More.“ You begged. "Faster.”

           Hoseok obliged and began hurriedly swirling his tongue as you began rocking your hips against him. He moaned and the vibration ran straight to your need. He switched breasts and while one was in his mouth, the other was being rolled between his fingers, flicked, and rubbed. It was driving you insane.

           "I need you to touch me.“ You blurted.

           He sucked on your nipple loudly before glancing up at you. "Are you sure?”

           "Yes. Fuck, please.“ You breathed, clearly disheveled.

           He smiled and fixed your hair. "If you insist.”

           Then he went back to licking your more sensitive nipple while his hand traveled up your thigh. You were breathless with anticipation as his hands finally made it to your center. His fingers ghosted over your dampness and you rocked forward to make contact, knowing he was hesitant.

           He chuckled as he began stroking you with his fingers expertly while you pressed sloppy kisses on his lips and onto his neck.

           "You’re a mess.“ he teased.

           "Shut up.” You breathed. “You’re going to be a mess after me.”

           "Oh really?“ His lips curled up as his fingers quickened against your dripping underwear. Your mind went blank and you began breathing heavily, pressing your forehead on his shoulder as his fingers played with you. He smiled and kissed your neck sweetly.

           "I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

           You nodded as you locked lips with him while his free hand added a new wave of pleasure to your already heightening one by returning to your nipple. You screamed and his mouth covered yours in a passionate kiss to drown out your noises, as he led you to your orgasm just simply with his fingers and his mouth on your neck and lips alternatively. You limply lay in his arms, trying to catch your breath. He pulled your bra back to its original place and buttoned your shirt. Tapping your hip, he urged you to slip back into your skirt which you obeyed, since he did all the work and you just had to put your legs into it. Sighing with an amused smile on his face, he wrapped his arms around you lovingly.


           You nodded as you rested your head against his shoulders. You felt like a large baby in his embrace but it helped calm you down. He kissed your temple.

           "Let’s get to work then.”

           He leaned over to continue his paperwork while you stayed on his lap. As he was focused, you took the time to study his face. It still felt surreal to you that both him and Jimin were doing this with you. You weren’t sure when exactly you were going to wake up from a dream as good as this one.

           "Take a picture. It lasts longer.“ he rolled his eyes and you chuckled.

           "I see Hoseok is back.”

           He tapped his pen on paper in front of him. “This needs to be worded better.”

           You took a look at it and hummed. Then you grabbed the pen from his grasp but he pulled it away.

           "Noo. You never give me my pens back!“

           "I’m right here!” You argued as you smacked his leg. “You’ll literally see my every move with it.”

           He sighed and you swiped it from his grip as you began writing in your edits.

           The days following were every bit as breath-taking. You had no idea there were so many places you could fool around in in the office. You found yourself being dragged or ambushed at random times throughout the day. Not that you minded because they were very, very welcomed surprises. Yet, there was still a gnawing feeling in the back of your mind that something was off though. The more you got involved with Jimin and Hoseok, the more you got lost in the fantasy, and the more you wondered who they really were.

           Jimin locked the door as he found you in the copy room. No one ever went there other than you because most people had printers at their desks to print multiple copies. However, you needed to scan and print signed documents for safe keeping, so you were there often. You spun around curiously, but was immediately pushed back into the copy machine. Instinctively, knowing you had limited time, your hands unbuttoned Jimin’s pants as he groaned. He sucked on your neck and you hissed.

           "You can’t give me a mark here.“

           He hummed as he pulled down your tank top and began giving you a hickey right on the top of your boob. You breathed as you palmed him, thumbing the head of his cock through his boxers.

           "How much time do we have until someone notices we’re gone?” Jimin whined.

           "Maybe a minute or two?“ You whispered. "Maybe more?”

           He contemplated then murmured. “I need you.”

           Your eyes widened. “But what if you finish…”

           "I have an extra pair of boxers.“ he winked. "And I’m always fine going commando.”


           He squeezed your butt and bit your lip, stopping you before you could say anything.

           "I need you on your knees for me.” Jimin whispered against your lips and you felt your legs give way.

           You kissed his lips then worked down his neck as he writhed under your touch.

           "Y/N. I need you NOW.“ he growled.

           You hummed and found yourself kneeling in front of his bulge. Smirking, you continued to palm him as you watched his cock twitch under your touch. You glanced up and his face was contorted in undeniable pleasure. He bit his lip sensually, biting back a groan, and soon you leaned forward and pressed your lips onto the fabric of his boxers. He whimpered and you smiled, feeling empowered that you, for once, were making him come undone. You licked his length as your fingers rubbed the head of his cock.

           "Fuck.” he cursed and you found yourself slipping your tongue through the hole in his boxers to touch his unclothed dick.

           He reeled his head back.

           "Do that again babygirl.“ he moaned and you flicked your tongue out again.

           "Take my cock in your mouth.” he instructed and you traced his length with your tongue.

           Then you pulled back and through his boxers, began licking the slit of cock as you pumped him. He hissed as the friction was both painful and inviting, but he stuck his own hands in his pants to speed up the process.

           "Turn around for me, on all fours.“ he demanded.

           You did so and soon found his clothed hardness ramming against your ass while you moaned.

           "Shhh baby girl.” He hummed mischievously. “Someone will catch us if you’re too loud.”

           You rolled your ass onto him and he slapped it as he groaned. Your heart was racing as his noises began getting louder. You soon lost contact but you didn’t dare turn around without his permission. Suddenly, you were pulled back by your shirt and he lay on the floor, his hands pumping his free cock in front of you.

           "Come here baby girl.“ he moaned as he continued pleasing himself while his eyes raked your body.

           You crawled over to him and he licked his lip, panting.

           "Take your top off.” he instructed.

           You pulled off your blazer and tank top. With his free hand, he unclipped your bra and immediately latched his mouth onto you. You let out a loud groan and he began bucking his hips up wildly as you continued to say slurs mixed with drawn out moans at the feeling of his mouth on your nipple.

           "Fuck.“ he pushed you off of him and sat up, close to coming.

           You bit your lip and wrapped your arms behind him, covering his hands with your own, moving it at the same pace.

           "Imagine it’s me.” You whispered and the image sent him over the edge. Guiding his hands, you pumped him through his high as you bit into his neck to suppress your own growing desire at what you were witnessing.

           Hurriedly, you dressed yourself and found a box of tissues to hand to him. He cleaned himself up while you continued copying files, your heart racing.

           "Turned on?“ he growled as he nibbled at your earlobe.

           You blushed.

           "That was hott.” he whispered. “Let’s hope next time it’ll be your hands on my cock so you could feel it yourself.”

           You shivered and soon found yourself alone in the room.

           "Oh my god.“ You exhaled in awe as you pulled back your hair, to ventilate your warm and sweating body.

           "Y/N!” Jimin giggled brightly as he greeted you first thing in the morning.

           You grinned but you now could pinpoint the way his eyes turned dark and sensual for a split second before he was beaming innocently again. You swallowed hard at the thoughts that probably flittered through his mind in that second but you shook your head, erasing those thoughts away.

           And without fail, Hoseok would smirk as he walked in and make fun of you as he usually did.

           "You’re such a slob Y/N.“

           "Wow, look who’s early for once.”

           "What’re you wearing, an alligator on your feet?“

           It always made you wonder if he meant it or not. But when you entered the office and they both vied to be your first good morning kiss, you immediately forgot all of those thoughts.

           Everything escalated quickly at the beginning of the following week. It started with a video conference to the Corporate Head to go over the statistics of the branch, now that Jimin and Hoseok had been working together for a little over a month already. You sat in the middle of them, since the CEO wanted you present to make sure the two weren’t fabricating things.

           "Has it been a month and a half already?” You commented in awe.

           Jimin grinned, “Crazy isn’t it?”

           "Yeah. Wow.“ You flipped through the notes you made and distributed them.

           "You’ve been fooling around with two of the hottest guys in this city for that long.” Jimin smirked and you blushed.

           "Hey, hey.“ Hoseok warned. "No cheap tricks during this conference.”

           "I don’t know what you’re talking about.“ Jimin shrugged unconvincingly.

           Hoseok took off his jacket and covered your exposed legs. "Everything with skin tempts him.”

           You chuckled.

           "Shut up Hoseok. I don’t feel the need to ram my dick into you.“ Jimin claimed.

           "No?” Hoseok’s lips curled up. “I’m pretty sure in college you asked me if I was interested in experimenting.”

           Jimin’s eyes flitted to you curiously. “What about you, Y/N?”

           "What?“ You blinked.

           Hoseok rubbed your arm comfortingly then instructed. "Stay on your toes or one of us gets fired.”

           You nodded while Jimin snorted nonchalantly.

           "I’m charming as hell. Don’t worry.“

           Hoseok rolled his eyes then a video call appeared. Immediately, Hoseok turned serious and Jimin flashed his brightest smile. You felt yourself shiver at the quick change. But then you sat up straighter as the CEO’s face appeared on the screen.

           Everything was going smoothly. You and Hoseok did most of the talking while Jimin laughed, agreed, and threw in a joke or two. While Hoseok was discussing something with the CEO, you felt Hoseok’s jacket slip off your leg and a warm hand lay on your thigh instead. You gulped, knowing it was Jimin’s. But you couldn’t make it seem as if something was wrong and distract Hoseok or make the CEO question you two. So you tried to keep a straight face as your heart rammed into your chest. His hands were tracing circles in your inner thighs and instinctively, your legs spread apart slightly, allowing him to travel closer to your growing wetness. Heat pooled into your lower stomach as his fingers caressed the creased between your thighs and hip bone playfully.

           Suddenly, you felt another hand on your other leg and your eyes widened as Hoseok slipped underneath your skirt too. He and Jimin continued talking calmly while you were trying not to panic or let out a groan. Hoseok was trying to push Jimin’s hand away from you but Jimin fought back by gripping onto your skin. You shifted uncomfortably and exhaled slowly. You felt Hoseok tense while Jimin smiled at the sound. Soon, you gripped the end of your chair as you felt both of their fingers stroking you; you were going to explode in a matter of time. To keep your sanity and your face in front of your CEO, you gripped their hands and pried them off of you, despite your body’s protests.

           "CEO, I actually have a few more things I need to finish by myself.” You emphasized knowing that their dark eyes were on you at the implication. “Please excuse me.”
           "Yes of course. Thanks for your time.“ The CEO bowed and you hurried out of the room, trying to figure out which room you should go into in order to release the growing urge inside you.

           Suddenly, you were pulled into one of the filing closets and immediately, you crashed your lips into his.

           "There’s no way I’m going to let a lady finish what I started.” Hoseok whispered as you pulled his hips closer to you. “I want to please you.”

           You growled at his statement and attacked his upper lip, swirling your tongue on that lip mole that you could stare at all day long. He breathed heavily and lifted you up easily. Wrapping your legs around him, he carried you to the nearest surface while you plastered his neck with kisses, licks, love bites, and moans. Luckily, there was small table in the corner of the room and as soon as you were settled on top of it, his hands traveled underneath your skirt. You wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss as he began rubbing your clit through your soaked panties.

           "I need someone down there, Hoseok.“ You whimpered and he bit your lip, feeling completely turned on by your begging.

           "As you wish.” He spread your legs and pushed your skirt up higher on your thighs.

           He exhaled and closed his eyes, and you blushed, embarrassed.

           "Fuck. You’re so wet.“ He licked his lips hungrily and glanced up at you. You felt a new wave of juices flood your underwear at the way he looked at you. Your breath hitched as you watched him lean closer, his breath ghosting over your core now. He pressed his lips into you and you immediately moaned. He placed his lips at a different spot and had you squirming with desire. As if understanding, he flicked his tongue out and you groaned, gripping the table to control your body. Suddenly, the door knob turned but Hoseok’s tongue continued to lick stripes up and down you.

           "Hoseok.” You hissed.

           "Don’t worry.“ he hummed as he pressed a kiss onto your folds again. You carded your hands through his hair, no longer caring if someone walked in on you two. This feeling was indescribable and you didn’t want him to stop.

           Your eyes widened as Jimin slipped into the room, looking a bit angry at first. Yet when he spotted you and Hoseok, his eyes became lidded.

           "Holy shit.” he growled, locking the door, and rushing to crash his lips onto yours.

           "Mmm.“ You moaned as Hoseok’s tongue quickened its pace on your clit. You were practically dripping at this point.

           Jimin stuck his tongue into your mouth and slipped his hands into your shirt. You were trying to register exactly what was happening but your core was throbbing. You needed more. You wanted more.

           As if both them heard your thoughts, Jimin ripped your shirt open and began sucking on your nipple while Hoseok pulled your underwear to the side and licked you clean, no fabric stopping either of you from feeling each other.

           "Oh my god.” You exhaled as you rocked your hips forward, needing Hoseok’s tongue, needing Jimin’s tongue as you were getting close to your orgasm.

           Hoseok gripped your thigh as he pulled your underwear off and began flicking his tongue into you, licking and sucking you clean.

           "Faster.“ You moaned and Hoseok obliged, meeting your hips with his mouth as you bucked into his tongue needily.

           Jimin, not wanting to miss out on the fun, continued to play with your nipple with his tongue and fingers. But hearing your breathiness and feeling your breasts bounce as you rocked into Hoseok’s face, he wanted to put you over the edge. His free hand slipped down your skirt and began thumbing over your clit as Hoseok’s tongue worked you.

           "OH MY G—.” You screamed but Jimin’s tongue was in yours, immediately swallowing all of your heavy breathing and sounds. In no time, his hands and Hoseok’s tongue had you seeing stars and coming undone in front of both of them. 

           They both smirked smugly as you fell into Jimin’s shoulder weakly. Hoseok tossed Jimin your underwear, which just so happened to be red.

           "Wow.“ Jimin grinned. "Lovin’ the color.”

           You rolled your eyes, but you couldn’t find your words. Hoseok caressed your face and you pressed your cheek into his cold palm, welcoming the refreshing temperature. He laughed as he placed his hands on your neck, trying to cool down your body.

           "You both suck.“ You hissed. "I can’t believe you would finger me in front of the CEO and then attack me at the same time.”

           Jimin and Hoseok chuckled.

           "But did you hate it?“ Jimin teased.

           "Would you suck his dick if I said I’d want to do it again?” You bantered.

           Jimin glanced at Hoseok whose eyes widened at the question. He shrugged and nodded.

           "Yeah, I’d suck his dick.“

           "Hell no.” Hoseok backed away. “I knew it! Get away from me!”

           "He knew it?“ You questioned.

           "I liked to take a peek in the bathroom during college.” Jimin giggled then wiggled his eyebrows. “It is WOW.”

           Hoseok blushed and got flustered. “Don’t say that!”

           "Well I did feel it.“ You smirked and wriggled your fingers. "Pretty impressive.”

           "Definitely would suck that.“ Jimin nodded firmly.

           "Both of you shut up about my dick.” Hoseok commanded as he pulled your shirt back onto you while Jimin continued to examine your underwear.

           "Jimin, give it back.“ You reached out nervously.

           His lips curled up. "It’d be sexy if you went commando ~”

           "One orgasm is fine for today, thanks.“ You snatched it from him and defiantly put it on, fixing your skirt afterwards. It felt grossly damp, but it wasn’t like you had a spare. Though, you should’ve learned by now to bring one.

           "I was going to say. I bought you a pair.” Jimin pulled a black thong out of his pocket. “Since it seems uncomfortable to walk around in wet underwear. Hey that rhymed!”

           “Yeah, you should quit and be a rapper.” Hoseok commented dryly. 

           Jimin glared at him, not appreciating his sass.

           Blushing, you grabbed the black thong from him and started to put it on as they watched you.

           "Well, don’t look!” You hissed and they both turned their backs to you.

           But Jimin soon turned his head and you glared at him knowingly, not having budged from your position. Hoseok flung his arms around his friend’s shoulders to give you privacy. You exhaled after slipping it on, a lot more comfortable with a new pair of panties.

           You turned around and smiled as the two of them were pinching and smacking each other merrily.

           One night, you and Hoseok had to work overtime because of a big project that you both had been running for months prior to Jimin’s arrival. You ended up joining him in his office since he didn’t want you by yourself outside in your cubicle. You sat in Jimin’s table and glanced over at him working diligently. You did your work, but every so often, your eyes flickered over to him.

           "What is it?“ he questioned. "You’ve been staring for a while.”

           "Um…“ You pursed your lips. "Aren’t you going to Club Masquerade tonight?”

           Hoseok chuckled and glanced up, “Is that what you’re worried about?”

           "No…I was just curious. Do you like have to cancel your clients or something?“

           He shook his head, "If the clients want to cancel because I’m not there then that’s fine, but if they still want to come in, there are other gentleman hosts that cover for me.”

           "Ah.“ You nodded. "So you’ve been working there since you’ve been here?”

           "Mmm…“ he pondered. "No. I was here a few years before Jimin found the job for us.”

           "But you both had one already…why?“

           Hoseok shrugged, "It was fun. A stress reliever. Much like why you and the other clients come.”

           You nodded slowly then returned to your papers. But you put your pen down and blurted out, “But when you and Jimin had girlfriends, did you still work there?”

           Hoseok laughed and leaned back in his chair. “We never had girlfriends while we worked there. Why’re you curious about our lives?”

           "I don’t know… I’ve always been curious about you both.“ You mumbled.

           Hoseok frowned, "You know you’ll have to choose just one of us.”


           "Jimin might be up for it, but I’m not into poly-relationships.” he stated curtly. “So don’t get involved in our personal lives.”

           "Pfft.“ You scoffed, pink dusting your cheeks. "Like I like either one of you like that.”

           "Oh?“ Hoseok smirked. "I’m pretty sure you admitted to having the hotts for Jimin, and the way you giggle and smile around him is a whole new level.”

           You turned red and stared down at your paperwork. Hoseok snorted and went back to his work as well.

           You were so concentrated that you didn’t hear Hoseok leave his desk and walk over to you. Not until you felt him trailing kisses down your neck tenderly. All the tension that had been built up from being hunched over a desk all day melted away. Slowly, he pulled your blazer off and continued kissing you from shoulder to shoulder. You stood up and pushed him gently against Jimin’s bookcase. He gazed down at you and you planted a soft kiss on his lips. You stared at each other for a few seconds, before your lips connected again. He traced pictures onto your skin as you pressed into him.

           "Hoseok. J-Hope… whoever you are…“ You muttered into his mouth as you leaned down to kiss him again but you felt him freeze.

           "What’s wrong?” You looked up at him worriedly as he glanced at you.

           He shook his head, “I can’t do this anymore, Y/N.”

           "What?“ You furrowed your brow.

           "I’m done with this proposition.” He stated as he covered your shoulders with your blazer considerately.

           "Did I do something wrong?“

           "No.” Hoseok chuckled. “You didn’t do anything.”

           "Then…why?“ You questioned.

           He smiled at you as he gathered his papers. "Get home safely, Y/N.”

           With that, he disappeared, leaving you in the middle of his office all alone. You were flabbergasted.

           What just happened?

           The next day, you approached Hoseok but he didn’t even glance your way. Jimin looked at you for an answer but you shrugged. He smiled and patted your head then marched into the office after his friend. You sat at your desk and waited for Hoseok to call you in, but it never came. You knocked and entered the office. Both of them had piles of papers on their desks when you peeked in.

           "Oh come in, Y/N!“ Jimin grinned.

           "Did you need anything from me? Is there any finished paperwork that I should scan?”

           "Here.“ Hoseok tapped a stack at the corner of the desk.

           You grabbed it quietly, not used to him being so compliant. Glancing over at Jimin, he smiled and shrugged. With a bow, you left the office.

           A little later, Jimin pulled you into and cornered you in the cleaning closet. When things were getting really heated, he pulled back, smirking.

           "Should we cancel it?” he whispered and you glanced up at him.


           "It’s no fun when someone drops out of it, right?”

           You looked down, contemplating.

           "And don’t feel too bad.“ Jimin chuckled. "We had our own little bet about Silver.”


           "This whole rivalry started because of a bet.” he shrugged. “So don’t feel bad that you couldn’t choose someone.”

           "This was some bet?“ You barked.

           Jimin stepped back with his hands up. "Don’t kill the messenger. Whoever you chose had gloating rights about being the best host is all. Nothing bad.”

           You exhaled, exasperated. “So this was just really a game for both of you. Even after the fact that you knew it was me.”

           Jimin studied you intently and you breathed, trying to compose yourself. After a few minutes of fighting back tears, you nodded.

           "Yes. Fine. Let’s call it off.“

           Jimin nodded and before he could say anything, you burst out of the closet. You planted yourself back in your desk and stared daggers at the silhouette of Hoseok pacing in his room. Jimin soon arrived back in the office, cracking jokes and giggling with your co-workers. You were flustered at how both of them could act like none of it happened, while you were seething and ticked off. Finally, you jumped out of your seat and stormed into Hoseok’s office.

           "So this was just a game for both of you?” You roared.

           "Pretty much.“ Hoseok nonchalantly answered, not bothering to look up at you as he scribbled notes.

           ” And you didn’t have the decency to tell me?“

           "Well you still got something valuable out of it so I don’t see a problem.”

           "So all those words and actions was just all for gloating rights?“ You breathed. "Even when you knew it was me?”

           Hoseok looked up at you coldly. “Y/N. I don’t know why you’re getting worked up. It wasn’t like either of us were going to be your boyfriend or anything.”

           "You just pretended to care and be a gentleman. But in reality, you’re a dick. You’re the actual worst.“ You spat out.

           "It’s my job Y/N. And here you are pretending that you’re all innocent –”

           "I never pretended Hoseok. I may have been ignorant, yes. But I was never not myself.“

           "I’ve never pretended either.”

           "Bullshit.“ You storm away. "Go back to fucking people.”

           Hoseok scoffed. “You know I will! So go back to your precious Red Mask!”

           "I will!“ You screamed. "No one even likes you! They just want to use you to make themselves feel loved!”

           With that, you slammed the door, surprising your co-workers. Jimin started walking over to you and you glared at him.

           "Don’t.“ You warned him and he backed off knowingly.

           You grabbed your things and hurried out of the office for the day.

           The next morning, Jimin was at your desk with a coffee in hand. You glanced up at him and a gentle smile was on his face.

           "I’m really sorry if we hurt you.” he apologized. “You left before I could explain things.”

           "Like what? How you both played with me?“

           "I wanted to cut it off so we can actually start fresh.” He admitted.

           "What?“ You mumbled.

           "I want to start again.” He handed you the coffee. “We were getting to know each other even before you found out I was Red. I thought we had some chemistry even before the fiasco.” He chuckled. “I think the whole physical thing got in the way of that.”

           You stared at him in awe and he grabbed your hand, placing the coffee cup into your hold.

           "And for the record, you agreed to do it.“ Jimin stated seriously. "We didn’t force you into anything.”

           "I know.“ You muttered.

           He pinched your cheek. "So yes? To starting over again?”

           You smiled and nodded. “I’d like that.”

           "Perfect.“ He winked and headed into his office.

           You sipped on your coffee, a little less angry. Jimin did have a point. You had taken the risk when you agreed to it. None of them forced you into the bet. In fact, they gave you plenty of chances to end it. And no one told you to get attached or to assume something more than physicality would come out of it. You exhaled then perked up when Hoseok arrived at the office. But he passed by you wordlessly once again.

           You looked around and even your co-workers were surprised that he had no snide remark to greet you with.

           "Maybe it’s another off morning for him?” your cubicle neighbor whispered.

           You nodded worriedly. Had your words been too harsh yesterday? Hopefully he just needed time to cool off.

           But the days following were filled with the continued cold shoulder from Hoseok. Fortunately though, you and Jimin became particularly close in that span of time. Since you knew his secret, he felt unburdened whenever he was around you. He spoke freely and made dirty jokes when you two were alone. You had lunch together almost every day and all your co-workers were complaining at how adorable you two looked together. You quite enjoyed the attention.

           "Hey, hey ~ I’ve come to collect our rooftop lunch.“ Jimin appeared in front of your desk at noon on the dot.

           You grinned as your workers stared with envy. "I have to buy lunch first…”

           "I’ll accompany you, no worries. You can’t get out of having lunch with me.“ he laughed.

           "I wouldn’t dream of it.” You grabbed your wallet and walked out with him.

           But things just weren’t the same anymore. Every time you passed the conference room or every time you were copying files, flashes of what you did there came back into your mind. You stared at your resignation letter one day as you contemplated handing it to Hoseok and Jimin before you left for the weekend. But soon it was ripped out of your hand and you gasped as you found Jimin in possession of it. He sat at the front of the copy machine as he read it. But contrary to your imagined reaction, he grinned widely.

           "Does this mean you’ll just be a regular friend now?“

           You chuckled at his response as he approached you. “I guess it does.”

           "Then what do you say you let me have you one more time before you disappear?” He whispered into your ear seductively.

           You locked eyes with him, in deep thought.

           "Back again, huh?“ the Club Masquerade receptionist greeted you brightly.

           You laughed and bowed.

           "You know the way.” she smiled.

           Your feet took you to the room that Jimin had told you to go to with no hesitation.

           "Oh. Chims your girl is waiting for you.“ the receptionist called out as Jimin slid onto her table.

           "Awesome.” He grabbed a mint from her desk and popped it into his mouth.

           "And J-Hope yours is waiting for you too.“ 

           She glared at Jimin then smiled at Hoseok who adjusted his mask and nodded.


           "Both of you, don’t cause me any trouble today.“ The receptionist rolled her eyes.

           "When am I ever trouble?” J-Hope laughed. “It’s that man.”

           "Ladies like trouble.“ Chims smirked.

           "Go! Both of you! Your clients are waiting!” she shooed them away from her desk.

           The doorknob turned and you sat up expectantly, fixing your mask giddily. Hoseok entered the room swiftly, distracted as he was hurriedly buttoning up his cuffs.

           "Sorry I’m a little late. The traffic was a bit …“ He finally glanced up, recognizing you immediately.

           "Oh.” he stated flatly. “Must be the wrong room. I’ll go grab Chims…”

           But before he took another step, you hooked your leg around his to stop him. Hoseok glanced down as you circled him, your hands roaming across his chest.

           "What’re you doing?“

           "So both of us have been assholes to each other.” You mumbled as you stopped in front of him.

           He stared at you, trying to figure out what you were doing.

           "So I’m going to be straight with you.“

           He raised a brow to urge you to get to the point.

           "Which do you like… work Y/N or masquerade Y/N?” You fiddled with his tie.

           "Why does that matter?“ he curtly questioned.

           "Because… ” You smirked as your hands reached out and slowly removed his mask.

           “Yeah, so I think I’m going to choose Black Mask.” You giggled into the phone.

           "REALLY? I swore you would go for Red Mask!“ Your friend yelled.

           "I don’t know.” You exhaled. “Black Mask just makes me feel good…as a person too, yknow? Like he doesn’t just want to please me…he genuinely wants me to learn about myself. Plus I just feel so safe to initiate and try new things with him. Red Mask makes me feel so obedient and it’s thrilling, yes, but I feel like it’s more of warfare and competition with him. But Black Mask, he’s both gentle and considerate, with an edge.”

           "Okay girl.“ Your friend laughed. "You’ve totally got the hotts for Black Mask.”

           "I do not!“ You squealed.

           "You were totally just like ‘oh my gosh he makes me feel loved and like a natural womannn’.” Your friend mimicked.

           "Oh shut up!“

           "But what’s happening with that boss that you had a crush on?”

           “Oh I’m not sure…”

           "Y/N. This is Mr. Jung. Mr. Jung, this is your new secretary, Y/N.“

           "Pleased to meet you.” You smiled and he shook your hand happily.

           "Pleasure is mine, Y/N.“

           You stared through the blinds at his silhouette dreamily.

           "Y/N!” He called you over and you hurriedly fixed up your hair and clothes then scurried to his office.

           "Yes, Mr. Jung?“ You smiled.

           "I need a bit of help here.”

           "Oh let me show you.“ You grinned as you fixed something on his computer.

           "Oh wow. You’re great. Thanks!”


           But he didn’t show much interest in you past the subtle compliments, and you lost hope that he even saw you as more than his secretary after a few months. You left it as an unrequited crush and began trying to see other people.

           "Guys, this is my boyfriend.“ You introduced one day to your co-workers excitedly.

           Soon after, Hoseok began picking fights with you and your signature bickering ensued for years after.

           When you realized Black Mask was Hoseok out of all people, you thought you were going to go crazy. How could you tell your boss that seemed to LOATHE the very ground you walked on that you liked how he whispered sweetly to you and made you feel loved in all aspects? Whenever he held you as Hoseok, you prayed that he had truly fallen in love with you.

           But then later on, the fact that he wasn’t even interested in the bet anymore seemed to indicate that he lost any motivation and it hurt to think that he didn’t feel attracted to you enough to continue. It made you angry. You felt like he had toyed with your feelings, given you hope, only to laugh in your face and rip it away.

           You groaned and slumped your head down onto your desk. Yes, you had had a secret crush on your boss for years, but you stifled that long ago when he eradicated any hope of reciprocating your feelings by constantly taunting, teasing, and fighting with you.

           You never wanted to admit it, but you loved when he argued with you. It made you feel special considering he paid no attention to anyone else. You thought you were insane and your friends begged you to move on from this unhealthy crush, but you couldn’t. That was until Jimin came into your life. You hoped and prayed that he would change your heart. He was sweet, charming, and handsome. What was not to love? You had wished that he was Black Mask so your decision would be finalized because at least, he showed some sort of interest in you with his obvious flirting.

           But fate had other plans.

[A few hours earlier]

           "Then what do you say you let me have you one more time before you disappear?” Jimin whispered into your ear seductively.

           You locked eyes with him, in deep thought.

           Then he muttered, “Do you wanna know a secret?”

           You nodded, intrigued.

           "Then follow me to my office after a bit.“

           Jimin soon disappeared and you walked to the office, taking note that everyone had already left for the day.

           "Okay Hoseok. Why’re you completely ignoring her?” Jimin exhaled as he entered the room, leaving the door slightly ajar so you could listen in.

           "How could YOU go back to acting normally after all the things we did with her?“ Hoseok argued.

           "Dude, it was just a bet, she knows that. And she’s moved past it.”

           "But it wasn’t for me! As soon as I found out it was her, she wasn’t just another customer that I could fool around with!“ Hoseok yelled and your eyes widened in surprise.

           "You actually really like her.” Jimin mumbled.

           "Yes! I have for a while now, but I just can’t do anything right when I’m around her. So I just act like an asshole so she won’t figure out how I feel and partially because then she actually takes notice of me. She’s just also really adorable when she’s angry and arguing.“

           He laughed as he combed his hands through his hair.

           "She’s the one person I’ve felt most comfortable with all these years, but now I can’t even face her.”


           "Because now I love her even more.” He breathed then glanced at Jimin. “And she likes you. And you…you’re a catch! You treated her properly as her boss, and maybe she likes aggressive types better after dark. Maybe I stood a chance with the mask on, but now that she knows it’s me, I know for sure she doesn’t feel like that about me. She doesn’t even know what to call me – she called me J-Hope or Hoseok or whatever a few days ago. And that just set me off. I couldn’t keep deluding myself into thinking that she would like me as me. She may have liked Black Mask J-Hope, but she would never go for 'Haughty Hoseok’.”

           Jimin shook his head, trying not to laugh. “Hoseok, no one calls you that. You’re the only one calling yourself that.”

           "Not with how I’ve treated her, Jimin.“ Hoseok continued without hearing his friend’s remark. "I don’t know…I really liked her as Black Mask and even more as Hoseok…but it’s probably hard to believe that I, as her asshole of a boss, have been head over heels in love with her all these years.”

           You gasped.


           "Y/N. What happened to your boyfriend?“ One of your co-workers asked.

           "Oh. I broke up with him. He was 'too nice’, y'know?” You stated offhandedly, but little did you know that Hoseok was listening in intently. He was excited you were single again, and took a mental note that you didn’t want a guy that was too nice. So he ended up expressing himself roughly after that day, and somehow, he ended up getting so used to it that he couldn’t be honest with you and open about his feelings for you anymore.

           "Please stop wearing those see through shirts. No one wants to see you in those!“ Hoseok yelled and stormed into his office.

           He mumbled to himself. "I’m going to go crazy if you show too much skin around here.”


           You stumbled forward and he caught you hurriedly.

           "Are you serious? I’m not going to pay for your injuries! Pay attention!“ he scolded then walked away.

           He covered his face with his hands, his heart racing. "Dammit. She needs to be careful. I almost had a heart attack. I thought she was going to get hurt!”


           Your heart fluttered and you bit your lip to suppress the squeal that was surfacing. All this time, you both had been worried that neither of you felt the same way. You had been dancing around each other for so long.

           After a few minutes, Jimin emerged, grinning expectantly.

           "Jimin…“ You smiled, gratefully.

           "Well you won’t be needing this, right?” He ripped up your resignation letter. Then he winked at you, “But I can still pencil you in for later?”

           You laughed, and he ruffled your hair.

           "He’s a handful, especially when trying to get him to open up, but he is honestly the best guy, trust me.“

           "I know.” You blushed. “I’ve been with him for years.”

           Jimin patted your hip encouragingly.

           "Then you better go get him, Tiger. Same place, same time. You know how it goes.“  

            You laughed heartily with him.


           "Which do you like… work Y/N or masquerade Y/N?” You fiddled with his tie.

           "Why does that matter?“ he curtly questioned.

           "Because… ” You smirked as your hands reached out and slowly removed his mask. “I like you both as J-Hope and Hoseok.”

           You stared at each other in silence. When he didn’t move away or refuse you, you gained confidence and closed the distance between your bodies.

           "So…“ You whispered as you hovered your lips over his. "What’re you going to do about it?”

           Gently, he lifted the mask off your face and chucked it to the side. You grinned as you saw tenderness in the way he looked at you.  

           "You sly woman.“ He pulled you flush against him by enveloping your waist. With his breath tickling your face, he commented. "For the record, just because I’m a gentleman doesn’t mean I can’t be rough with you.”

           "Thank goodness.“ You smirked as you wrapped your arms around his neck. "I kinda like it a little rough.”

           "I know.“ He chuckled as he finally captured your lips with his. You deepened the kiss as you tightened your hold on him happily. After a few minutes, he pressed his forehead onto yours, sighing contently.

           "What am I going to do with you?”

           Your fingers slowly began unbuttoning his shirt and you fluttered your eyes up at him seductively.

           "Hmm…I can think of a few things you can do with me.“ You bit your lip temptingly.

           Hoseok laughed and pushed you down into the couch gently as he climbed on top of you. You were seeing his complete face staring back at you in the very room where you two had first been intimate. Your lips curled up at the memory of how nervous you were just a month ago and how he had calmed you down so easily.

           "Well after we do what YOU want, how about we grab dinner?” He hovered his lips over yours as he spoke.

           "So dessert first?“ You chuckled.

           He smirked, "Yes. Dessert before…”

           He kissed you passionately and without warning, taking your breath away.

           "And after.“ He whispered.

           You pulled him down and crashed your lips onto his hungrily.


           "Looks like I’ll be taking over the best host spot ~“ Jimin giggled as the receptionist looked at him inquisitively.

           "J-Hope just graduated Club Masquerade.” he sang as a matter-of-factly.

           "What? With who? Silver??“ the receptionist gasped.

           Jimin grabbed a mint from her table and sat on the edge.

           "Oh mannn.” she groaned. “He was our best gentleman persona!!”

           "I could be both.“ Jimin smirked confidently.

           "You can’t be both our best aggressor and best gentleman.” the receptionist rolled her eyes. “Or are you tryng to tire your dick out?”

           Jimin cracked up.

           "What about you?“ she questioned.

           "What about me?” he tilted his head, puzzled.

           "Aren’t you thinking of taking off the mask anytime soon too?“

           Jimin’s lips curled up mischievously as he spotted an attractive female walk past him; she had given him a flirtatious smile. He winked right back at her and continued to eye her figure as she walked away.

           "Never.” he hummed.

           The bell rang, signaling that someone had entered and immediately the two spun around, but Jimin was quicker to slide towards the wide-eyed young woman, clearly a newcomer. He flashed his most dashing grin as he recited,

           "Welcome to Club Masquerade, where we make your fantasies come true.“

           His expression darkened lustfully, and the new customer shivered visibly with excitement.

           "How can I please you today?”

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The Saga Continues… Masquerade II 

Masquerade. (Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) Part 3

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

Jimin x Reader x Hoseok

Fluff & Slight Smut

Office Au, Hosts Au

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out…

         But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.

Warning: Will STILL need lots of water for thirst. (Unless that’s just me again *fans self* lol)

Part 3 out of 4

Parts:  Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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         "Good news Y/N!“ Jimin rushed into the office early the next morning. "Oh nice scarf!”

           You blushed as you tugged at the large scarf you had invested in, “Thanks. I feel like I’m catching a cold so I wanted to cover up a bit.”

           "Ah yeah, it’s getting chillier.“ he frowned then brightened up again. "But you better be fine for our company outing this weekend!”

           Your eyes widened and you heard murmuring throughout the office at the news.

           "Company outing?“

           "Yeah! I got it approved by the Board already. I figured it’d be a good way to bond as fellow workers and be a stronger branch, you know?” Jimin beamed.

           You grinned widely. “Wow. How did Mr. Jung take it?”

           Jimin fanned himself with the approval papers, “I’ve known him since college. I knew he wouldn’t approve, but I don’t answer to him soo I just did it.”

           "Wowww.“ You marveled playfully. "Look at you, such a rebel.”

           "Are we really going, Mr. Park?“ your co-workers rushed over.

           "Yep! It’s all approved. I have the place booked and everything too so Y/N just needs to finalize everything and transfer the payment.” He handed you the papers with a deep bow. “Please take good care of this.”

           "I will guard this with my life.“ You reached out to grab it but it was taken out of both of your grasps.

           Everyone gasped as Hoseok scanned the paper with furrowed brows. He stared at you and Jimin.

           "Both of you in my office.” he coldly stated.

           "It’s my office too…“ Jimin murmured but Hoseok glared at him angrily.

           You both looked down guiltily as you followed him.

           "Shut the door Y/N.” he ordered and you did so.

           Jimin hopped into his chair, relaxed.

           "Why would you approve this, Y/N? You know I don’t like shit like this.“ he scolded as he threw the paper onto his desk, and you were astounded.

           "Me? I didn’t even know until today!”

           "All paperwork goes through you! How could you not know?“ he yelled.

           "I did it secretly so Y/N wouldn’t get into trouble with you, Hoseok.” Jimin spun in his chair. “Stop taking it out on her.”

           You smirked triumphantly and Hoseok huffed.

           "Why’re you so against it anyway? It’ll be fun!“ Jimin grinned.

           "Why do I need to socialize with them? Who knows when they’ll quit or drop out or whatever?”

           You rubbed your temples. “This is exactly the problem with you Hoseok. They drop out cause they don’t feel welcome cause you’re such a grouch!”

           "I’m not a grouch!“

           "You totally are!”

           Jimin clapped his hands to pause your arguing. “Okay, the real issue here is that Hoseok is awkward at making friends so people misunderstand him.”

           You stared at Hoseok and blinked. “You’re awkward at making friends?”

           "He wasn’t?“ Jimin questioned.

           You pondered over it. "I can’t remember how we became friends…”

           "We’re not friends.“ Hoseok cut in bluntly.

           "There! See! That’s exactly why he can’t make friends!” Jimin pointed out.

           You snorted.

           "Don’t pull this as a charity case for me, Park Jimin.“ Hoseok scolded. "You just want to be the social butterfly, life of the party as always.”

           Jimin flashed a grin. “You caught me. Are you done pouting now Jung Hoseok?”

           You tried to hide your smile as Hoseok’s wrath was easily diffused.

           "Don’t I have things to do this weekend?“ he looked at you pleadingly but your lips curled up.

           "Not at all. You’re totally free. You hate working on weekends so I make sure your schedule is clear so you can – and I quote ‘do whatever the hell I want, it’s none of your business’.” You did your best imitation of Hoseok, causing Jimin to laugh loudly.

           Hoseok enlarged his eyes warningly, but you shrugged nonchalantly, happy you could enact some sort of vengeance him.

           "You’re coming Hoseok. I know where you live and you’re going to drive up with me.“ Jimin stated sternly. "I don’t like people talking badly about my friend so you need to show them how cool you are.”

           You snorted and hurriedly pretended you were coughing.

           "What the hell are you wearing? It’s not winter. Why’re you wearing a scarf?“ Hoseok snarled, directing his frustration to you.

           "I think it’s cute.” Jimin grinned as he batted his eyes at you endearingly.

           You blushed slightly, then turned to Hoseok to reply to him with a glare.

           "I question your outfit choices everyday but you don’t see me commenting on it.“ You stated defiantly then smiling at Jimin, you spoke, "I’ll make sure to finalize everything today so we can hold a staff meeting about the outing tomorrow morning.”

           "Perfect. You’re the best, Y/N.“ Jimin threw you a finger heart cutely and you fumbled for the door, flustered.

           "Oh gosh. Get out of the room.” Hoseok rolled his eyes, judgmentally. “I’ll come see you in a few minutes.”

           "Yes, Mr. Jung.“ you cooed as you caught Jimin grinning cheekily at his fuming friend.  

           You hurried back to your desk to check your phone and smiled when you found new messages.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Good morning! Hope those marks aren’t too obvious today. Did you listen to my advice?

           P.S. I laughed at Chims for a good five minutes for not marking you properly.


           Y/N: Good morning! haha I did follow your instructions Dr. J-Hope. I wouldn’t be able to face any of my bosses if I had a huge hickey on my neck around the office.

           P.S. I’m afraid you’re going to taunt him into really mauling me next time.


           Black Mask J-Hope: I’ll put a silver spoon in the fridge for you on Friday.            

           Y/N: Maybe put a few in there.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Why?

           Y/N: For you guys. I’m quite dangerous, you know.

           Black Mask J-Hope: I would wear it proudly, no worries.


           You chuckled then opened the other chat.


           Red Mask Chims: I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me last night. You were seriously hott. How’d you like the dark room?

           Y/N: It was definitely an experience.

           Red Mask Chims: You definitely were very vocal about it.

           Y/N: Someone else was pretty vocal in there. heh.

           Red Mask Chims: Touche, Silver.

           Red Mask Chims: We’ll try something new next time. I need to find what gets you really worked up.

           Y/N: Same here.

           Red Mask Chims: God, you’re hott.

           You exhaled and threw your phone into your purse hurriedly when you saw the doorknob to your bosses’ office turn. Hurriedly, you stared intently at random papers to make yourself seem busy. Suddenly, Hoseok sat in front of your desk with his arms crossed sternly.

           "I can smell you faking productivity from a mile away.”

           You smiled weakly and straightened up. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

           "I can’t go to this outing.“ He looked side to side. "I need you to get me out of it.”

           Your lips curled up and you batted your eyelashes, “But we’re not friends, Mr. Jung. I can’t do you any favors.”

           He groaned, frustratedly as you gathered your papers.

           "Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finalize our company outing ~“ you sang and he grabbed your wrist.

           You stared at him surprised then he sighed, letting go.

           "Never mind. I’ll let Jimin have this one. It’ll get worse if I run out.” he muttered.

           You smiled and patted his knee, “It’s only a day and if it’s horrible, I’ll help you make your escape then.”

           He nodded, clearly deflated.

           "I’ll be back.“ You waved as you left the office to take care of documents.

           Hoseoks ruffled his hair and turned around to find the co-workers peeking out to stare at him. They hurried to return to their work, flustered at being caught. He skulked back into his office, defeated.

           "Y/N!” Jimin grinned happily as he arrived at the campsite, followed by a sulking Hoseok behind him.

           "Mr. Park, Mr. Jung!“ You called as Jimin ran over to meet you.

           "We’re Jimin and Hoseok today.” he laughed. “Drop the formalities.”

           "She does it anyway.“ Hoseok commented as he slipped his hands into his jacket pocket.

           "Wow, I’m really not used to seeing either of you in normal clothes.” You laughed as you continued setting up the food.

            Jimin took a piece of fruit and popped it into his mouth. “Mmmm!”

           "Good?“ You smiled. "I figured it’d be refreshing to have fruit.”

           "Yeah. Try it.“ Jimin shoved a piece of honeydew into your mouth, surprising you, but you chewed anyway.

           "Mmm juicy! It’s nice and moist too.” You commented and Jimin’s lips curled up.

           "Definitely how I like it.“

           Hoseok started violently coughing, and Jimin cracked up and patted his back roughly.

           "Are you choking on air now my friend?” Jimin teased.

           "Shut up.“ Hoseok pushed his arm away. "I’m going to take a walk.”

           "Mmkay.“ You hummed. "I’ll call a search party if you’re not back in an hour.”

           Hoseok wandered away, and Jimin began helping you set up.

           "Thanks for finalizing everything.“

           "No at all. Thanks for rebelling a bit to get this together.” You smiled.

           "I like learning new things about people and bringing them to different environments to show new sides of them.“ he chuckled.

           "Will we get to see a new side of you Mr. Park?” You teased.

           He leaned closer and whispered, “Do you want to?”

           Your cheeks warmed as he laughed heartily and continued fixing up the food table.

           "It’s fun to get up and out of those cubicles. You’ll see a more fun side of me!“ he cheered and you couldn’t help but smile at the childlike glitter in his eyes.

           Workers trickled in, bringing more food and different recreational activities. Your female co-workers marveled at how Jimin was creaming the other male workers in football.

           "Oh my goodness. He’s perfect, stop.”

           You glanced at your watch and spotted Hoseok coming back to the campsite, a bit less irritated. Soon, Jimin tackled him down and dragged him to his team against his will.

           "How do you do it?“ your female workers whispered. "I think I’d have a heart attack every time I’m in a room alone with those two.”

           "What?“ You questioned, amused.

           "Are you serious?” They gawked at you. “They’re both OOZING with sexiness. If I were you, I’d push my boobs up and seduce both of them right then and there.”

           You laughed, “Oh my goodness. I’ve never seen Mr. Jung bat an eye at a living creature. I can’t imagine him taking an interest in a woman.”

           "You think he has a forbidden love?“

           "What if he has a wife and kids in a different country and that’s why he’s so cold?”

           "I don’t know – he doesn’t have a ring on his finger.“

           They gossiped as you listened and continued eating, while keeping an eye on the game.

           "Okay, but in all honesty, I’m more of a Mr. Park fan. Like he totally picked up a pen I dropped as he walked by and said 'it was dangerous for a girl wearing a skirt to bend’. He said it was a man’s job and smoothly picked it up. I thought I was going to faint.” One of your co-workers fanned herself.

           "I swear Y/N. I’d just keel over if he sat in front of my desk in all his muscular glory like he does. Can you just get sick for one day and I can replace you? I’d like to get a piece of him, if you know what I’m sayin’.“ Your other co-worker wiggled her eyebrows as they all giggled and slapped each other at her provocative comment.

           You chuckled along with them, but you were too busy watching them play football to really tune in. Suddenly, you felt yourself gasp as Jimin pulled off his sweater before getting into position. Time moved in slow motion as your eyes raked over the way his muscles contracted as they worked to pull the fabric over his head in one fluid movement. You swallowed hard as you continued to stare at his form. Immediately, your co-workers stopped their chatting to join you in your oggling.

           Somehow, Jimin glanced in your direction and grinned brightly. Everyone else around you squealed and you tried to compose yourself. In the midst of Jimin smiling and waving at the crowd of females, Hoseok had intercepted a pass skillfully in mid-air. As he did so, his sweater and white t-shirt underneath rode up slightly to reveal deeply formed abs and your jaw dropped. In no time, he whizzed through the other players and scored a touchdown. He and Jimin hugged and screamed excitedly while bouncing up and down.

           "Oh my goodness. Mr. Jung is smiling.”

           "Quick! Someone take their camera out! This is a momentous occasion!“

           You laughed at their reactions but you still couldn’t get your mind off of their bodies. Suits were nice but it hid so much.

           Shaking your head, you whipped out your phone, but to your dismay, there were no new messages. All three of you conceded for the day to not text until night time. Both J-Hope and Chims said they would be busy and well frankly, a company outing probably wasn’t the best place to be receiving racy messages, although your mind often continued to wander to the events that unfolded a few days ago anyway.

           You stretched your hand, remembering the feeling of each of them and vividly hearing the way they sounded when they wanted you. You shivered with excitement and touched your neck timidly. Luckily, it was chilly outside so you wearing a turtleneck and scarf to the outing wasn’t out of place, though you were sweating profusely underneath.

           Later on, you played team games, which you hosted, splitting the teams to be under Mr. Jung or Mr. Park. Obviously everyone preferred to be on Mr. Park’s team, so you took to random chance to divide the teams fairly. Surprisingly, although it shouldn’t have been since he was a boss for a reason, Hoseok’s team claimed most of the victories thanks to his clear explanations and efficient plans. On the other hand, Jimin’s team was comedic, fun, and the most spirited, despite not being the most fantastic at the games. Jimin didn’t give much direction and didn’t have much of a plan, but he didn’t think games were supposed to be played too seriously or else they’d lose the enjoyment of it.

           You couldn’t stop smiling as you saw all your co-workers mingling with each other and with their bosses. Since you were one of the longest employees in the company, you felt motherly affection towards their budding relationships.

           "Having fun?” Jimin nudged your hip, pulling you out of your thoughts.

           You nodded, “It’s good seeing everyone like this for once.”

           "Right?“ Jimin’s eyes turned into half-moon crescents as his grin widened. Your heart raced at the sight of it.

           "I want to see you play a game or two.”

           "Oh no.“ You shook your head. "I’m terrible at games.”

           "Then you’ll fit in perfectly with my team!“ he giggled and you joined him in laughter, knowing it was true.

           "I don’t know about that. She’s quite competitive.” Hoseok chimed in.

           "Oh? So you want her on your team?“ Jimin glared at Hoseok playfully. "I claimed her first so she’s on my team.”

           "Rock, paper, scissors!“ Hoseok called out and Jimin cheered as he won fairly.

           Hoseok scowled.

           "I’ll host this next game.” one of your co-workers volunteered.

           "Come.“ Jimin grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his team, who welcomed you heartily.

           "This is a blind folded relay! Woo!” Your co-worker explained. “First, since, luckily there are even numbers on each team. You’ll have to decide on partners. One partner will be blind folded while the other takes them through the course. At each course, the partner can only EXPLAIN and TALK the person through what they should do at each station. Got it?”

           "Got it!“ Jimin grabbed your hand happily. "We’ll be partners, right?”

           You heard the envious groans of your teammates but you smiled, turning around as he grabbed a blind fold. “Please take care of me.”

           "Don’t worry.“ he hummed as he covered your eyes with the cloth. You shivered as he whispered, "I’ll take good care of you.”

           Bad Y/N, bad.

           You scolded yourself.

           Soon you were enveloped in darkness and you felt Jimin’s soft hands slip into yours.

           "Ready?“ he questioned and you nodded timidly. "I got you.”

           He led you to the first station and although he struggled explaining what you needed to do, you eventually got through it. Hurriedly, you both rushed to the next one hand-in-hand. By the time you got to the end of the course, a new player on the other team was going. Jimin pulled you to the finish line and you tripped forward on an unannounced rock. Suddenly, you felt arms wrap around your waist to steady you, and your body tingled at the sensation.

           "I’m not paying for medical bills if you get hurt during a company outing.“ You heard Hoseok’s voice behind you and he pulled the blindfold off.

           You spotted Jimin smiling in front of you guiltily, still holding your hand and you felt Hoseok’s arm leave your waist.

           "Don’t be stupid.” he warned curtly before returning to his teammates.

           "Sorry about that. Got too excited to finally be finished.“ Jimin looked you up and down. "You’re okay though right?”

           You smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I’m good.”

           As the skies dimmed, Hoseok slipped away from the crowd. He sat at an empty table and sipped on his beer as he watched the others trying to light a campfire.

           "I see you enjoyed yourself.“ You chuckled as you took a seat next to him, sipping on your own drink.

           He didn’t respond, but kept drinking.

           "Has Jimin always pulled you out of your shell like this?” You questioned.

           Hoseok chuckled, “Pretty much, yes.”

           You grinned. “You guys are like friendship goals.”

           He glanced at you and raised an eyebrow.

           "Jimin knows you’re an ass and no fun, but he still likes you.“ You smirked, clinking your bottle against his before taking another swig.

           "Oh I see you don’t even get cute with alcohol in your system.” he rolled his eyes.

           You snorted. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

           "I don’t want to know.“

           "The fun is over there, where the people are.” You hummed and he pushed your face away from him.

           "Your breath smells. I’m fine here. I’ve played with you all enough.“ he growled.

           You laughed and slammed a beer onto the table, "I figured you’d say that so here’s another bottle of beer for your loneliness.”

           "Shut up and get out of here.“

           You giggled as you scurried to the others as they finally managed to light a small flame. Jimin spotted you and grinned. Then he proceeded to start fanning the flames to make it grow. You and the other workers clapped and cheered him on, all somewhat intoxicated. Someone turned on music with their portable speakers and soon, everyone was having a good time fooling around.

           As the alcohol buzzed through your system, your body moved to the music carelessly. You danced with your co-workers excitedly but everyone cleared the way as Jimin tore up the "dance floor” with his skillful movements. Hoseok soon joined some of the co-workers who were simply sitting and watching everyone enjoying themselves. He proudly clapped along with everyone as his friend began expertly free-styling to the music.

           "Woo! Mr. Park! You’ve got moves!“ You screamed and he smirked as he made his way to you while biting his lip.

           Your co-workers hollered as he pulled you into him, swaying your hips together.

           "Oh snap! It’s getting hot in here!” They screamed.

           Jimin grinned as he spun you around, dancing behind you playfully. Everyone returned to demonstrating their own moves and slowly, you felt Jimin’s chest getting closer to your back. The music was drowned out as you focused on following the rhythm of his body and his hips against yours. You felt his breath on your cheek and your heart pounded against your chest. Suddenly, you were pulled from him and you were face to face with a furious looking Hoseok. Your face was flushed from the alcohol and from the intensity of what just happened so you just stared at Hoseok in shock.

           "Don’t misunderstand. He does this to everyone when he’s drunk. He won’t remember it so don’t get butt hurt if he doesn’t.“ he bluntly stated.

           You nodded slowly. The alcohol was slowing your thinking down.

           "Oh Hoseok ~” Jimin giggled as he clung onto his friend cutely. “Dance with me ~”

           Hoseok pinched Jimin’s cheeks. “Get a hold of yourself, Park Jimin!”

           "Oh I’d like to hold someone else…“ Jimin giggled cutely then yelled. "WHO WANTS TO SEE MR. JUNG DANCE?”

           "No, no, no.“ Hoseok shook his head adamantly as he tried to cover his friend’s mouth.

           "I do!!” You raised your hand as you stumbled into Hoseok, who caught you with his other arm.

           "Jung Hoseok! Jung Hoseok! Jung Hoseok!“ Jimin chanted and everyone followed him.

           Hoseok sighed and straightened you up. "You, get a hold of yourself too!”

           "I wanna see you danceeee.“ You whined and he gave you a look of disgust.

           "That was not cute at all. Please never do that again.”

           "If you dance, I will get you coffees every morning and get you a sandwich in the afternoon!“ you blurted out.

           The alcohol was taking its strongest effect at the moment. Jimin soon slung his arm around your shoulder.

           "And I will get you dessert!” he added.

           Hoseok snorted and took out his phone. “Say that again.”

           "I promise to get Mr. Jung coffee every morning and a sandwich for lunch for a week!“ You slurred.

           "Two weeks.” he bargained.

           "Deal!“ You pointed at him.

           "And I, Park Jimin, will get him dessert!” Jimin giggled.

           Hoseok smirked and put his phone away. “Now no take backs.”

           "Woo!“ Jimin cheered enthusiastically. "He…he is such a great dancer…you all will not be-believe it!”

           "Jeez. How much did you guys drink?“ Hoseok ushered you two to sit down.

           "Iunno but this punch was fantastic!” You grinned goofily as you lifted your red cup.

           He glared at your closest co-worker friend who grinned at him weakly.

           "I have just the song!“ Jimin raised his arm as he received the speakers. "Break it down Hoseok!”

           "You asked for this Park Jimin.“ Hoseok smirked as he took off his sweater in front of you.

           Your jaw dropped as you spotted those perfectly toned abs once again. But your vision was blocked when he chucked his sweater right at your face. You huffed, annoyed, as you ripped it off and placed it on your lap. Gladly, it provided you extra warmth on your legs.

           Jimin started the song and immediately, Hoseok’s body responded to the loud beats. Everyone’s eyes widened as his body moved flexibly, with harsh lines yet a gentle finesse. He even did a few tricks which led to everyone screaming excitedly.

           As the night progressed, people sobered up and trickled on home. Everyone complimented Jimin for the brilliant idea, but the latter had drunk more than anyone else so he was stumbling around as he walked everyone out of the campsite. You were cleaning up slowly, still also feeling the effects of the alcohol. You silently cursed your co-worker for spiking your fruit punch.

           "I swear, Park Jimin. Stay fucking seated or I will tie you to a tree.” Hoseok scolded his friend as he forced him to sit on the bench for the nth time.

           Jimin smirked and hugged Hoseok, “Will you really tie me?”  

           Hoseok sighed and threw his friend over his shoulder. “Okay, I’m putting you in the car.”

           You chuckled as you watched Jimin squealing that he felt like he was flying, while Hoseok shook his head, amused. Grabbing your purse, you too made your way to your car. However, before you could fully open your door, Hoseok slammed it closed.

           "What the hell do you think you’re doing?“ he snapped.

           You looked at him. "I’m going home.”

           Hoseok swiped your keys from your grasp with ease. “No you’re not. You’re drunk.”

           "Ammm not!“ You argued unconvincingly.

           "Go walk in a straight line.” he challenged daringly. “Go.”

           "I can too!“ You pursed your lips and took a deep breath, determined.

           However, you felt your body swaying as you struggled to figure out where exactly you were walking.

           "Yeah, no.” Hoseok tugged at your hair. “Call a driver or something. You are not driving yourself home.”

           "Let us take you home!!“ Jimin called out of the back seat, sticking his head out of the window lazily.

           "Yah!” Hoseok scolded but Jimin shrugged adorably.

           You stumbled as you tried to make your way back to your car and Hoseok sighed.

           "I can do it. I can drive home.“ You murmured but soon your world flipped upside down as Hoseok threw you over his shoulder and put you in the backseat with Jimin.

           "Y/N!!” Jimin welcomed you with open arms and you giggled.

           Hoseok grumbled as he took the driver’s seat and began driving. “Nobody better barf in my car.”

           "Aye, Aye!“ Jimin chuckled as he nuzzled his head onto your shoulder.

           Your heart thumped against your chest as his body pressed against your side. Then soon, he was softly snoring. You smiled as you studied Jimin’s gentle features then glanced over to Hoseok who was keeping his eyes peeled on the road seriously. You felt a wave of tiredness crash into your system and your eyes fluttered closed as well.

           "Yah.” you were violently shaken awake and you sat up, hitting your head at the roof of Hoseok’s car.

           He snorted, amused as you winced. Jimin was lying on your lap, knocked out. Hoseok pushed him over carelessly to let you slip outside freely.

           "I’m sure you can pick up your car when you sober up tomorrow.“ He commented as you fixed your hair, embarrassed that it was so disheveled. You were groggy and had been out cold during Hoseok’s drive here.

           "Thanks Mr. Jung.” you mumbled and bowed.

           He simply nodded and gestured for you to head into your home.

           "Don’t come in on Monday drunk!“ he bellowed.

           You chuckled as you stepped inside.

           Jimin found himself on Hoseok’s couch, while the latter was going through paperwork on his kitchen table.

           "Oh? Why am I here?” Jimin questioned.

           Hoseok shook his head. “Went pretty wild at the company outing.”

           "Did I?“ Jimin cracked up.

           "Your other side almost came out.” Hoseok’s smirked.

           "Was it with Y/N?“ Jimin waltzed to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle.

           Hoseok stared at him as Jimin sat down in front of him.

           "She’s attractive, Hoseok.” Jimin confessed.

           "Is she?“ Hoseok questioned as he went back to his papers.

           "She is.” Jimin smiled as he took a sip. “And you know who else is attractive?”


           "No.” Jimin snorted. “Me. Two attractive people just belong together.”

           "Is this how you treat a friend who kindly allowed your drunk, passed out ass into his home?“ Hoseok chucked a pen as Jimin cackled.

           "I love you.” Jimin threw a heart towards him.

           "Don’t fucking pull that on me!“ Hoseok yelled playfully. "Get to the guest bedroom in the basement!”

           You stirred in the middle of the night, and found yourself wide awake. Rolling over, you grabbed your phone and found new messages.

           Red Mask Chims: I’m thinking of you right now.

           Y/N: Oh?

           Red Mask Chims: I’m a bit intoxicated and I need some help. Would you mind?

           Y/N: What a coincidence. I’m a bit buzzed now too.

           Red Mask Chims: Are you wearing anything right now?

           Y/N: I’ll leave that to your imagination.

           Red Mask Chims: Fuck. Don’t pull that shit on me.

           Y/N: What’re you wearing right now?

           Red Mask Chims: Does a hard cock count?

           Y/N: Pretty sure that’s part of your body and not something you wear.

           Red Mask Chims: Still something I want you to touch. I want to pin you against the wall and stick my tongue inside you right now.

           Y/N: I thought you wanted to try something different.

           Red Mask Chims: This time, you’re going to be in a different room and I can see the beautiful expressions you’ll be making when I touch you.

           Y/N: Well, I’m free tomorrow.

           Red Mask Chims: Perfect. But you still won’t get away from me now.


           You gulped as you jumped out of bed. Being in the bedroom made you more weak to his advances and the alcohol wasn’t helping. You switched to the other chat as you stepped into your living room.

           Black Mask J-Hope: I hope you had a good day. Even if I was busy, you never left my mind.

           Y/N: Oh? What were you thinking about?

           Black Mask J-Hope: Well I was half hoping people would ask you about the black and blue I gave you. But then I figured I’d give you more next time if you wanted.

           Y/N: They’re actually fading, so you might have to a touch-up.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Anytime you need a touch-up, you’re welcome to come to me. I’ll pencil you in between sessions.

           Y/N: How kind.

           Black Mask J-Hope: What can I say? I like helping women in need.

           Y/N: And how would you help a woman in need right now?

           Black Mask J-Hope: What exactly is your need?

           Y/N: I’m alone and drunk.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Well, I would come over and hold you in my arms. Probably kiss you sweetly until, knowing you, drag me to your bed room and attack me.


           You laughed.

           Y/N: I am pretty dangerous.

           Black Mask J-Hope: And you seem to want me more and more each time.

           Y/N: Well I’m going to want you tomorrow.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Don’t you want me tonight too? haha you seemed to enjoy my hug…among other things


           Suddenly, a new message popped up and it was a voice message from Chims. Curiously, you pressed it and hurriedly shut it off when you heard breathy moaning and groaning. Your heart thumped against your chest and your body was enflamed with desire.

           Y/N: What did I just hear?!

           Red Mask Chims: Me pleasing myself to the thought of you.

           Y/N: …what exactly did you imagine?

           Red Mask Chims: Turned on?

           Y/N: Possibly.

           Red Mask Chims: I was thinking of your hand on my dick and how pretty you’d look glancing up at me while on your knees. How wet you would be between my fingers.

           Your head reeled as you read his messages and your finger hovered over the voice message. But then you shook your head. If you touched yourself, you lost his game. You smirked.

           A game, hm?  

           Your body tingled as a new idea formed in your mind.

           You walked into Club Masquerade the next day in shorts and an oversized sweater. You’ve seen other customers dress normally and you felt that it would make things different, a bit more…ordinary amongst the extraordinary.

           "They’re waiting for you in J-Hope’s lounge.“ the receptionist explained. "You know how to get there right?”

           You smiled and nodded, floating to the room. The two were seated casually when you stepped inside.

           "Hey.“ J-Hope stood up and kissed your cheek to greet you while Chims crossed his arm, not budging from his seat.

           "So you told us both to sit here for what reason?” he hummed impatiently.

           "I have a new rule.“ You smiled.

           "Let’s hear it.” J-Hope encouraged.

           You exhaled, “Whatever I do or say to you guys, you can’t have sex with me.”

           The two froze. Chims stared at you.

           "Are you fucking serious?“

           "You don’t think you can?” you smirked.

           "I can but that’s torture.“ Chims exhaled.

           You acted innocently, "I thought it’d be fun…”

           "Fuck.“ Chims lunged at you and pinned you against the wall. "You’re such a tease.”

           You smiled triumphantly as he slowly trudged back to his seat.

           J-Hope chuckled, “I’m fine with that. It’ll probably make you more relaxed around us, knowing we have to abide by that rule.”

           "And oh I also want to alternate the order every so often.“ You explained. "I want Chims first at times and vice versa.”

           Chims growled, “You sure? You might not want to go back to J-Hope after you’ve tasted me first.”

           J-Hope snorted, “Or she might run from you right into my arms.”

           "Sound good?“ You looked at them and they both nodded.

           "Who do you want first today? You only have us for half an hour each.”

           "I’ll take Chims first.“

           Chims grinned widely as he grabbed your wrist. "You’re going to get it today.”

           You glanced at J-Hope smiling and waving at you as you got dragged out of the room.

           You were shoved into a new room surrounded with mirrors on every wall, including the ceiling. Shivering with anticipation, Chims locked the door and walked over to you slowly as he unbuttoned his shirt.

           "You left it up to my imagination last night,“ he hissed. "But now I’m going to do whatever I want with you.”

           You inhaled as he turned you around, pressing you against the mirror so you were staring at yourself with him behind you. You caught the way his eyes were glazed over from beneath the mask as he pulled down the sweater to reveal your partially battered neck.

           "I’m going to pick up where I left off.“ he whispered and latched his mouth onto your skin.

           You groaned, having thought about nothing except J-Hope and Chims since last night. You wanted them. You needed them. His hands squeezed your hips as he rolled his package against you from behind while he kissed your neck.

           "I love how you look when you need me.” He whispered, ghosting over your neck as he gazed at your expression through the mirror.

           You backed up into him, causing him to growl loudly.

           "Impatient, hm?“

           "Tell me again what you imagined last night.” You murmured and you immediately felt him grow harder.

           "Not yet baby girl.“ he hummed as his hands slipped underneath your sweater. "You’re not going to win this.”

           You sucked in as his cold hands made contact with your skin.

           "You look so fucking hott.“ Chims mumbled as his hand continued its trajectory upwards and you felt yourself lean into him, your body willing and ready for him to take control.

           "You want to know what I’d do to you if you were mine?”

           You nodded, your words failing you as his hands cupped the bottom of your boobs.

           "I’d make you beg for me.“ he whispered. "Then I’d ram into you as hard as I could so that you would scream my name so loud, everyone would know who was inside you.”

           You felt warmth travel down to your lower half as his words sunk in, and your breathing shallowed.

           He chuckled, “You’d like that, huh?”

           You grabbed his neck and pushed your back closer to him, needing more contact than what he was giving you.

           "Mmm…“ he smirked as he rolled his hips into you. "I guess you do.”

           You gasped as his hands slipped underneath your bra and began massaging your breasts. He continued grinding into your ass while sucking at the skin of your neck. It was stimulating and your body was going crazy from feeling pleasure on all fronts.

           "Look how needy you look.“ he whispered and you glanced at the mirror.

           Your eyes were hazed with lust and your lips were swollen from your unconscious biting. You were already disheveled and melting into him. He hadn’t even kissed you yet. You spun around and bit his lower lip hungrily while your hands attached itself onto his bare chest.

           He welcomed your lips and kissed you as passionately in return. Slowly your hands pulled his dress shirt off his shoulders and his fingers played with your nipples, driving you insane.

           "Fuck.” You cursed into his mouth and he crashed his tongue into yours, swallowing all of your sounds.

           He peeled his hands off of you and pulled off your sweater in one swift movement.

           "Clothes are still on.“ he smirked as he reattached himself onto you.

           You hummed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Now you were just wearing shorts and a tank top. His hand traveled back underneath your tank top but you pried yourself off of him.

           "Shirt off.” You breathed.

           He smirked, “Yes ma'am.”

           Throwing it to the side, he grabbed your face and continued making out with you. You swiped your tongue on in his lower lip and he groaned, his hands focused on taking care of your breasts. Then his tongue traced the side of your neck as you panted.

           "Look in the mirror.“ he mumbled as he sucked on a new patch of skin.

           You did so and moaned as you spotted the image of your tank top riding up to expose your stomach as his hands clasped around you boobs. Yours eyes raked down the sight of the taut muscles of his back and the bulging leg muscles threatening to rip his jeans. You stared at yourself as your hand travel down his back while he licked and bit your neck and your chest. You slipped into his waistband and he inhaled sharply as you dug your nails into his firm ass.

           "Do that again and I’ll have you screaming.” he hissed.

           You smirked and did so. Immediately, you were on your back on the floor as he hovered over you. You could see his back muscles tightening as you stared at the mirror on the ceiling. Leaning down, he whispered into your ear.

           "You want to scream my name, don’t you?“

           You bit your lip and kissed you strongly.

           "I told you not to fucking bite your lip.” he scolded.

           "Chims, I want to touch you.“ you whispered and he hissed.

           "You’re really testing me.”

           Your hands traveled down his chest and hovered over the evident bulge in front of you.

           "I can’t?“ You batted your eyes innocently.

           "Fuck.” He closed his eyes as you palmed him without hesitation. “I want to be inside you.”

           "I want you inside me.“ You whispered and he bucked into your palm.

           "Fuck. Your. Stupid. Rule.” he grunted.

           Suddenly, he scrambled off of you and you lay there breathless and stunned. He paced around the room.

           "I’m going to rip off your clothes if you continue this.“ he warned.

           "You can’t. It’s against the rules.” you smirked.

           He stared at you then grinned, unbuckling his pants.

           "Wh-what’re…“ You stammered.

           "Your clothes stay on, but mine doesn’t.”

           You squeaked as he discarded his pants to the side and spread your legs, grinding into you. Your back arched instinctively as you let out a loud moan at the friction.

           "You’re not the only one who can tease.“ he breathed as he slid the straps off your shoulders. "And I’m good at finding loopholes.”

           Your heard yourselves breathing heavily and realized that the mirrors were fogging up from the body heat you two were emitting. Soon, your breasts were exposed and he lunged forward sucking on your nipple. You moaned loudly at the pleasurable sensation, which encouraged him to swirl his tongue around your sensitive bud. Immediately, your hand found his hard dick and you began massaging it. He grinded into your hand as the pace of his tongue quickened. Your moaning got louder and louder as you felt him get harder and harder through the thin fabric of his boxers.

           Suddenly, there was a firm knock on the door and he rolled over onto his back instinctively, out of breath. You also weren’t in the right state of mind. He covered his face, groaning.

           "Fuck! That felt so good.“ his voice echoed and you nodded, knowing he could see your response in the mirror. "I’ll take care of myself here so see yourself out.”

           You exhaled as you fixed your tank top. Your lower regions were on fire and you were incredibly wet.

           "Unless you want to extend our session.“ Chims smirked as he rolled to his side shamelessly displaying his almost naked body.

           You sat up and pressed a kiss on his lips, which he reciprocated hungrily. But you broke the kiss and smirked.

           "Someone else is waiting to please me.”

           "You’re so hott.“ he laughed as he slapped your ass while you got up. "Argghh. I’m so frustrated!”

           You chuckled as you threw on your sweater. “Have fun thinking of me.”

           "Silver,“ Chims chuckled. "I need you as my permanent customer.”

           "We’ll see.“ you grinned as you stepped out of the room.

           Your feet knew the way to J-Hope’s lounge. Every step, every thought, every brush of your clothing against your skin tingled your senses as you made your way there. You knocked and stepped inside to find him lying down, resting on the couch. You guessed that the mysterious person that was always knocking was the receptionist after all. Grinning, you climbed on top of his sleeping figure and kissed him. He stirred.

           His lips curled up as he placed his hands behind his head.

           "Well I could get used to waking up to this.” he grinned as he watched you.


           He caught the flirtatious glint in your eyes. "Well, I might need some help waking up.”

           "Oh?“ You leaned down to kiss him again. "How would you like me to wake you up?”

           He grinned, “Surprise me. I know you’re a dangerous woman.”

           "Damn right.“ You whispered and began trailing down his neck with kisses.

           You heard his breath hitch at a certain spot and you flicked your tongue out, making him groan softly. Immediately, you latched your mouth on that patch of skin and his fingers curled into your hips as he began panting.

           "Awake?” You spoke into his ear.

           "I think I might need more convincing.“ he stated breathlessly and you immediately rolled your hips onto him.

           "Come here you sly girl.” He laughed as he pulled you down by your sweater and kissed you.

           "J-Hope.“ You breathed.

           "Hm.” he hummed as he swirled his tongue on your lip.

           "I’m fuckin’ wet.“ You gazed at him, full of desire. "I need you.”

           He smiled as he kissed you sweetly, “Show me what you can do baby.”

           Your lips curled up as you began unbuttoning his dress shirt, exposing his chest. He took a deep breath and sat up, capturing you in his embrace while your arms wrapped around his neck.

           "I really need you.“ You closed your eyes and exhaled.

           "Shh.” he caressed your face. “I know baby. You have me. Now, make me want you.”

           You understood so you grabbed the ends up your sweater and pulled it off, much to his surprise.

           "I’m fucking wet, J-Hope.“ You hissed as you leaned close to his face. "If you don’t do something, I’m going to go back and finish things with Chims.”

           Immediately, J-Hope crashed his lips into yours as he rubbed your arms tenderly. He shifted so that you were securely on his lap. Grazing your neck with his fingers, he smiled as you lolled your head back at the feeling.

           "I like cherishing you.“ he kissed that sensitive spot right under your ear. "Nice…” He kissed it again. “And slow.”

           He sucked on it. “So you’ll have a longer….” His breath ghosted over that your skin. “And more pleasurable time.”

           You moaned as his hands traveled up your thighs.

           "You’re so fucking beautiful.“ He spoke into your neck.

           You grabbed one of his hands and stuck it under your tank top. Without wasting time, he unclipped your bra and threw it off. You gasped as your hard nipples tingled; the fabric of your tank top made you feel sinfully good.

           "Clothes are still on, right?”

           He chuckled as his one hand thumbed over your nipple while the other caressed your thigh. All the while, is mouth continued marking its territory in all of the places that made you melt. Suddenly, your body was going crazy as his lips traveled down to your free nipple protruding through your clothes. He flicked his tongue out and you writhed with desire.

           "J-Hope.“ you moaned as you slid your straps down. "Please.”

           He moved your hair that was sticking to your face and cupped your cheek understandably. “Yes, baby.”

           Tenderly, he caressed your collarbone as you shivered with anticipation, then his fingers tugged down your straps all the way. Once your breast was exposed, his mouth covered it expertly.

           You grinded into his hardness as you tangled your hands through his hair.

           "J-Hope.“ You panted as you needed him elsewhere.

           "Yes baby.” he moaned as he continued to get his fill of your breasts.

           You bucked your hips again and your hand found its way to his clothed cock. After palming him for a few minutes, taking in his grunts, you unbuttoned his pants. He raised his hips so you could take it off of him.

           He stared at you intensely as you climbed back on him. Smiling into the kiss, he pulled your straps back up and squeezed your butt playfully. You laughed and stared into each other’s eyes. His hands traveled to your hips while you didn’t break eye contact and he sat you down over his growing need.

           "You’re okay?“ he whispered onto your lips.

           "I’m more than okay.” You smiled. “Are you awake yet?”

           He raised his hips so that his hardness poked your dampness and you squeaked.

           "No.“ he smirked as he leaned in for a kiss. "Definitely not awake.”

           You grinned as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and began rubbing yourself on him, full of need. Both of you were soon panting at the needed friction and not holding back on being vocal.

           "Silver, you’re doing so good. Keep doing that.“ he complimented you as you both continued to drowning out each other’s needy sounds with your mouths. "That feels good.”

           "Touch me J-Hope.“ You commanded and his hands traveled under your tank top obediently.

           Soon after, he spun you around and sat your ass on his straining need. You were panting, wondering why he stopped such a pleasurable position.

           "Follow me.” he whispered into your neck as his hands slid down your arms and covered your fingers.

           You nodded and let him guide one of your hands to the center of your shorts and the other onto your boob. He circled his hips up as he guided your hand to rub yourself simultaneously.

           "Since it’s off limits for me.“ He spoke into your neck as he kissed it sweetly.

           You moaned loudly.

           "Just imagine it’s my hand. This is what I would do to you.” He continued to talk you through it as his fingers moved against your own, guiding you to please yourself.

           After a few minutes of him grinding into you, you rubbing yourself while imagining it was his fingers, and him playing with you nipple with his other hand, all coupled with his whispered compliments, you threw your head back as you finally reached your high. Out of breath, you leaned your back into his chest as he caressed your arms.

           "You did great, baby.“ he smiled and you straddled him, giving him a deep kiss of gratitude.

           He wrapped his arms around your waist to keep you from falling.

           "What about you?” You worried.

           J-Hope laughed, “You’re worried about me?”

           You nodded, frowning. He caressed your cheek sweetly, “You’re too adorable.”

           "I’m serious. Can I help?“

           He pecked your lips. "Next time. You can most definitely help.”

           You pouted and he kissed you again. He gestured to the disc that was on the end of the couch and as soon as your eyes landed on it, it began buzzing and glowing red.

           You exhaled and pressed your forehead against his. He rubbed circles on your hips warmly.

           "I’m sorry.“ you breathed.

           "Why?” he laughed.

           "Because I finished… and well, you have a problem.“ you looked down at his boxers.

           He cracked up. "You know, you’re probably the first customer who has actually worried about your host?”

           "Seriously?“ You questioned.

           "People here just want what they want. Get it and go. We give that to them. Even if you dashed off in the middle of sex, we would still pencil you in the next time you need us.”

           You stared at him. “That’s kind of sad.”

           He chuckled as he kissed your forehead. “You’re like a breath of fresh air. That’s why I want to keep you.”

           You smiled happily. He tapped your hip and you slid off of him. You grabbed your bra and clipped it back on.

           "Up, up.“ J-Hope cooed holding your sweater and you raised your arms as he pulled it over your head.

           "I can walk myself out.” You smiled and finally took a good look at his toned torso. You urged yourself to pry your eyes away from it. “You don’t want to walk around in your boxers.”

           He grinned goofily. “Yeah, wouldn’t want to advertise the goods.”

           Pulling you forward by your sweater, he kissed you tenderly.

           "Chims is probably waiting to walk you out. Message me when you get home.“

           You blushed and nodded then slowly walked to the door.


           "Hm?“ You turned your head.

           "You were fucking fantastic today.” He grinned.

           You chuckled and stepped out of the room.

           As J-Hope predicted, Chims was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He studied your expression– your flushed cheeks and blown up lips.

           "I finish you next time.“ He pointed as he slung his arms around your shoulders.

           "Wh–” you retorted.

           "I know when a girl is still horny or when she’s done. It’s my job.“ Chims cackled. "Don’t pull that on me.”

           You blushed.

           He walked you to the door and slapped your ass before he left you at the entrance in shock. The receptionist looked unfazed and continued writing in her massive planner. You looked around and no one else was paying attention anyway. You chuckled as you stepped out, letting the cool night breeze hit your face.

           What a weird place.

           But you grinned happily. It was a place where no one was going to judge anyone else. It was liberating.

           The week following, you were penciled in more often and needless to say, you were more aggressive now than when you started.

           Once you had caught J-Hope off guard in the break room while he was changing into his dress shirt and ended up having the hour session there.

           "Damn.“ he exhaled as he played with your hair while you lay on his chest. "I am not safe ANYWHERE with you am I?”

           You giggled as you traced the muscles of his arm.

           Another time, you were the one to drag Chims into a random room, which only had one chair in it. You ended up riding his strong, muscular thigh, and then he instructed you step by step on how to give him a lap dance that way he liked it.

           "Fuck. You’re sexy, baby girl.“ Chims heaved as he plopped down on top of you, full of sweat. "I could go for another round.”

           You rolled your eyes and smacked him. Depending on how much time you had left, another round may have happened.

           Each time you met them, you learned something new, you did something new, and you always left feeling lighter and happier. But you knew you had to make a choice for the sake of their schedules, and your heart was already leaning to one over the other.

           So finally, a few weeks later, you texted them separately.

           Y/N: So …after a few weeks of fun with each of you, I think I have my decision.


           You all agreed to do the announcement the following day, at your scheduled time. Giggling excitedly, you called your best friend to catch her up on everything.

           "I think it’s me. Let’s be honest.“ Jimin waltzed into Hoseok’s apartment.

           "Why’re you even following me to my house?” Hoseok growled.

           "It’s closer. And I’m tired. And I get lonely.“ Jimin pouted.

           Hoseok rolled his eyes.

           "I like her a lot. Like she has so much learning potential and she is literally open to everything.” Jimin exhaled.

           "Well, I want her. She spices up my schedule because she can either be super needy or super shy. Plus she like legitimately wants to please me too instead of just having me be the gentleman and pleasing her.“ Hoseok commented. "I really like her.”

           "Hmmm…“ Jimin pondered. "I really can’t figure out who she likes better though.”

           Hoseok shrugged. “Whoever it is has gloating rights.”

           Jimin giggled and hugged Hoseok. “Don’t get sad that it’s not you.”

           Hoseok wriggled out of his grasp. “Shut up.”

           Jimin took a seat at the dinner table. “What’s for dinner, honey?”

           "Don’t 'honey’ me. I cooked yesterday.“ Hoseok scolded.

           "Take-out it is.” Jimin grinned as he swiped the menu from the fridge.

           The next day, you walked into the office, practically glowing. Hoseok gave you a weird look as you dropped off his coffee brightly.

           "What’s wrong with you? Did you spit in this?“ He took the coffee with a look of disgust.

           "Did you get a date?” Jimin grinned as you placed a coffee on his desk too.

           Hoseok laughed loudly. “Yeah, okay.”

           You glared at him then smiled at Jimin. “Nothing like that. Just feeling particularly giddy today.”

           "Please.“ Hoseok snorted. "Bring me my tea and cookies Queen Elizabeth.”

           "Hoseok.“ Jimin scolded. "Don’t ruin her good mood. I like her seeing her this happy.”

           You giggled. “Well, I’ll be at my desk.”

           Jimin smiled and nodded. Both of them watched you skip out of their office. Hoseok was deeply concerned about your sanity, while Jimin was highly amused.

           "Oh…where did I put that document and that stapler…“ you mumbled as you searched your desk.

           After ensuring that it was absolutely nowhere on your table, you glanced at the office in front of you. Jimin and Hoseok were out for lunch so you snuck in, hoping it was in there somewhere.

           "Aha!” You found the document on Hoseok’s desk and you quickly gave it your signature of approval.

           Then you looked around and found that neither of them had a stapler on their desks either.

           "Hmmm…“ You tiptoed as you tried to see if the cabinet had a stapler.

           Taking a deep breath, you jumped up and swiped whatever was in the highest shelf to the ground. With a soft thud, a few things fell.

           Upon seeing what the items were, you covered your mouth to stifle a scream. Staring back at you, were two very familiar looking red and black masks. With your hands trembling, you bent down to pick them up, trying to convince yourself it couldn’t be…they weren’t…they were… they had to be different masks.

           Suddenly, the door opened and Jimin and Hoseok waltzed in chatting happily.

           "Holy shit. You scared me!” Hoseok jumped back, noticing your frozen figure behind the door. Jimin laughed at his reaction.

           You glanced up at them horrified, while holding the masks.

           "What do you have there?“ Jimin peeked, catching your expression then he chuckled. "Oh those are just some things we got from overseas.”

           "Whose mask belongs to whom?“ You mumbled, barely above a whisper, but it echoed throughout the room.

           Your head was reeling. You were sure of it the more you studied the designs. They were the exact masks you had been staring at for weeks now. Your hands clammed up.

            They laughed nonchalantly, "Why does it matter?”

           You just stared at them with wide eyes.

           "Because…“ You slowly lifted one of the masks over your eyes.

           Their smiles instantly faded as the realization dawned on them.


           All you could do was stare at each other, flabbergasted.

           After a few seconds of silence, all three of you processing your shock, you glanced up. Looking at them both worriedly, you whispered as you held up the masks.

           "Who’s who?”

           Jimin looked at you intently, “I think the real question is… who do you want which to be?”

Part 4: FINALE