team barricade

One time in history class our teacher had us break into two teams and make barricades out of the desks, to simulate trench warfare. Then he gave us balled up paper and had us bombard each other. The idea was to show us how impossible it was to win and make it out alive in a trench battle, but my team cheated and won by hoarding all the ammo the other team threw at us and then overcoming them in a final charge when they were all out. Best class ever.

The Golem’s Mighty Swing

Written by Katharine Pigliacelli, graduate student employee

With spring training well under way, we searched the stacks for baseball themed books and came across the graphic novel, The Golem’s Mighty Swing by James Sturm. It tells the story of “The Stars of David,” a Jewish traveling baseball club, as they try to make a living in 1920’s America.

In addition to the usual struggles of an athlete on the road – endless hours on a bus, bad accommodations, playing game after game, sometimes more than one a day – the Stars of David must also contend with antisemitism and even outright violence. At one point, a crowd even mobs the field, forcing the team to barricade themselves in the dugout. Only a sudden rainstorm allows them to escape with their lives.

At the time, baseball clubs like this were common, and often added a dramatic flair that resembled Professional Wrestling more than any competitive sport. The title of the graphic novel refers to the Stars gambit of dressing one of their players as a Golem, a creature of Jewish legend.

Sturm shows great skill in translating the action of the baseball games to static images. The flow of the game is dynamic and easy to follow. It’s not often that sports are faithfully and engagingly transcribed to the page, but Strum does an amazing job.

putanginaaaa im dropping all my friends, yun ibang kilala ko na fan rin ng lany nagpunta na sa ibang malls, ako nalang natira sa trinoma putaAaaaA. mga pakyu Nakakaiyak na naubusan ako ng tix, asang-asa pa ako na makakabili ako kasi like 2 days selling putaAaaA anuna, pero kahit team barricade ako mga pakyu im coming to see lany kahit ako lang mag-isa cos POWER HAHAHAHAHA mga ulol bahala kayo di na tayo prends 4ever. bye

Avengers AOU (part 1/7)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m back with the new Avengers series wooo. I’ve been down with a fever and I couldn’t exactly concentrate so yeah. If you haven’t read the first one I’ll put the links here so y’all could know more and if you guys want to see anything in the next part, please feel free to leave a message😊 Y'all can also send in your requestssss, I write for Avengers, supernatural and occasionally x-men. Anyways, enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,049

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five//Part six//Part seven

You were sprinting beside the jeep Nat was driving, claws out and cutting down HYDRA soldiers on the way, You had made sure that where you cut didn’t kill them but was pain enough to leave them unconscious as after the last battle against Loki, the Director had told you to tone down a little, afraid that you’ll revert to your old self.

Suddenly, you felt a beam of energy graze your arm. Growling, you snapped your head to the direction of the soldier before running towards him, slamming the back of your hand against his head, knocking him out.

It was way too early in the morning to be doing this and you admit, you were a little grouchy. But what can you do about it, Fury had called in the Avengers as Loki’s sceptre had been stolen by a dangerous organization called, HYDRA, and you were all sent to raid the different bases and retrieve it.

“Be in the Avengers they say,” You grumbled under your breath as you cut down another soldier. “It’ll be fun they say.”

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ECHOSEI (finally) meets BRUNO MARS: The FULL story lmao

For most people who know me in real life, and the Hooligan community on twitter, I have been a loyal Bruno Mars fan since the beginning, 2010, Nothin’ On You days. And for 4 years, as an artist, I’ve been consistently making artworks related to Bruno Mars because he inspires me so much in more ways than one. Luckily, through twitter, Bruno Mars has seen some of them artworks I’ve been making. It has always been a dream of mine to someday meet him in person, and finally after 4 years of being a Hooligan, on March 21, 2014, it finally happened and what happened was so much better than any of my “meeting Bruno” scenarios in my head.


Let’s start with,

Bruno Mars is hosting an exclusive club party here in Manila this March 21, 2014 and tickets can only be attained through winning viber philippine’s promo. Luckily the promo was for groups of five and our group was one of the many winners.


March 21, 2014, 1:00AM, Bruno arrives at the club and started jamming at the DJ booth. Me and my friends were so far away and cameras during bruno’s appearance is not allowed.The hooligans (band members) were just chilling at the VIP lounge (guarded by bouncers and common folks like us can’t go in unless our names are on the list.). It was an open lounge though where you could see bruno and the members of the band, even Ryan hanging out. There were just a few “model-looking socialites there with them). Even those inside the lounge aren’t allowed to take photos with the band or Bruno. Management restricts photo ops/autograph signing.

The band members though are kinda roaming at the lounge edges so they could interact with the crowd at least a little…

Look it’s Phil!

After some intense effort, I got kinda near the lounge across where Bruno was chilling. My friend Trisha was at the front so she was nearer. Instead of just standing there staring at Bruno, we had an idea to try and get any band member’s attention through waving my artwork displayed on my ipod, in the hopes that they’d recognize them.

James was the first to notice the ipod. When he saw the ipod the look on his face definitely screams “hey I know that”. Then he started hand gesturing that the ipod be passed to him so he could get a closer look.

James taking a closer look at the ipod:

My friend was pointing at me so James could know it was my work. So my ipod was with James and he was looking at the work, then he started giving me thumbs up and saying thank you. At that point I was so happy already.

look at james oh so sweet blowing kisses as “thank you” for the artworks

I then remembered that I have a new artwork I made on my ipod to, so that’s what my friend waved next.

There were two huge body guards blocking our view from Bruno. Then my heart pounded when Bruno was passing and suddenly took a surprised double look at my ipod. That’s when he moved at the edge of the lounge to get a closer look at the ipod,

and then my friend again started pointing me to Bruno. That’s when Bruno started asking if I made it and I was giving thumbs up, his facial expression then was just priceless!


I was already happy with that hand gesture convo that we had, but then he started pointing me out to the bouncers and I think he was saying “get that girl in here”

(it was really loud at the club so we couldn’t hear clearly) So then all the girls near the lounge entrance wanted to get in. I raised my hands up holding my ipod and Bruno was pointing at me and he was saying “that’s her ,that’s her”  When I managed to get through the crowd, Bruno helped me up the lounge.

OHMYGOD EVERYTHING AFTER THAT WAS A HAZE. I was there at the lounge with just Bruno… all I remember is that he started asking if I drew all those and he told me how he already saw most of them and how awesome they are and he said he really appreciate me doing all those… and all those time I was saying thank you and I love you and I was hugging him in intervals, and he was laughing at me cause I was semi-hysterical at the time. Knowing the management rules, I didn’t ask for a photo op. I was surprised when he asked me “yah wanna take a selfie?” and I was like, YEAH! I got my digital camera out my purse and started to take the selfie BUT IT WAS A FAIL cause I was recording instead of taking a photo. I said I’m really sorry cause the camera wasn’t mine and I don’t know how to operate it. He was laughing at me SHAME ON ME.

LOOK AT THIS FAIL SHOT. I WAS NERVOUS (and kinda intoxicated a little) OK

So when I fixed the camera up, we took the selfie.

He was asking something after that but I didn’t understand what he was saying lol. WHAT THE FUCK DID HE SAY I DON’T KNOW. I DRANK I LITTLE BEFORE THAT SO I WASN’T QUITE MENTALLY SOUND. Then he asked me if I was going to the concert, I said yeah and he said “see you at the show tomorrow”, I thanked him, and then we said goodbye.

this is me and bruno at the vip lounge:


There were so many things I wanna say to him but everything happened so unexpectedly that I just said to him whatever came to my mind first… but I guess he knows what I was gonna say already…



The next night, CONCERT NIGHT, I managed to run to the barricade so I was up front during the show. (My original place was super far from the stage)


During the concert, it was Moonshine, Bruno recognized me from the crowd so he pointed at me and smiled, and gave me a nod. 


It was during “take us to that special place….”

it’s almost like he’s like “OH HEY IT’S YOU! GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN EVEN THOUGH YOU KINDA CREEPED ME OUT LAST NIGHT” (hope it’s all positive thoughts huhu)

AND HOLY FREAKIN SHIT DURING TREASURE, during the “Pretty girl pretty girl you should be smiling”, he tapped Phil and pointed me out to him then sang that part to me


Again unfortunately none of these events were recorded cause I’m an obedient fan so when Bruno said PUT YOUR CAMERAS DOWN HELL YEAH I PUT MY CAMERA DOWN. so no recording for this.

March 21 (technically early morning 22) and 22 ARE DEFINITELY ONE OF THE HAPPIEST MOST FULFILLED DAYS (or technically nights) OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.


They tell me “You’re so lucky!”…

It wasn’t just luck… it’s 4 YEARS OF HARDWORK AND DEDICATION

P.S. Bruno if you ever see this post, I hope I didn’t creep you out! AND I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING THOSE TWO NIGHTS! I’ll continue making precious hooligan artworks and I’ll still try and show each and every one of them to you hahaha. I hope you never forget me when you go back here in Manila, I promise it’ll be a better encounter, not a star-strucked hazed fangirl :)


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

For sashaatthebarricade. You know why.

In which for inexplicable reasons, Les Amis are a baseball team playing at Barricade Field against the National Guard team. That’s it, that’s the story.

E/R, modern AU. A small knowledge of baseball is probably required to understand everything happening, but not much.

“Good evening and welcome to Barricade Field for the second annual charity baseball league game between the National Guardsmen and your very own Les Amis de l’ABC!” The stadium erupted into cheers and the announcer waited for them to die down before continuing, “I’m Montparnasse and I will be announcing for this second-ever match-up between two formidable teams. The home team is, of course, the social justice group Les Amis, led by captain and pitcher Enjolras.” The crowd cheered even louder, and over in the bullpen, the man with the baseball cap jammed low over his blond curls gave a distracted wave, which only caused the volume from the crowd to increase.

“Of course, in addition to his stunning good looks and questionable sexuality – keep hoping, ladies, he’s not confirmed anything publicly, despite the many rumors of what he gets up to with his team, especially his catcher, Grantaire, who might catch in more than one way, if you get my meaning – Enjolras made history last year when he withdrew Les Amis from this self-same game after their right fielder, Jean Prouvaire, was injured. At the time, Enjolras was quoted as saying that while he was set on winning the game, he was less so set on victory than on the health of Jean Prouvaire.”

The crowd cheered again, assumedly as much for what they saw as Enjolras’s gallant actions as anything, and the National Guard team hissed and booed from their dugout. “Do you hear that, Apollo?” Grantaire called as he caught one of Enjolras’s warm-up pitches. “That’s the sound of your people right there.” Enjolras scowled and threw the next pitch harder than was probably necessary, causing Grantaire to wince.

“But none of that matters tonight, as we are gathered for the rematch of the year.” Montparnasse paused, letting the crowd cool down before saying, “And now, the starting line-up for your Les Amis!” Now the crowd went absolutely wild, and Montparnasse didn’t even bother waiting for them to calm down as he announced the players. “Batting first, the first baseman, Combeferre! Batting second, right-fielder Jehan Prouvaire. Third to bat, designated hitter Le Cabuc!”

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Take your place, take your chance [listen]

Playlist for the Team Barricade. One song for each friend who fought for liberty. Good for both modern!AU and canon era. 

i. muse - uprising (enjolras) // ii. mumford & sons - hopeless wanderer (grantaire) // iii. bastille - things we lost in the fire (combeferre) // iv. FUN - we are young (courfeyrac) // v. the band perry - if i die young (jehan) // vi. panic! at the disco - let’s kill tonight (bahorel) // vii. owl city - fireflies (feuilly) // viii. the fray - how to save a life (joly) // ix. florence and the machine - shake it out (bossuet) // x. ellie goulding - burn (éponine) // xi. the beatles - i’ve just seen a face (marius) // xii. eric clapton - tears in heaven (gavroche

I’ve seen a lot of people debating the Team Parent!Combeferre trope on my dash lately and it got me thinking about that, and I realized WAIT, he actually NEVER does that? Like, any at all? WHICH IS WEIRD, because everything about his introduction seems set up for it! But NOPE– Combeferre’s version of balancing out his friends is debating and challenging political ideas. On the domestic side? If someone’s going to be  herding the cats, making sure friends behave themselves and Play Nice With Others and Go Out and Get Some Sun and wear nice clothes, goodness, you’ll feel better…

It’s The Never Be Lawyers crew. Within the Amis themselves, it’s *especially* Bossuet and Bahorel, and Joly later, at the barricades. (There’s no doubt Courfeyrac does the Life Mentoring Thing, but it’s always with Marius, who, frankly, needs all the help he can get. With his other, more-assured friends, Courfeyrac is much less Mother Hen.) Bahorel’s the one giving fashion and relationship advice (yes, that is terrifying, but IT APPARENTLY WORKS?!?); Bossuet’s the one helping people with homework and being Team Therapist pre-barricade (where he and Courfeyrac both take up the role); he and Joly are the only ones who appear aware that weather is even a thing that exists.  THE LAW SCHOOL SLACKERS ARE THE TEAM PARENTS.

It’s a wonder any of them lived as far as the barricades, really.

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ptvkenzie  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if maybe you had any neat Les Mis things that you think about when you're sad to help cheer you up? If not it's totally okay though, I also understand if you're busy, I've just had a really tough day and I could use something happy right now

Hi, I’m sorry that you had a tough day. I hope it gets better. When I’m feeling down and use Les Mis to cheer myself up, I will often try to think of headcanons and things that make me happy. 

  • Something that made me happy today was thinking about Les Amis DisneyBounding when going to Disneyland and the reactions of all of them to that (Courfeyrac organizes it. Jehan, Grantaire, Bossuet, and Bahorel are all for this. Enjolras, Combeferre, Joly, and Feuilly are against it.)
  • They have a massive ruthless take-no-prisoners snowball fight every winter. They organize into two teams, build barricades (obvi.), and play until last man standing. The snowball fight where Enjolras finally wins ends with him taking off his red coat and waving it like a flag at the top of the barricade in victory.
  • Enjolras hates scary movies, so of course Grantaire selects one to watch when it’s his turn to pick for movie night. He absolutely did not pick that film and then sit next to him so that by the end of the film Enjolras is sitting in his lap with his face buried in his neck. Nope, he ABSOLUTELY did not do it for that reason.
  • Grantaire loves bubble baths and he always creates a beard out of the bubbles.
  • When Enjolras spills coffee allover his trousers one day he has to borrow Jehan’s yoga pants to wear during a meeting and now Grantaire may never recover.

I hope this helped a little and I’m always here for cheering up if you need it.