team b.i.g

Underrated k-pop groups as me in different social situations.

Oh boy! Y’all don’t understand how much I’m in an emotional roller coaster right now… Why? BECAUSE OF ALL THOSE K-POP GROUPS THAT COME INTO MY LIFE WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF RUINING MY LIFE. Since I don’t want to live this alone, all my life, I intent to drag you all slowly with me during this painful, yet wonderful journey. Come on, let’s hop on this train together while holding hands for our final destination : Hell.

You’ll be able to get to know me truthfully in this post as a human being who is just, not able to function properly in life and socially. Tag yourself lol. 

How many can relate to me?

ALSO! I think I’ve found the writing style I enjoy doing the most which are these ones, expect more.


Me playing in a sport team - B.I.G

- Trying my absolute best.

- Talented af, but doesn’t stand out.

- Nobody really pays attention in the crowd.

-“You’re doing amazing sweetie”

- Always this close to make it. Doesn’t.

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Me looking after my cousins while their parents are running away from their responsabilities with a glass of wine in hand - SF9

- The coolest amongst them all.

- Lol clearly not.

- Makes everyone laugh.

- They don’t want me to leave.

- “Do the trick again!!!” (Me when they do their sick dance moves).

-They basically are my puppets.

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Zuho panting………………………….. god

Me in a house Party - Blanc7

- “Who is she?”

- “Who invited her? She doesn’t look like she has any friends lol” (true)

“She looks bomb though”

- Tries to fit in with the cool kids.

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Me in a group project - ToppDogg

- Only one working and doing all the job. (Fuck you Hunus)

- Wants to give up, can’t because a lot of people are counting on me. ( :) )

- Members of my group are slowly disappearing as the semester goes on.

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Never enough body rolls in our lives. Am I right.

Me at the hair salon - N.Flying

- Nervous laughter.

- Embarrassing myself a whole lot.

- Small talk queen.

- Will NEVER say that my haircut looks like absolute shit or that I want it to be cut a bit more.

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Me at a New Year party with my family - KNK

- Litteraly goes there for the food (It’s not even good).

- Making scenarios in my head of how the get out without anyone noticing.

- Picking fights with everyone.

-”Have you figured your life out yet.”

- “You get taller every year.”

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My favourite trees :)

Me with my best friends - Pentagon

(Shoutout to @kpopchangedme and @hobi-my-hubby, love ya)

- An absolute mess.

- Everyone is jealous of our chemistry.

- Me: “Maybe we should’t do i-” Them: “LET’S FUCKING DO IT”

- Can’t be together in public.

- Festival of inside jokes.

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Hello I love them bye

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